Remote Control Evaporative Air Cooler Humidifier with Remote Control 65W

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65W Evaporative Air Cooler features 7L water tank and 4 ice boxes to give great cooling and humidifying performance; Louvers design with auto left-right swing in 120° and manual up-down swing to evenly spread cool air to the space, perfect for using at home, office, and dorm
– Normal, Natural, and Sleeping Modes with 3 wind speed settings for you to adjust the cool air blowing effect based on your need, flexibly controls the temperatures to prevent getting cold while you were sleeping, or offers quick cooling on hot days
-With a remote controller and touch screen, easily to adjust the modes, speeds, and timer with a simple click or tap; Maximum 7.5hours timing, no worries about forgetting to turn it off; Visible window on the front side helps you see water level conveniently and clearly
– 100% copper motor reduces energy loss for higher efficiency to save your electricity and serve a long lifespan, which no noise for no disturbance while you are working or sleeping; Shell made by ABS material which is environment-friendly and durable
– 4 universal swivel casters make it extremely convenient to remove; the Dust filter purifies the air to make clean and fresh cool wind, which is detachable for washing after use



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Package Contents:
1x Air Cooler
4x Ice Boxes
4x Wheels
1x Remote Control
1x ManualNote:
An evaporative cooler reduces temperature through water evaporation to offer cooling on hot days, but cannot directly achieve the effect of lowering the room temperature. It is not an air conditioner.


57 reviews for Remote Control Evaporative Air Cooler Humidifier with Remote Control 65W

  1. Jessica calderon

    Fresh Air

    Good product

    6 people found this helpful

  2. Breanna Chua

    Great purchase.

    cool breeze cheaper than the other brands. Quiet on low mode and rotate mode love it.

  3. Kenneth L.

    Keeping Cool

    I love this cooler I use it all day long and all night long it works grate

  4. jewell

    It is whit it is

    I am using this product to help circulate air in my living room.

  5. Sarah Dias


    Works great. Fast shipping. Has more options than I thought it would.

    23 people found this helpful

  6. C k

    does its job.

    awesome on hot days.so nice..attractive

  7. Kevin


    This thing is good, it can also be used as a fan for cold air. Overall, it is a good thing.

    One person found this helpful

  8. Sharon Estrada

    Bang for bucks

    Cooling hm

  9. mattmoa

    Work as described.

    It’s easy to use, and cools a room down quickly.

  10. monte

    My mouth is not dry all the time

    Works very well in my RV in Las Vegas

  11. Abelito


    Perfect.very good investment

  12. olivia nevarez


    thas is fine working good.

  13. Megan Lovins

    Best Affordable & Efficient Option

    This is the best portable AC option that you don’t have to vent out of a window. It stays cool for a good 6-8 hours when it’s 80°F outside. I’d recommend this to anyone needing more airflow in their office or a cooler room.

    One person found this helpful

  14. Diane daffDiane daff

    So far so good.

    So far it seems to do what it claims.The remote control is very easy to work.This is going to be a savior at night.

  15. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Good value for the money

    I was looking for an inexpensive cooler for my kids second floor bedroom. Approximately 13×10 feet. Very easy for them to operate and fill up. Buttons are large and simple. Several reviews said fan doesn’t work well but we found it strong enough for a bedroom or office. Might not be good for larger rooms

    6 people found this helpful

  16. John Kinghorn


    work great thanks

  17. mario ballejos

    Really good

    I’m really happy with it. It keeps my living room cool even when it’s 90+ outside

    One person found this helpful

  18. Madeleine HaddadMadeleine Haddad

    Worth it

    This literally saves so much money and works so well. It does take a while to set it up and put it together but anything worth your time does, so i didn’t mind that.

  19. Melyssa Elerson

    Works great!

    This little machine pumps out cool air and lasts all night long! Could not be happier! Easy to put together also.

  20. The Time Traveling Elephant

    An angel in hell!

    This is by far the best thing I’ve bought in a long time. I work nights so sleeping during the day in summer is hell. Even without the ice packs the results are instant and wounderous. It was delivered half an hour ago and I already love it. It’s also 90° out lol. It is a bit loud but I can not complain with the beautifully cool air blowing in my face. This unit is everything I hoped for and more.

    5 people found this helpful

  21. Raeana jackson

    3rd TIME A CHARM

    ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING! OMG EVERY YEAR we have to buy one, this is our 3rd year buying one. they usually break and or don’t blow very well. I have had this one for over two months and This is hands down the best one we have had! It blows so well. We always put just straight ICE in ours not the ice packs and this one has an easy pull out bucket to do so. Hands down a 10 out of 10! Price is great as well. If your not sure on which one to buy, this is the one for sure! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

    10 people found this helpful

  22. Richard Huebner

    Keeping fan speed on low works the best.

    Have it in our bedroom at nite. Works great!

  23. Amazon Customer

    Great way to humidify and cool our living room or garage

    We really were impressed at the airflow on this evaporative air cooler/humidifier. Just fill up the bottom slide out drawer with water. Freeze the included 2 packs and place in the water drawer for even cooler air. We were even impressed with all the features…3 speeds, many air flow choices and the remote. We bought this smaller one thinking it would be underpowered…but NO…it works fantastic! My husband will also use it in the garage when he works on his projects this summer.

    17 people found this helpful

  24. lilray51

    ITS PERFECT love this product

    wow thank you so much for this productits great for one room and helps so much

  25. Michael Arnold

    Good compact unit for a small space.

    Puts out cool air! Not expensive. Vertical design has a small footprint. Noticeably cooler with ice packs or ice. Quiet fan, remote is handy.

