10 Layer 9 Grid Shoe Rack Shelf Storage Closet Organizer

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This 9 lattices shoe rack provides your shoes with ample storage room.
A  compact and nice-looking shoe rack.
It keeps shoes in a clean and organized space so that you can easily locate the right shoes.


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1. Material: Steel & Plastic & Non-woven Fabric
2. Color: Coffee
3. Type: 10 Layers 9 Lattices
4. Steel Pipe Diameter: 0.47″ / 1.2cm
5. Dimensions: (22.83 x 11.4 x 63)” / (58 x 29 x 160)cm (L x W x H)
6. Weight: 4.17 lbs / 1.89 kg

Package Includes:
1 x Shoe Rack
1 x Instruction

50 reviews for 10 Layer 9 Grid Shoe Rack Shelf Storage Closet Organizer

  1. Hermann Steidel

    Oh yeah, this is what you want.

    This thing is awesome. I wish I would have bought one a looooong time ago. It made our laundry room look so much neater. Yeah, there’s a big grey fixture now but at least shoes are now fully covered and protected from dust. I love it! Oh yeah, putting it together IS a bit of a tedious chore. Please, please pay attention to what you are doing. Once you get the build going and you realize that a mistake was made, you’ll have to be careful not to crack the joint plastics when you try to undo it. You’ll see what I mean. 🙂

  2. R M

    Small, tall, and surprisingly sturdy

    Super easy to put together. It fits snugly against my wall behind the door. I was worried that it wouldn’t be so sturdy since it’s tall, skinny, and made with plastic joints and thin cloth, but it is holding up well. I skipped putting the shelf on two levels so I can keep mid calf boots on the shelves. I did not put the bar on those shelves. So far (10 months) without those bars. I also keep a few pair of knee high boots on a box up top, that may not be a smart idea, but so far so good. This shoe tower rack is a great way to have all my shoes organized and easily accessible. I highly recommend this for people who have a lot of shoes, and little floor space.

  3. KatdonadoKatdonado

    Again – I am in love with this product

    Again – I am in love with this product ! It was very much needed, and it is of very good quality !

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  4. Ernie E.

    Second time buying

    Super easy to assemble, utilizes vertical space and doesn’t break the bank. It holds the most shoes for what you’re paying for and if you don’t want to stare at shoes or keep them free of dust, the cover is sufficient. Just don’t try moving it once you have the shoes on the shelves, it the moving at the joints make it a bit wobbly. This is the second time buying as the first one didn’t survive a move. But it saves so much space!

  5. Tracy Caldwell

    this is like the best thing EVER

    O.M.G.!!! this is like the best thing EVER!! Slapped this together in about 10 minutes ( and I HATE!! putting things together!! ).Fit in my coat closet by the door perfect and I am not hunting for shoes. I need a few more of these ( yes I have shoe issues!! ).I need more closets for them first!! It holds everything from Boots, to booties, and flip flops to dress shoes!!BUY it you will LOVE IT!!

  6. GT

    Smaller than I expected, but works well

    Pretty easy to assemble, I did it all by myself. I put at least 20 pairs of shoes in this rack. Cover prevents dust and smell, recommend this if you have limit space for shoe storage.

  7. Joe Morrow

    30 pairs of size 13s…

    You assemble this and feel dumb for buying it because it’s all these little plastic tubes, but like ants in a colony, it’s strong together. Fits men’s size 13s, and the cover is nice, too. It’s a good buy!

  8. legoloco47legoloco47

    Shocked at how well this came together. Great for price point

    I am honestly shocked at how well this came together. I wanted something that would keep the dust out and stack and this thing is great. You need to be a little gentle when putting it together, but it feels sturdier than expected. It does not quite fit my tallest shoes, but there is plenty of space to have them on their side. I got about 3 heels per row (one facing forward the other facing back). I’m a big fan and it’s great for the  price point. I might buy another one. … The original one did get lost in the mail. But they sent me a replacement and it arrived in 2 days.

  9. Saida M.

    Perfect Storage for at least 25 shoes!

    It is easy to put everything together. May take time but still easy. The storage filled with at least 25 shoes. The shoes are all regular sneaker shoes, flat shoes, sandals, large boots, heels. They all fit in perfectly. Will buy another one to keep more shoes in there! I have about 30 more shoeboxes!

  10. Cece

    Worth the price!

