10×50 Wide Angle Binoculars

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Extra Wide Field of View – 7 3/8″ x 2 1/2″ x 7 1/16″ wide-angle binoculars feature a precise focusing system for you to see details clearly from 1094yds with 400ft extra wide of view at 10x magnification, ideal for tracking fast-moving action across wide areas.
HD Optics for Clearer Vision – Large 50mm FMC green film plated objective lens for more light to come through, up to 95% optical transmission, making the scene clear and bright as well as reducing eye fatigue, and even can be used in the faint light environment – Portable & Comfortable Use – 2.43 Lbs lightweight for easy carrying; Engineering rubber armor for wear and slip resistance; Eyepieces covered with soft rubber for eye protection – Multi Usage – Besides holding in hands, it is compatible with an extra tripod or used with a phone by phone adapter to take photos of captured sights – Wide Application – Suitable for outdoor activities such as hunting, bird watching, sports game watching and much more.


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– Overall Dimension(LxWxH): 7 3/8″ x 2 1/2″ x 7 1/16″ (18.8 x 6.3 x 18 cm)
– Magnification: 10x – View of Field: 400 ft/1094 yds at 10x (122 m/1000 m at 10x) – Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm – Eyepiece Diameter: 22 mm – Net Weight: 2.43 Lbs (1.1 kg)
Package Content:
– 1x Binoculars
– 1x Binoculars Bag – 1x Neck Strap – 1x Lens Cleaning Cloth – 1x Manual.

19 reviews for 10×50 Wide Angle Binoculars

  1. Bill Steele

    Money well spent

    These are an excellent value. They are clear and bright. A little stiff on the focus, but I think that will free up with use.They have all the features found on more expensive binoculars. I read allot of sales pages and all the reviews I could fined. None of them said anything about being tripod mountable. I unscrewed the cap with the Barska logo on the front hinge and there was the 1/4×20 female threads for a tripod adapter. If you want an a vary good pair of small inexpensive binoculars, I feel that this is the way to go. I highly recommend them

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  2. Mark McQueen

    Three Stars

    Hard to focus, things are not clear, still trying to figure it out.

  3. Alvin Dwarika

    Five Stars

    Great outdoor fun

  4. Amazon Customer

    VERY good! Lightweight

    VERY good! Lightweight, good color correction. I use them for astronomical work and the stars are pinpoint to almost the edges of the filed of view!

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  5. .M.

    Good Value

    Bought these locally in 2012. They were very inexpensive.I can focus on the brick pattern on a building 1325 feet away, through a window screen. I’m not an expert on optics (or even a frequent user), but that seems pretty good to me.The caps are almost worthless. They fall off at the lightest brush. However, I suppose they are still useful for storage.The strap is a nylon web, about 3/8″ wide (which may not be comfortable around your neck after awhile). Very basic, but functional.They came with a nylon case (which has an adjustable nylon web strap, about 1″ wide), instructions, a lens cleaning cloth, and a packet of silica gel (which I did not eat, per instructions).They field of view width is marked as 367 feet at 1000 yards. Focusing is smooth and easy, and seems to stay put.I was going to give them 4 stars because the caps don’t stay on, but I decided that you probably won’t have the caps on anyway, while they’re around your neck, and they were a very good value.

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  6. Kathy Dale Popp

    Three Stars

    They are ok I miss ordered and got two so check my other writeup

  7. Dolores R.

    Two Stars

    I returned this because it was too big to fitin my purse.

  8. Mike

    good product

    Nice binoculars, used them a few times looking at ice bergs, clean crisp image. seem durable, hope to get a lot of use out of them.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Barska CO10672 10X50 Colorado Porro Binoculars

    I always wanted a set of theses Barska Binoculars sense i have two scopes they made , with my Barska Binoculars and my Barska riffle scope i look forward in hunting day to day and i love the product and the service , keep up the good work guys , 2 thumbs up

  10. Eduardo Witzke

    Five Stars

    great binocular. Prics super. More than I was expecting. Use all the time to watch my son kite surfing

  11. Robert Fowler

    Awesome buy for the money

    Awesome buy for the money……..spent 40 years in the Navy annd appreciate good binos……….For the money these are a steal!

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  12. JKelley

    so so

    Had one set that was decent/good, but this one gives you double vision and a headache to go with it. no adjustment fixes it.

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  13. mkremer

    Very good quality and price

    I gave these as a gift to my grand daughter (7 years old) and she is very happy with the binoculars. She reports back that they are nice and bright (referring to what she sees through them) and the size, for her, is reasonable and easy to handle for 10X50s. She also says she can read a car license plate from a block away (I haven’t checked that). For my part, the Barskas are a very good quality binoculars at a very good price.

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  14. Robert Day

    Grand Sons fourth Birthday

    Same price as a toy. Maybe a little heavy yet. However he is using them to watch birds in his back yard. Everyone is happy with these.

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  15. Frank Xue

    Four Stars

    A good product for its price.

  16. oleg

    Barska 10X50 Colorado Porro Binoculars

    lightweight binoculars with large lenses gives a broad overview. kmplekte in protective caps for the lenses, binocular strap can be worn around the neck and bag, very good neat and napkin to wipe the lenses.

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  17. Bradley R.

    Five Stars

    All good

  18. k-9

    Five Stars

    They work well for what I wanted.

  19. Daniel Boone

    not so good

    Images didn;t line up no matter how much adjusting. maybe it was just this pair – but if so then there are QC issues and you may get lucky you may not.

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