3-in-1 Portable Evaporative Cooler Fan Humidifier w/ Remote Control, 12H Timer, 3 Wind Speeds, 3L Water Tank

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The Bosonshop indoor 3-in-1 portable evaporative air cooler can distribute cool air while the dust filter cleanses the air, efficiently and inexpensively.  The air conditioner is silent. Equipped with functions of cooling, humidifying, and purifying air, this portable evaporative cooler can effectively turn dry hot air into cool and raise relative humidity at the same time. Easy to operate, just fill water or ice crystal box to the water tank for cooler, and you can enjoy the relaxing and cool summer without the trouble of getting drier skin in the air-conditioned room. 3 Modes and 12H Timing Functions: 3 wind settings. The special air supply design with a wide-angle automatic swinging leaf gives you an even cooler feel on hot summer days. Large Water Tank & 2 Ice Packs: The air conditioner is designed with a 3L water tank. Adding ice cubes and 2 ice packs you can easily enjoy extra coolness in minutes.  Its working power is just 60W making it more energy-efficient than other electric fans while eliminating the high cost of buying an air-conditioner. It is the best choice for saving electricity in the summer. The design of the safety net ensures that kids will not get injured when accidentally touching it and that it will not get damaged. The water tank lock security system guarantees there will not be any leaks, electric shocks, and other safety issues. In addition, the built-in handle and universal wheel make it easy to move around. Removable And Washable Water Tank: It is very necessary to keep the water tank clean. This Swamp Cooler is equipped with a 3L removable water tank at the bottom. This means you don’t need to take the entire fan to the bathroom to fill it up.


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Color: White

Timer: 0-12 H

Water tank capacity: 3 L

Rated power: 60 W

Overall dimension: 8.7″ x 11″ x 30″(L x W x H)

3-Speed Settings: low-medium-high

3 Modes: Normal-Natural-Sleep

Wide Angle Oscillation: 80 Degrees

Effective remote control distance: 20 ft

31 reviews for 3-in-1 Portable Evaporative Cooler Fan Humidifier w/ Remote Control, 12H Timer, 3 Wind Speeds, 3L Water Tank

  1. Tessa Juyeon Benoist

    Coolest fan I have

    Oh my goodness! I got this fan and immediately started using it bc it’s really hot in California right now. I love the system where I am able to put in 4 ice packs and it really works like an AC for about a few hours. It works as a regular fan too and had 3 wind speeds. Putting it at 2 is fast enough wind for me when I’m sitting on my bed. The swinging system is pretty slow but even then it comes with a remote and it works like a charm. I’ve had many fans over the years and this is the best one so far. I’ll be using this for a very long time!

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  2. SerendiSerendi

    I love it

    The shipping was fast. Customer service is excellent. I love this cooling fan has many functions. It comes with a remote controller. My room is super hot so I can’t wait to use it every day. I love design as well. I highly recommend it!

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  3. Tammy V.

    Keeps me cool!

    My ac went out and I needed something that I could maneuver while I waited to have a new window unit installed. I am so glad I came across this! It kept me cool in this summer heat.

  4. C. Kelly

    worked perfectly in the office trailer

    Just what I was looking for. Needed something that would not take up a lot of space. Boy, this really cooled the entire space down quickly and was quiet and unobtrusive so I could still use the phone. Easy to use and came with all the parts needed which made it fast. Remote control means I can be lazy and not get up from my desk lol. Works great for my purposes and for not wanting to have to install a window unit every year! Would recommend to others!

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  5. JS

    Great Way to Save Come Summertime

    Wanted to buy a fan for my puppy who sleeps in the crate at night. So glad I came across this product! It’s so quiet, she sleeps through the night no problem. We started using it all around the house too. Having the remote is nifty when we’re hanging out on the couch watching TV. All the different modes work but we usually just keep it on normal. Cool feature is the “COLD” mode! Functions as an AC to save energy. Works really well in our living area. Looking forward to not running up the energy bill in the summer!

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  6. Jody

    Awesome Product

    This air cooler works great. It’s simple to use comes with a remote and provides cool air for hours. I can’t wait for the summer so I can use it on my patio. I thinking about buying another on for our garage. If anyone is looking for a item like this one I highly recommended trying this one.

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  7. Buster Fantasy

    It is cooler than I thought

    I bought this product because I needed a small AC but I wasn’t expecting the pump to push the water and the sponge soaks the cool water and blows it out. it blows out the cold wind right away as soon as you turn it on.

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  8. John Vidal

    Portable and good for a small bedroom

    Portable and good for a small bedroom. Would not be suitable for a large room

  9. Bonnie Morris

    Cooling Fan

    Works great and adds moisture to the room. It is important to keep exchange the bottles out with frozen gel bottles from the freezer and add water every 4 hours. Very happy with my purchase. Use it day and night.

  10. Aw

    Really does put out cool air!

    This is a good product & honestly put out cooler air than my wall unit air conditioner I think! Will be great for the kids rooms when it starts to warm up here where I live. I was asked to review for product and did not think this would work at all but it is very cooling! Did put out a weird plastic smell for a bit when went away after having on for a couple mins.