    This is actually pretty darn nice to be honest. I had been looking at it for weeks and never bought it b/c I thought it may be flimsy. Then I saw a friend of mine had one and she loves it so I decided to take the plunge. My only gripe is it’s a bit tedious to put together however once you do have it together it’s great! Just know ahead of time whether or not you want a taller section for boots otherwise you have to partially take it apart. Don’t put anything heavy on top or it leans but aside from that, it serves the purpose wonderfully!!

  11. Ciera M.

    Love this! Will buy another!

    I’m so happy I got this shoe rack! I have so many shoes in boxes and for me if I can’t actually see the shoe it doesn’t exist.I really like the sturdiness of the shelf and that my heels don’t fall over.Mine does have a tiny rip in the dust cover, I’m not sure if it came like that or if my husband just got a little too aggressive when putting it together (which by the way is super easy to do). I’m assuming it’s his fault lol.

  12. Murphy

    Happy purchase!

    Finally replaced our old shoe rack with this, and we are so happy! Our old one was made of a 3-tier metal material with gaps that made my heels impossible to stand… This one is much more spacious! Assembling was not hard, but it took time.

  13. Kim Johnson

    Excellent rack and cover!

    I love this rack it’s sturdy and holds a good amount of shoes and boots the best part is the cover which when zipped up gives the entire rack a very nice neat appearance. The cover also reinforces the shoes to stay put. I have two of these! You can not beat the pricing value for this either!!

  14. Steven B

    Pleasantly surprised with its look, have patience when assembling!

    5 stars! My only qualm was that it tested my relationship with my girlfriend when we built it. Due to its price, the materials are cheap and VERY disassembled. Be prepared to spend the better part of an hour putting this sucker together. But once you have it together you will be pleasantly surprised with its look and quality.It very easily holds many shoes on all the levels with basically no sag. We haven’t actually traveled with it because we like it so much in our home!ASSEMBLY TIP: Make all of the levels of the shoe rack first(the rectangular bases). THEN connect them all together at once. We figured this out about halfway through, and it would have saved a lot of headache knowing before hand. Happy building!

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  15. HH

    Great shoe storage

    This was perfect for putting away all my dressy sandals and shoes that I rarely wear. I was also able to fit clutches and small purses. Keeps them covered and dust free. Assembly was annoying, but wasn’t hard. (Just make sure you pay attention to the holes on the plastic pieces – their placement is important.)

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  16. Amazon Customer

    Lots of storage for shoes!

    Easy to assemble, lots of shoe storage. Wouldn’t store anything too heavy on shelves. Be careful when putting on the covering, as not to rip it. Overall a great storage closet for shoes or misc items. Looks great as well.

  17. Lasonya WeaverLasonya Weaver

    Real good buy

    I thought it would be cheesy, but no I love it, the material is easy to wipe off if u need to very sturdy n easy to put together. You can skip a roll to accommodate your boots

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  18. baloo

    Easy to assemble, dust free storage. Holds a lot.

    I love this product. I’ve bought my second one recently. I put in my garage. One is for shoes. The other is Christmas decor, ornaments etc.Many things to love. If you like building Lego toys, or tinker toys as a kid then you will be able to assemble this item. Just keep connecting. You can easily detach a piece if you assembled wrong. And correct a mistake in seconds.It has many shelves. Each can hold 4 plastic shoe boxes ( like the Sterlite shoe boxes)The covering is canvas with easy zipper front. I’ve had zero dust inside after almost a year in my garage. The canvas has the extra benefit of stretching a lot so you can fit wider items on the shelf if needed. I push then further to the back so they push out the back side; not the front.Don’t worry that they sent you the wrong item when it arrives. It comes in a small box that would fit say, a small umbrella. But it’s all in there.I’d buy this item again. Highly satisfied.

  19. charws

    Great item for shoes

    I love this item. I used to have my shoes on shelves on the wall but the ones I didn’t wear often would get dusty. With this shoe storage invention, it was easy to put together and with the zippers, my shoes don’t get dusty anymore. What a wonderful design and price.

  20. NanBo


    This shelf is WONDERFUL!!!! It says it is for shoes, but you can store anything you want in there, as long as it’s not too thick or very heavy. The unit is sturdy, and attractive. It is great to have the option to seal it up to protect your belongings from dust. I stack my flats on top of each other, which allows me to fit 10 pair on a single shelf. Sandals and flip flops can be stored on their side (like books), and I fit about 20 pair on one shelf. I may get a second one for my Tee shirts and Gym clothes.

