Flashfish Foldable 100W 18V Portable Solar Panel, Solar Charger

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DC Adapter Made For Solar Generator – With our included different sizes of connectors(8mm /5.5 * 2.5mm /3.5 * 1.35mm/5.5mm*2.1mm dc adapter), compatible with the most solar generators on the market such as Goal Zero, Suaoki portable generator, Paxcess portable power and all of Flashfish portable generators.
USB Smart Charging Technology – The built-in smart IC chip intelligently identifies your device, and maximizes its charging speed while protecting your devices from overcharging and overloading. The charging current of USB ports (5v/2.1A Max) is monitored and automatically adjusted.
High Conversion Efficiency – Constructed of high-efficiency solar arrays, convert up to 21.5-23.5% of solar power into free energy.
Fold Up As a Briefcase – When folded, the solar charger looks like a briefcase (15.83 x 16.3 inches) easy for transport, and will weigh just about 3.66 pounds; When unfolded (15.8 x 61.5 inches), , it can hang on your RV, tent, or just spread out on the beach to gives you instant charge from sunlight.
Use The USB QC 3.0 And 18V Ports at The Same Time -The solar panel will split the incoming solar power between the two ports to charge devices simultaneously.5V USB and 18V DC dual output keep your USB/DC devices full of juice, without having to rely on a wall outlet, or a power bank.



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13 reviews for Flashfish Foldable 100W 18V Portable Solar Panel, Solar Charger

  1. tnektnek

    Such A Great Package

    I have several of the 100W type portable panels This one is the nicest of all. One of the adapters is a Anderson connector which is widely used. However, if one has no use for these type connections the ends can be cut off and a connection type of choice can be used. Personally I like the versatility of Anderson Connections.The panel is sturdy with include adjustable stands and the overall housing is very professional and when folded up thinner than my other units.The initial voltage output was 23.4v. I put the panel inside the garage facing inward, indirect lighting the output was 20.0v and two hours later facing inwards 18.4v. Even in this semi shadowed environment there is enough voltage to charge and run any of our personal electronics.I haven’t shopped for these type panels in a few years and am not in tune with current prices. This panel seems a little on the expensive side but I even if it were, at the current price I would purchase it.Bottom line… very nice item and would Recommend.

  2. Mary V

    Need optimal conditions

    This solar panel works best outside, and in direct sunlight. Overcast and clouds diminish effectiveness. I set it up to catch the sun through my sliding glass door. It did not work; I’m not sure if my glass is tinted. This works, but slowly, and under clear sunny conditions. Make power while the sun shines!

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  3. M Pennyworth

    Reasonable price

    Review for: 100 Watt Portable Solar Panel for Power Station, Foldable 100W Solar Panel for Camping Hiking Off-Grid Living, Monocrystalline Folding Panel Solar with 5V USB 18V DC Output (Black)I check out a lot of solar panels.

  4. J. BrewerJ. Brewer

    This panel is a great mid-range option that is well built yet affordable.

    I do a lot of truck camping and camping (sometimes for months at a time) and have a lot of experience with portable and mounted solar panels from brands like Jackery, Bluetti, Fantik, BougeRV, and more. When compared with the various panels I’ve used this panel holds up very well and comes in at a very nice price point.This panel is built pretty well. It feels quality throughout and though it might not look quite as sharp as some of the newer panels available it has the power and functionality to stand its ground.  the kickstands are super convenient and make positioning the panels into the sun a breeze. They offer a bit of angle adjustment but not a lot. I like the zippered pouch on the back of the panel. It is great for holding adapter cables or even a phone if you are charging via the usb or usb-c port on the back of the panel. Speaking of which, the addition of these usb ports is super handy when you just need to charge a usb device and don’t want to haul out a power station. I wish the cable out from the panel had an Anderson plug instead of the dc plug but it does come with many adapters and easily plugged right into my Jackery 1000 power station.In full sun I was getting about 85 watts of power input on my Jackery power station. This compares very favorably with the panels I’ve used though in the same conditions the higher priced panels seem to put out an extra 5-10 watts consistently. Not a big deal considering how much more they cost.One note on the waterproofness/resistance of this (and almost any) portable panel. I really wouldn’t recommend using this or any other portable panel in the rain. The exposed ports and water trapping fabric just don’t lend these panels to sitting out in heavy rains and it isn’t worth the risk. The nice thing is that because they’re portable you can just pull them in when the rain starts.Overall I think this panel offers a great value and would be a great panel for truck camping, vanlife, rving, camping, or offgrid (portable) use.

