Adult Professional Compound Bow

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‘- Compound Bow Kit – Includes a 35 to 70 Lbs right-hand compound bow, release aid, target paper & 12 carbon arrows, the perfect gift for beginners or masters; Compact design to help you fast adapt to outdoor hunting, bow fishing, target archery & more.
– Adjustable Draw Length & Weight – 35 to 70 Lbs draw weight and draw length from 16″ to 31″ for customized adjustment according to arm span, which works well with most adults; 80% let-off meaning less force applied to the string at full draw & more time to aim.
– Premium Materials for Durability – Aluminum magnesium alloy riser with high tensile can withstand high stress flexing & loading for long-term arrow shooting; Carbon fiber bowstrings are strong enough to support a maximum draw length of 31″
– Higher Aiming Accuracy – 4-pin sight installed for precise aiming, help you react quickly to a moving target, fiber optics reflect ambient light making it easy to see in low light, bubble level for leveling accuracy; Brush capture arrow rest offers a clear view to the entire arrow & tip and reduces friction.
– Safe Use with Protection – Comes with a release aid that works with a D-loop for fingers protection and reducing the pain caused by long time hunting or practice, with a strap fastening securely to the wrist.



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– Overall Dimension(LxWxH): 13 3/4″ x 1 15/16″ x 36 5/8″ (35 x 5 x 93 cm)
– Main String Length: 58 1/4″ (148 cm)
– Secondary String Length: 34 1/4″ (87 cm)
– Axle-to-axle Length: 32 1/2″ (82.6 cm)
– Brace Height: 8 1/4″ (21 cm)
– Draw Length: 16″ to 31″ (40.6 to 78.7 cm)
– Draw Weight: 35 to 70 Lbs (15.9 to 31.8 kg)
– IBO Speed: 329 ftp
– Let Off: 80%
– Material: Aluminum Magnesium Alloy, Carbon Fiber, Plastic
– Net Weight: 4.5 Lbs (2.04 kg)

Package Contents:

– 1x Compound Bow
– 12x Carbon Arrows
– 1x Release Aid
– 1x Quiver
– 1x Sight
– 1x Arrow Rest
– 1x Stabilizer
– 1x String Wax
– 1 Set of Accessories
– 1x Target Paper
– 1x Manual

– Please make sure that there are no people or items in front of you when shooting, to avoid injury or loss.
– Please note that it may cause harm when you draw the bow without an arrow.


56 reviews for Adult Professional Compound Bow

  1. Victor

    Great price point for a beginner with lots of options

    This is my first compound bow that I’ve owned but very please with its use and adjustability. Great price point for a beginner.

  2. Tyler savage

    Great bow for the price 100% would recommend

    Really great starting bow

  3. Dwayne S Wood

    Great value

    Can’t beat the price and shots great

  4. msharron

    Five Stars

    Awesome piece of equipment

  5. David Bickel

    Great bow

    Item works great well worth the money but the arrows are about as cheap as they come!

  6. Sean

    Great base but cheap parts

    Cheap arrows, cheap parts, but great base bow

  7. Perchman


    This is an awesome deal. It is very adjustable and it is a bow that you will have for a long time.

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  8. jim

    Nice Bow

    Awesome quality for the price. I’ve had several Bear compound bows that weren’t this good. Would recommend for beginners or experienced hunters.

  9. Ed

    Five Stars


  10. jennifer

    Compound bow

    I love my compound bow . It is light weight

  11. José Davi Nazário de Oliveira

    Excellent salesman! I RECOMMEND 100%!

    Everything is OK. Product according to the announcement! I RECOMMEND!

  12. Ryan Sampson

    Total buy

    This bow is a total bang for the buck. I had the Change out the peep site for a larger option and crank up the draw weight, after that, this puppy can shoot with the best of them. Highly recommend

  13. Ray

    Better them buying a local bow for 500$

    Bow came in had my doubts that this bow was going to be that great but after receiving it I am now amazed sure beats going to a local bow shop and paying 500$ for a bow with less pounds and with nothing on it. Only bad thing about this bow is the arrows it came with they are really long and not the best i have shot. Over all a good deal

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  14. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    Arow are not bad but not best. Product like described…

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  15. Amazon Customer

    Made my 14 y.o. daughters birthday

    I like that my daughter could adjust it to a strength that she was capable of to use it.😄

  16. Luke O.


    Had it for 2 years now and i feel like this is a $400 bow nothing els I can really say.

  17. Heather

    Great value for the money

    Great value for the money. Easy to adjust between pull strengths. Did accidentally dry fire while adjusting, but held up well. Tested it before the kids and it was perfect. Can’t use myself. The left handed bow is not the same price. (Cost them a star) as I would have bought both. Arrows weren’t the best, but perfect for target practice and teaching my kids.

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  18. Lo

    This is not a toy lol

    Perfect starter bow. Our son loves it. By sleeves first!