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  11. Amazon fan

    Great fan- super cool air!!

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     This fan is awesome! It has a remote. Works really well and blows super cold air. 4 water bottles to freeze so the breeze is even cooler. I love the height that’s it is taller for my bedroom to be above my bed. Great fan!!! Highly recommend!!

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  12. annieannie

    3speeds nice

    This refrigerating fan is very nice. It can be adjusted and don’t need to go to the front. The wind blowing out is very comfortable and there is no great noise.I like it

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  13. Paul S Martinez

    perfectly worked

    This air cooler works great. It’s simple to use comes with a remote and provides cool air for hours. I can’t wait for the summer so I can use it on my patio. If anyone is looking for a item like this one I highly recommended trying this one.

  14. Cindy

    It works

    Works great for bedroom


    Works exactly as described.

    Works exactly as described. Quiet, efficient and very versatile. Innovative design. Can also be used in the winter as a humidifier.

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  16. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Perfect for summer

    Air is very cool especially if you put the reusable ice cubes. It’s almost like you have your AC on. I was concerned with the stability because it’s very tall but the base is wide enough to support the unit. The feature I love the most is the sleep mode. It lowers the speed gradually until it turns off. This is so helpful coz I always end up waking in the middle of the night wanting to turn off my fan. Overall, I think this is a real value for money.

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  17. ENTAS

    Quick solution for cooling

    I bought this for my garage to use while working my car and it works pretty good.You don’t need to have exhaust port like air conditioner so it makes it portable and quick use.

  18. nicole

    like it very much

    Because the kitchen at home has no windows, it is very hot when cooking. I bought this fan. It is very good to use. The wind blown out by ice cubes is larger than that of an air conditioner. It is very stable when working on the ground. The color is white. so i want to share it with my friends

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  19. EvelynEvelyn

    Exactly what I wanted

    I realized right after I moved that my attic was very hot almost all year round. It is hot like a sauna in midsummer because of the south-facing windows. Personally, I hate the wind from the air conditioner, so I had to buy another cooler before the summer came. This product is lighter than the air conditioner, so it is easy to carry and move, and it does not take up much space because it can be parked in a corner of the room. It was very quiet and cool when I tested it. If it’s too early to turn on the air conditioner like in early summer, this product will be more useful.

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  20. Ciera R. Lebron

    Really Useful!

    I moved to Northern Florida a few months ago and didn’t realize it would be in the 80’s in early March! I don’t have central air and didn’t want to put window units back in yet. It’s really nice to have something portable that cools things off nicely! It’s easy to use and I bought this and another model that is a different design, but same concept; I really like them both!

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  21. Mario

    Very quiet

    This fan is not an air conditionerKeep it on low it Balance is my upstairs bedroom temperature and makes it comfortableKind of hard to explain very easy to clean hardly any maintenance 

  22. Dickson Baafuor



  23. Hema RamchandaniHema Ramchandani

    Sleek, elegant and efficient.

    This tower fan is quiet and gives out various levels of cooling. Being sleek it does not occupy much space and comes with a nice little remote. The assembly takes few minutes and steps for operation are fairly simple. Overall a great cooling fan.

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  24. shao yang huangshao yang huang

    Great for use

    Got this for a little over week now every function works great. The noise level on it is low and the buttons shows exactly what it means. Got this cooler and ready for summer !

  25. Amazon Customer

    Good PAC!

    Great PAC. It really does cool effectively so far….Will update more at a later date after further use.

  26. Amazon Customer

    quiet and easy to use

    This is a decent cooler/humidifier. It will let you sleep peacefully. Very useful for rooms that cannot fit a window a/c unit. Tried in cool weather and it was easy to use. and it’s quiet. Cant wait to use it in hot weather.

  27. Krystal Paige


    Yesss!!! Summer ready. Cooler than a polar bear toenails!

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  28. ashrith

    Keeps you cool 😎 Best Fan under $200.

    Great Fan for the price range it is in .Has Cooling feature. . Cools the room real quick.Blower is really great . Has the remote. Which is very convenient features.I strongly recommend this to everyone.

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  29. Denisse LeBlancDenisse LeBlanc

    Happy with my purchase

    This is not a cheap made fanWorth the money, it is quiet and does its job pretty well.My toddler sweats a lot this air cooler it’s a savior for this coming summer it’s our favorite so far, will be ordering one more for the spare bedroom.Happy with customer service, they reached out to check if everything was ok.

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  30. Eumjioh

    So cool!

    This is so cool! Easy to use great design perfect work! I can’t use normal fan after using this cooler fan. No more worry about summer:)

  31. Sissy Kelly

    Chill out

    Our offices are air-conditioned, but my office has western-facing windows. Even in winter, my office stays very warm; it is unbearable in the summer. I decided to get a fan and this one is the ticket. The fan alone works perfectly, but with the COLD mode, I get chilly! Couldn’t be happier.

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