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  5. SW

    Great quality for the price

    I ordered this solar panel to take with me when I take trips in my RV. Out of the various other solar panels that I’ve tried, this one impresses me with the quality of the construction. The kickstand is sturdy, and all of the components are durable. I’ve had this unit in rain and wind, and it still works just fine. The USB-C connector is a convenient feature that comes in handy when I need to charge my phone. Setup is really easy and only takes a minute or two. Overall, I recommend this 100 watt solar panel if you go camping often. It’s compact, portable, and great to have on hand for emergency situations.

  6. Krystina


    Powerful solar panel, perfect for small campers and emergency situations. Very easy to set up and it charges pretty quickly too!

  7. Mike

    Portable and well made

    I’ve been using this to charge my Togo power station and it’s been working very well.I take it out on my boat with us every weekend and use it to top off my power station or charge devices directly from the connections on the back of the panel.It’s light and easy to carry, folds up to a manageable size so it doesn’t take up much room on the boat when not being used.It charges our power station pretty quickly in this Florida sun, along with any phones or tablets we connect to it.It has built in stands to keep it propped up, eyelets in each corner if we wanted to use rope or bungee cords and has a nice built in, zipper storage pocket on the back to keep any cables or connectors that we need.

  8. Joe D.

    Solar charging

    This charged my jackery solar generator from 75% to 100% in a couple of hours

  9. suertelousuertelou

    Neat panel but for this newbie

    I got this solar panel because I like to be prepared, and this seemed good to have on hand in case of emergency. I am new to solar power, so I am going to share what I learned from this experience.For this to really be useful, you probably need a portable power station (basically a battery with various electrical outputs). This is the key thing that I have learned. I thought I was going to just get this thing and use the adapters to hook it straight up to an air pump, and I was wrong!Pros:–This is a good product. It works in full sun and part shade–It is easy to set up and gets lots of power–It has a little storage pocket, making it easy to keep everything together.–It has a USB and a USB-C outlet, so you can charge some items directly from the panel–It has lots of adapters for connecting to various power stations–Folds for storage–Light on USB outlet indicates that it is getting power (nice touch, since it can be unclear on a cloudy day)

  10. Cæsar AugustusCæsar Augustus

    Excellent portable solar panel

    The Foldable 100 Watt Portable Solar Panel is excellent. It is well built and not too big or heavy to carry around.I bought the solar panel to use outdoor mainly to charge my portable power station AP-SS-002 (154Wh) using the 18V DC output. I tested it on May 29th in a sunny day without clouds and the solar panel was able to produce an excellent 94W output as you can see in the attached picture I recommend this solar panel.

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  11. Indy Reviewer

    Reasonably priced 100W foldable solar panel

    100 watt/18 volt portable foldable solar panel is reasonably priced for what you get. 5 stars.I won’t go too much into the technical details here since they’ve been covered better than I can, but besides that I also tested this with a multimeter and it did come out at 22.7 volts in direct late spring sunlight so the 23%+ efficiency ratio appears dead on accurate. (Unfortunately, neither of my power stations show input.)A few pluses for this. This is about a pound or so lighter and a bit easier to carry than the other foldable 100 watt solar panel that I have, and it’s a little intriguing having a couple USB ports on the output so you can directly charge an electronic device without filtering this through a power station. That makes it far more useable for a hiking trip than the average portable solar panel, although since it’s not waterproof…you’d best be careful in making sure it’s closed up if there’s any chance of rain. (It is on the back side of the panel, at least, and has a nice green LED to signify power.)There’s also a plethora of connectors here that should fit almost any DC input, with the most notable being the Anderson connectors; separating positive from negative means that you should be able to run this in series with compatible panels and a couple of adapters if you’re interested.At about $1.50 per watt this is reasonably priced and the extra features help. 5 stars.

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  12. BV ClaireBV Claire

    Excellent Charging

    My multimeter shows 22.4 volts coming out of the solar panel at full sun. I also have a 4 port USB adapter that plugs into the solar panel USB port and a USB splitter cable so charging 2 phones works great. I could probably use all 4 ports for charging if I wanted to. This solar panel works as stated and is a good backup source if you need power. I plan to purchase an external solar power station battery backup and use this solar panel to charge it. Another mention is this solar panel comes with a variety of plugs for many devices including most battery backups that accept solar panels. Overall it is a nice portable panel worth recommending and deserving of 5 stars.

  13. Rebecca J. Vincent

    Transmitted great power hi baby

    This is the first solar power grid that I have ever used except for a few solar lights. This is not cheap solar light grid it is a fairly good-sized grid that seems power to my battery in my 300 w portable power supply very nicely. Is easy to fold up and carry with you if you are going on a trip. Got this mainly 4 MI power supply portable machine but we’ll try this my other things as well I love this solar grid seems very well baby and that it will hold out with care. For the price I think it will match up with an e solar power grid out there

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