  19. Cody

    Not bad

    Definitely a cheaper end bow but for the money it does good. Good bow if your just learning or wanting to see if you want to get into bow hunting. When I got it one of the pins on the sight was bent but i wanted a 5 pin sight anyways. Double check your d-loop around 100 shots in mine broke and had to be re-tied. Arrows are cheap and I wouldn’t actually hunt with them.

  20. Britt Chomeau

    Good bow, recommended for beginners

    Got this for my girlfriend and she loves it, it comes with all the things you need. It has a smooth drawback and excellent accuracy. The only reason I didn’t give this 5 stars is because the arrows are average and the trigger release is a peice of crap. For the price though it is the best bow for what you are paying for.

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  21. Bruce Gordon

    Easy assembly with good instructions

    Packaging, shipping and delivery were outstanding. It arrived in about 5 days. The bow is comparable to a Parker of similar configuration. Easy assembly with good instructions. You will need to make fine tune adjustments for sting, arrow, site alignments. Site adjustments made setting in distance site positions easy work. I bought this for my tennage son and we have only shot at indoor range at this point but very accurate at all ranges from 15 -30 yards. Nice tight groupings. Power adjustment is easy as well. At 70 lbs the velocity is impressive. Arrows- The arrows are good quality generic type carbon. Not Easton quality but also not $10 an arrow like Easton can be. Pretty nice and well constructed. Just fine for target work. If you are going to hunt you may want to invest in a couple to top notch carbon fibers with a good broad head of an appropriate type for your game. Tip- I use a soft case for the bow and my tools and ancillary equipment. I was able to use the polystyrene bow package insert with a very slight, easily achieved modification as an insert for the case. Works great, holds bow, arm guard, pull release, Allen wrenches etc all in an organized array. Very easy to do with just a steak knife to cut you desired adjustments.

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  22. Kindle Customer

    Great deal.

    Perfect setup for the price. All I lacked was a case. The four pin sight is surprisingly easy to see. The balance and dampers work great. And I can set it for myself or low enough to let my 9 y.o. hit the target.

  23. Matt H.

    Five Stars

    Very powerful great transaction thanks again

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  24. Brad

    Solid Bow

    I bought this bow a few years ago. Just started shooting it consistently this week. Many of the reviews on here seem like people with unrealistic expectations.I have mine dialed in and shooting consistent 1 inch groupings at 20 and 25 yards. Perfect arrow flight.If you haven’t shot a lot in your life, a rule of thumb is ALWAYS spend a little money on good arrows and a decent trigger release. Great that they included this as a “kit” but just expect to have to buy these.

  25. Kurt A. Steirer

    Very happy with this

    Very happy with this. Worth the price for what you get. Everything to start shooting, easy to adjust and very accurate. My wife loves it.

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  26. Bobby Moore

    … at 55 lbs at its fast it is probably good out to 50 yards penatration wise but overall love …

    I am eleven years old have shot 2 deer with a bow this bow got here 7 days before season closed and when’t out two days later and shot a little 2 by 3 and I have only only shot it once at 55 lbs at its fast it is probably good out to 50 yards penatration wise but overall love it so far.

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  27. Amazon Customer

    Arrows that came with the bow are pretty durable as well

    Definitely worth it. Very accurate and consistent shooter. Arrows that came with the bow are pretty durable as well, only lost one fletching after about 20 shots each arrow.

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  28. Kaleb

    Great for beginners

    Great starter bow! The extra attachments are not top quality but they work!

  29. Ty Sniegowski

    Bow is great, accessories were okay.

    The bow its self is fantastic for the price. Directions were crap but most of it you could do with out it. The price that holds the arrows will take you a second to figure out. A down and turn motion. The arrows were great but the bow was so strong that after a few times of the same arrow going through a target the fins started peeling off. Also dont expect either end of the arrows to survive stay on the shaft of the arrow more than a few hard hits. Overall very pleased with my purchase. For the price, very good.

  30. kelvin

    They need to make sure they put everything in the packaging

    My bow came without the string silencers overall is a nice bow shoot pretty well but in my case they forgot the silencers

  31. william jennings

    Great bang for your buck

    My fiance loves this bow! Great bang for your buck! I’m sure there’s lots better out there but she knocked down a blacktail first yr out

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  32. Marco

    Awesome bow!

    This bow was my second bow this month from Amazon the other I returned, holy cow what a difference quiet, accurate as hell and already came with attachments….Within 5 mins I was shooting bulls and can shoot 3 apples with 3 arrows from 25 feet! Awesome bow!

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  33. Andreas Dean

    Everything is good

    Is good, everything comes in the package like it shows and love it.