  26. Yidan Wang Qwe

    Try it

    That is I want ,real help summer.

    2 people found this helpful

  27. Elisha



  28. Parrie

    Yescom cooler

    It really works.

  29. Amber

    Great buy

    Great size for the price, bought it to help cool my daughters room for the summer time.

    8 people found this helpful

  30. Cesar P.

    It cools great add purified water

    Very great product is cools add a water bottle a ice rots and Them ice packs that comes with it and ice and it will start getting super cold good product don’t expect anything better than what u pay for

  31. Frank Lara Jr.

    Efficient design-3 speed fan for best cooling capacity!

    Works as described-I will purchase a 2nd one

  32. Amazon Customer

    Fast delivery, portable easy to use instructions.

    I haven’t used this item yet but I can’t wait to see how it will preform.

  33. Amazon Customer

    The looks, It looked great in the room.

    It was a great product however, it overwhelmed the room. The room was too small. Our fault. JFD.

  34. Cecilia M

    Woks well

    Little noise but efficient

  35. WolfSpirit

    Works great best purchase.

    Fast cool down. Has timer various modes. Down side emptying water or changing it. The bin is locked in. Thinking about ways to make it easier to change water. Took screws off the water pump easy clean. Added essential oil {water based}

  36. veronika shaposhnik



  37. Ricardo


    the price I pay for this AC wort it!!

  38. Teresa Mendoza

    Great little cooler.

    I live in NM with dry heat and this works great. You gotta keep a door open or it will get humid. Cools off my livingroom which is about 12×14.

    20 people found this helpful

  39. Shawn Eddings


    Great for patio or bedroom without forced air. My dog lays in front of it on the patio

    One person found this helpful

  40. Morgan

    Cool air!

    Love that you can use fan or evaporative action. First night my granddaughter turned it off said she got cold🤣She did not know it has 3 speeds!

  41. Adrianna Martinez

    Beyond money’s worth

    If you’re considering getting this, just do it!! My apartment faces the sun during the hottest part of the day so it’s usually hotter than Satan’s butt crack during the summertime! Tower fans were not cutting it for me anymore and this thing freaking works!!! I put ice in the water along with the ice packs and it kept my apartment cold as my heart. I loved it!

    One person found this helpful

  42. Amazon Customer

    Not cold air but definitely cool air…

    Not easy to see the water level through the front site glass (at least for me) without a flashlight… Considering the cost I would recommend this unit as it does cool the air… Our daughter has the same model and is pleased with her purchase…

  43. Cindy oaks

    The quality and price

    Very efficient for my granddaughters room she loves it

  44. Min Xu

    Good product。

    Concise, convenient, flexible and easy to use. Like, good product。

  45. Dayatra Emmanuel-Vandervort

    Great cooler when you dont want to use an AC

    Easy to put together and light weight noise level is low….it serves its purpose

  46. Hubertus B.

    cheap alternative to get moisture in the air and cooling in the summer

    cheap alternative to get moisture in the air and cooling in the summer.Also electricity consumption will go down since there is no cooling or heating the biggest consumption hogs.

    6 people found this helpful

  47. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for what I need!

    It is perfect for cooling the area I need cooler than the rest of the house! Excellent product!

    One person found this helpful

  48. Virginia Southerland

    Excellent Choice

    This little evaporative cooler is exactly what my bedroom needed when I turn my AC off in the evening, it’s much better than just a fan going, it’s water reservoir handles my needs all night long and them some, it comes with two ice packs which are nice to cool the water. I’d recommend this one.

    46 people found this helpful

  49. Nayrobi Lopez

    Very cool and fresh

    I love this fan , it’s spring season so I still don’t know how it works on summer but for the moments I’m very satisfied with this product I had to turn off afew time cuz get too 😎 cool I love it !!

  50. Leonard Eason

    Great product

    Exceeded my expectations

  51. Duong bui



  52. Kindle Customer


    Works great

  53. Missy HubbardMissy Hubbard

    Great purchase!!

    Perfect for my porch! Cool breeze feels great! Easy to operate!!

  54. Sue

    Cool at last!!

    They were absolutely perfect!! I bought two, one for each bedroom and I can sleep in comfort!! Wonderful!!

    One person found this helpful

  55. Sheila Sybrant

    Its Works well

    It Was well And Was Delivered On Time Thank You

  56. Kala Holguin

    Well worth it! Must buy!

    This thing is awesome! It’s not a ac unit that hooks up to your window but the water box and ice packs makes it cool down my room so good! Well worth the money! Very light weight too.

    2 people found this helpful

  57. AnnieAnnie

    Really cools a room and the air Is breathable !!

    The media could not be loaded.

     Really cools a room !! Me and my husband struggled a couple nights ago because he wanted to keep a fan on . And it did keep blowing which essentially made us feel cold . But the air was still muggy . And felt humid if we turned it off . So we purchased this item . This actually cools the room !! Not just makes you cold . But actually cools . This product makes the air feel in here so light and fresh and breathable it’s crazy how much a difference it makes . And also when we got it we didn’t want to wait until the ice packs froze to use it . So we put actual ice cubes in there with cold water and it kept cool the entire night . Until I turned it off because it got too cold haha . The only downfall is it has no actual manual . So basically you just need to put the wheels on the bottom and then put water and ice packs or ice in the tray in the bottom . Turn the knob vertical to lock the container with water in place then turn it on . And choose how high or low you want it to blow . It’s practically like an air conditioner but also humidifier . It’s awesome !!

    151 people found this helpful

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