  21. hellaCrystalhellaCrystal

    Better than expected

    I bought this temporarily until I can build my own shoe rack but this little thing is pretty legit. Holds a TON of shoes and feels pretty sturdy. Because the shelves are fabric it’s kind of hard to keep heels upright but I sandwiched them between other shoes for support and that works. I definitely recommend!

  22. GatsaeleGatsaele


    My boyfriend is a sneaker head and was just overwhelmed with all his sneakers but meeting this product it’s the best thing that every happen to me.  I bought two and love it !

  23. Elmer Aragrev

    Keeps my smelly shoes away from anyones nose

    This was a 30 min assembly, which i couldve done faster but was watching a movie so, yea distraction. It fits all of my shoes my wifes nd my kids. We leave our shoes at the door so this helps soo much. The quality seems very durable. The material is pretty thick, keeps my skate shoes safe from anyones nose. Its definitely a 5 star product.

  24. Julie Price


    I love this shoe rack organizer. This is so perfect I’ve always wanted a shoe organizer but never found what I wanted till this one., easy to assemble sturdy and looks so nice in my closet . I’d recommend this shoe organizer to anyone looking to make your closet more organized. My shoes look so nice & neat with plenty of space and not being crowded.

  25. Patricia Blair

    This will hold twice as many shoes as it states

    You have to pay attention when putting this together as you can screw it up and the shelves can tear trying to fix it. However, it does hold twice as many shoes as it says it does, depending on the shoes. I have tennis shoes, flats, and low heels. All of those can be stacked. Since this isn’t very wide it is quite sturdy.

  26. charws

    Great shoe storage idea

    I love this item. I used to have my shoes on shelves on the wall but the ones I didn’t wear often would get dusty. With this shoe storage invention, it was easy to put together and with the zippers, my shoes don’t get dusty anymore. I store 22 pair of tennis shoes and flats in this item. What a wonderful design and price.

  27. A. Reese

    A wonderful shoe rack for super small apartments

    If you’re like me and live in a 388 sq ft studio apartment in the city, you have to learn how to save space, and how to do it subtly. I didn’t want a big bulky shoe rack that would clash with my decor, but had nowhere to put my shoes. I don’t have an extensive shoe collection, but I am active so I have a bunch of athletic shoes as well as everyday shoes. This fits perfectly in the corner, and remains generally unnoticed. The front zips shut so you don’t even know it’s a shoe rack! It holds about 30 pairs of shoes, and it fairly simple to assemble. As long as you pay attention to the directions and the rod length, you’ll be fine. It maybe took me 30 minutes to assemble. I am so happy I purchased this. It has greatly helped my conservation of space and maximization of storage.

  28. Amazon Customer

    Best shoe rack EVER!

    With 4 people living in one house and so many shoes, they were hard to store in one coat closet. We had boxes of shoes everywhere in the house. It was hard to locate where the shoes were in the house, what box had which shoes in it and you could never get to the shoes in the back of the coat closet. We put this rack on the platform step going halfway down to the basement. It fits almost all our shoes. We removed one of the shelves so that high boots could fit standing up on one of the shelves. Best part is that I was able to toss out all of the shoe boxes. It is the best rack ever!

  29. B.Daigre

    Perfect Space Saver

    After reading reviews on ssimilar racks, I decided to go with this shoe rack. Took about 20 minutes to assemble, simply because of the amount of tiers. Instructions were easy to ready and follow. I really like the dustproof cover,, it’s not very thick but does the job oto keep dust off your shoes. Zippers are nice sturdy. Becareful when tieing the dustcover at the bottom, the ties are sewn using thin thread and will tear off if pulled tight. Overall, I am impressed. I would recomend putting your heaview shoes like boots, etc on the bottom shelves.

  30. Salty Dog

    Just What the Wife Needed

    I was concerned when purchasing this that it might be too flimsy. However, it turned out to be quite sturdy considering it’s just cloth with plastic frame. It was fully loaded when we decided to move it. We left everything in it and moved it. It was then I realized how sturdy it was.It’s easy to open and close the front cover. It’s left open most of the time and it looks good.