  34. Allan



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  35. John Duhe

    It is a very sleek nice looking bow

    We revived the set inspected it . It is a very sleek nice looking bow . We brought it to a bow shop and the set the draw and weight for my son . He loves it and shoots it reguarly . The bow shop says it is a very nice set up and it compares exactly to a Rage . For the price it is excellent starter bow and they can grow into their adult stages with it ! Thanks

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  36. Amazon Customer


    Perfect bow for hunting and target practice

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  37. Amazon Customer

    Great deal

    Really nice, lightweight comprable to 302 $600 compounds

  38. Zach

    I like this bow

    I like this bow. I would consider myself a beginner and this was really easy to set everything up and get shooting. The instructions were pretty vague and that made it kinda tough but i figured it out. A few things about the product itself: The Arrows, they are alright as far as quality goes, a few broke on the first day from just hitting the target from 30 yards out. The quiver is also just alright, the foam piece comes out when i pull out arrows, and the top piece twists around on the bolt, but i fixed both issues with super glue, without doing any damage to the bow itself. I tried to adjust the draw weight the whole way to 70 lbs, but i can’t turn the hex bolts any further without stripping them, leaving it around 60-65 lbs. Overall i love the bow, and can’t wait to take it into the woods.

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  39. Samuel Leathers

    Five Stars

    Great bow with high quality arrows, great deal for the money

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  40. john

    Five Stars

    good bow. terrible release aid.

  41. Tracy M. Davis

    Five Stars

    Great deal at a great price

  42. Wasatch Muleys.

    Great shooter get accessories elsewhere. But it doesnt go to 70#

    A bit misleading, will only go to 55#’s. I wanted a 65# pull. This bow shoots well once tuned. I recommend buying the bow and getting the rest, sight and arrows somewhere else. The arrows fall apart on the first use and the sight and rest are plastic and are not durable. I put on an aluminum sight and rest and now it’s field durable. Shoots great, just doesn’t go to upper pull weights.

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  43. Carlos M. Zayas

    Happy camper! Excellent Bow.

    For the price point, I am very happy with this package and the bows performance. Right out of the box, I was immediately impressed. Very happy with the bow. Very accurate.

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  44. JD L.

    I have two of these they are great. Only problem is the instructions to assembly it …

    I have two of these they are great. Only problem is the instructions to assembly it are not very good. you could end up putting stuff on wrong or not knowing where stuff goes. If you are technically inclined ( an engineer) you can figure it out pretty easily.

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  45. Zmet


    Solid bow

  46. DavidDavid

    Great bow

    Great product but did not arrive with the release aid but after contacting customer service they sent it out quickly. Great company. Will purchase from them again.

  47. Cliente de AmazonCliente de Amazon

    Excellent product

    Excellent product, the delivery was done in the agreed time, the quality of the bow and the accessories is excellent, very precise and powerful, great range of adjustment

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  48. Don S.

    Five Stars

    Great set up! Everything that was expected was and then some! Thank you!

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  49. Sharon Elizabeth Pugh

    Great buy, worth the money

    Great buy, my son loves it!

  50. Amazon Customer

    The accessories are good enough to get you started

    Fast shipping, very quiet and accurate bow for the price. The accessories are good enough to get you started.

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  51. Amazon Customer

    set up was easy, [tho time consuming for a newbie like me]shipping …

    Got this for my wife, set up was easy, [tho time consuming for a newbie like me]shipping was quick. Shoots pretty straight & I haven’t even had it professionally tuned… Price was great!! Really quiet. Arrows could be better.

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  52. HutchXIIIHutchXIII

    Perfect bow for beginners and intermediates alike.

    Do not let the made in China mark worry you, this bow is fantastic. It comes with a good amount of starter accessories than can be easily switched out or upgraded when the time comes and the ease at which even a novice can adjust the cams and weight makes it perfect for those just getting into the sport. The arrows that come with it are fairly decent range arrows though you will want to replace them after a few times practicing or if you’re going to use this for hunting. It came perfectly sealed in a nice wooden crate insulated by Styrofoam which also doubles as a halfway decent case and worktable if needed. For the price and with what comes with it, this bow will make an amazing addition to any collection as it easily stands alongside its more expensive brothers.

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  53. Amazon Customer

    Nice beginner bow

    Bought this for my wife who is a first time shooter. The bow it’s self is a nice bow. I had to replace the sights because the sight housing wouldn’t tighten enough. The arrow rest is o.k. put will replace with biscuit. Nice quiver, stabilizer and release. The arrows are generic allowing for maximum draw length but to heavy for 26″ draw length or shorter. The arrow quality is fair at best, with none removable tips. I replaced with 350 grain arrows, shooting at 33 lbs. it’s trajectory is nice. A bow press was needed to adjust to the 26″ draw length and shorter. Bow shoots straight and is pretty quiet.

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  54. Amazon Customer

    not bad

    leaves a bit to be desired but all around decent buy.

  55. Michael S.

    Five Stars

    GReat product. Comes in ready to shoot. Well built .

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  56. Paul

    Great starter bow .

    Includes everything you need to get into archery . I’ve had it for a few months the arrows that come with it won’t last but that’s expected.Shot at least a few hundred shots with no issues.

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