  31. Samantha Samantha

    I’m shocked and in love

    I’m very happy with my purchase! Me and my 12 year old daughter put this together. It took maybe a hour because we were watching tv. I wear a 11 in women and a 9.5 in men so each shelf holds 4 pair of shoes. Just know if you plan on using the cover and want to use the 10th shelf you’ll have to put the shoes on the outside top of rack which to me kind of defeats the purpose of me wanting them hid but that’s a small con. I’ll need maybe two more of these units for the rest of my shoes. If your unit is leaning it’s because you either didn’t put it together right or your floors aren’t leveled like you may think. I know because when I tried to set it in my hallway empty it almost fell forward. I set it in my living room and it was perfect. I’m moving things around in my room so that’s where it’s at for now. Lol

  32. Tallulah

    Easier than expected!

    At first, I thought the assembly part was going to be tantamount to building an IKEA anything. Not even close. Once I got the parts set out, I followed the instructions once, and then it was game time. Aside from flipping the plastic connectors a few times before getting the right position, the rack was finished in less than 30 mins. I placed it in my center to house shoes for those coming in looking for shoes. It keeps them off the floor and keeps my volunteers from accepting more than what the shelf can hold. I like the length, bc some womens boots are knee high and laying them down, they fit perfectly! Plan to get one for me!

  33. LauraLaura

    Great purchase! Exactly what we were looking for! 😀

    Quick delivery. Came ahead of schedule! Easy and simple to put together. Took me and my husband about 30-40 mins to put together. Seems sturdy and fit all kinds of shoes including: ankle boots, tennis shoes, flats, high heels, kids shoes, and high boots (folded over), etc… It worked perfectly for the space saver and organizer I was looking for. It did measure a few inches taller than measurements gave in description but still worked for us. The bottom isn’t as sturdy as we would like but it does look like it will hold up as long as it doesn’t have to much weight. Will definitely be buying more.

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  34. mpquave

    Simple, affordable, and does what it says it does!

    I purchased because I have a wife and two daughters and was being drowned in a sea of shoes. This does exactly what it says it does, and is very affordable. It is not made to store anything but shoes, preferably women’s shoes, but it will handle a few pair of men’s shoes. Not really made for men’s shoes but it will hold a couple of pair (size 11) in the middle if you like to keep the front closure zipped up. Anything over size 11 will be too big. Anyway, the girls like having their shoes in one place where they can decide which pair they want to wear. They are not made for stacking anything heavy on top of it. I searched the internet pretty long and settled on these. I am extremely satisfied with them due to their functionality and the price.

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  35. P Miller


    This is perfect for my small space. I have way too many shoes for the small apartment I live in. My shoes filled my closet to capacity, I wasn’t able to hang my clothes. I gave a lot away but still wasn’t able to hang many clothes. This allowed me to take 28 pairs of shoes out of my closet to make space for clothes. I even was able to take another 9 pair out and place on top of this tower. It is sturdy and seems to be durable.

  36. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Be patient when putting together and make sure the brackets are attached correctly

    Very thankful for the extra plastic parts included – there is a specific way to put the joints together that I didn’t notice until I attempted to stack/attach the shelves. If you have to pull anything apart be very gentle as the plastic will crack and the shelf material will tear.Aside from my own builder error – super happy with this shoe closet!! Good product for the price. Holds 36 pairs of shoes.

  37. Tariabda

    Easy to assemble

    Super easy to put together. Took about 20 minutes (I was dancing with my dog while putting it together). Lightweight and easy to move where you want it. Sturdy so far. And my husband’s size 12’s fit.

  38. AlainaC

    Love this!!!

    This shoe rack is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a nice shoe rack that looked nice and not like the “cheesy” wire rack style that you see everywhere. This still fits in a tight area but I was able to fit 30 pairs of shoes on it just fine. I didn’t put any high heels on it being that the material seems durable but not invincible, so I didn’t want any holes being poked through. Actually I think I fit a little more than 30 pairs because I stacked a few flip flops and small sandals. Easy to assemble and looks great!!!!

  39. SharonT, Pittsburgh

    Easy to Assemble

    I purchased two of these. It was extremely easy to assemble. It’s lightweight and doesn’t take up much space. It holds a LOT of shoes (and purses). I would recommend this if you don’t have a lot of space; much better than those under the bed shoe storage units. I like that I can see all my shoes in one place.

  40. Jenn

    Best shoe organizer!

    Just got this for my new closet! It helps keep everything looking organized. Only complaint is that the slots are slightly too small for booties, luckily, I don’t have that many so I just turned them on their sides.. You could also just leave a shelf or two out if you wanted, but to me it felt like then there was a lot of wasted space. Either way, it’s easy to customize.

  41. DEEZO

    Not bad for the price

    Not for nothing, not a bad item. I’m a size 10 sneaker I wear only jordans Hightops and I am able to fit 4 pairs on each shelf. I’m an “idiot” and it only took me 20 minutes to put completely together. Set it up on hardwood floors and sits firm. Would NOT stand it on carpet. Hope this helps u guys.

  42. Kana McDaniel

    Great product, especially for the price…

    All of the parts were accounted for and in great condition. The assembly instructions were easy to follow and everything lined up perfectly.I know some people end up with parts that don’t line up or have the whole thing crooked when it’s done but you have to keep everything straight as you go along. I put each shelf together before stacking them, making sure to straighten each one on a flat surface before adding it to the whole. That keeps it from leaning or not lining up right.It looks a lot nicer in person than I thought it would. We have a good sized entryway but the corner we like to keep shoes in isn’t very accommodating, especially when we have friends over. This fit the space nicely and will hold more than enough shoes, purses, folded jackets, etc., when company calls.

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  43. Mi K.

    Can’t beat this price for this shoe rack

    I bought this shoe rack in hopes of organizing uncontrollable shoes of three women.It took me about 30-50 minutes to set up and I don’t want to say it was easy set up (easy in terms of understanding how to setup but the labor work was hard).After finishing installation, I was surprised at its quality. It was very sturdy and looks just like the pictures in description.I was not able to fit all of my shoes in one so I bought one more.

  44. Gabby Maury

    Just what we needed

    I was skeptical about this product simply because I didn’t know how stable it would be, If I’d be missing parts or if it could hold as many shoes as it claims.It was well worth it. It holds more shoes than expected. Also came with a few extra parts. The instructions were relatively simple. As a previous user stated you should form an assembly line to get it done faster. I would recommend this product.

  45. AlaskanLost

    Amazing piece

    This was very easy to put together by myself. I did it in about 10 minutes. There are very little instructions but it is all you need. It’s pretty straightforward. It looks exactly like it does in the pictures. The cloth covering it is made of great material and the shelves are strong. The only thing is you can only fit two pairs of adult shoes per shelf. If you have children you can fit three per shelf. But unless you have 30 pairs of shoes you will have room for other things in there. It is a very great looking shelf and I’m glad I got it

  46. Mom of two

    Nice Large Shoe Rack – Looks Good Too

    I bought this item and the portable closet with shelves/hanging bar from the same manufacturer. This item took me maybe 30 minutes to put together. A tip I have is to put the fabric shelves on the bars before the end pieces – this is opposite of what the directions say to do but makes it much easier. I am very happy with this item and the only caveat which has been mentioned is that if you have tall boots you might have to take out one of the shelves to make more height. I just laid my boots on their sides and they fit fine. Also, I have a good amount of wall space to fit these portable closets but definitely measure as this item is big. So far I love it, holds so many shoes and looks good. Definitely a great purchase.

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  47. TheBuffster

    Very sturdy!

    I’m really surprised by the stability of this product.I thought for sure it was gonna be flimsy but nope! And my husband has large, size 17 shoes and it holds up perfect. The only thing I will say is there is a bit of trial and error with the assembly, though generally straightforward, the direction of the joints matter if you don’t want it to be lopsided. Wish that had been clearer in the instructions.

  48. Tracy S

    Good product

    I really like this, it was really easy to put together, looks good. Only complaint is that the “shelves” are not the best the material is shorter than the poles so it takes away space for more shoes and for heels this material doesn’t get firm enough to hold them upright. Over all it is a good shoe rack and if I need another one I would buy this one again.

  49. Sandra EmersonSandra Emerson

    This product can be used as many other storage ideas as well

    I have bought 2 of these “space savers”. The first one was for its actual use for shoes. I actually need 2-3 10 tier shoe racks for our shoes. But, it can store clothes, toys, even kitchen items due to its waterproof sturdy shelves. Among many other storage ideas. This product is built to last for many decades. This is one of favorite and most affordable purchases of this past year. I recommend at least one for every home

  50. Mojomol

    This is the one.

    GREAT product. Sturdy, easy to put together (after a rough few minutes of figuring out the pieces). Love that it has a small footprint in my house as opposed to most shoe organizers. It’s tall and slim, and holds dozens of shoes. I have corgi’s and they shed a lot, but no hair gets into this. Very, very happy with this purchase.

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