Colored Neoprene Coated Dumbbell Set with Stand

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1.Include: 5 Pairs neoprene dumbbells(3LB*2+5LB*2+8LB*2+10LB*2+12LB*2)+ Dumbbell Rack
2.Material:Dumbbells: Neoprene+ Cast iron ; Rack: Steel

1. 5 pairs of dumbbells in 3-pound, 5-pound, 8-pound,10-pound and 12-pound sizes. Ideal for resistance and other trainings2.The durable, neoprene material coated cast iron is great for indoor and outdoor workouts3.Neoprene coating on weights allow for a secure grip. The hex shape of the dumbbells prevents them from rolling4.Easy to assemble. Weight stand is included. A assembly tool is included for your convenience too


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16 reviews for Colored Neoprene Coated Dumbbell Set with Stand

  1. Janet G.

    Very nice weight set!

    Perfect for beginning weight lifters!! I love the set! Colors are nice and weights are very easy to handle.

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  2. Patricia Maynard

    Received on time with great packaging

    This set of weights was exactly what I expected. Very carefully packaged with each weight in an individual box. The instructions to set up the frame were clear and easy to do. This was received on time.

  3. Will-Review4UWill-Review4U

    bright color weights – added a step towards building the rack

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     The set I purchased was the 10 dumbbells that included the 5 tier rack. The feel and design of the weights appeal to our family. We have slowing started to introudce a morning fitness routing into our schedule. These weights have a vinyl rubber type coating to cover the steel weight and handle. If our hands becoming sweaty or wet from water bottle condensation, the weights do not slip or fall out of my hands. When I set them down on the bench or floor, their hexagon shape don’t roll away. 

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  4. K Richman Hodge


    Nice set of weightsStand easy to put togetherEasy to close around

  5. Sunshine Mel

    Great addition to my home gym

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     I bought these for my home gym when my other set got rusty. I’m happy with the neoprene coating on this set, which should stop the same situation from happening again. The rack is nice and it doesn’t take up too much room, but it gives you lots of free weight workout options. Now I can get in lots of reps and build up my strength.

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  6. ky

    Great set

    Just as described and quick ship

  7. Jenna

    Easy set up and dont’t take up alot of space

    Easy to assemble. My 10yr old daughter wanted weights to build arm muscle for basketball and she loves them!!! Easy to use and doesn’t take up alot of space!

  8. G Moon

    Perfect for you home gym.

    Looks great in my small home gym. Good quality and easy to assemble and maintain. Highly recommended.

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  9. DTigersGal79

    Review by Amateur exerciser…ask a professional

    I personally like the grip and shape of the weights. They aren’t slipping out of my hands when I wipe my sweat. They don’t roll off the bench when I set them down. Overall I’m happy with them. Hope this helps!

  10. Jay Jay

    Great starter set

    I love them, easy to assemble and use. Great starter set for the money

  11. GeorgeGeorge

    Perfect dumbbell suit meeting my needs

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     I hurt my shoulder so I was looking for a dumbbell suit for my exercise and physical therapy needs. This pair of coated dumbbells with brackets amazed me in terms of price, material, appearance, grip comfort and suitable weight. I have nothing to nitpick about. It perfectly fits my exercise needs.Compared to the ones I have used before, its advantages are1) Excellent coating quality, no ugly bumps on the surface, comfortable grip2) They are all the right weight, honest merchant!3) Steel frame, good load-bearing capacity, will not shake and damage like plastic support4) These colored dumbbells look nice5) I have carefully calculated that if you need to buy pair dumbbells and separate shelves separately, it may cost way more. Obviously, the cost performance of this product is much higher!I look forward to using it for a long time!

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  12. Kimberly Lazarski

    I pick them up and put them down again

    I like to pick things up and put them down repeatedly, often while sitting or lying down on a bench. I often pick them up and put them down again 10, 20, or 30 times in a row, and then repeat again a few minutes later. Humans do the strangest things. 😉

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  13. CiskoWalt

    Nice set of light-weight dumbbells

    Arrived today, have not used them much. Initial impression is that they are well made, do not have an odor, easy to grip and clean, and packed well for shipping.Small, 2 lb, weight perhaps a little narrow, but can still grip it. Each dumbbell weighs 3/4 of an ounce more than the specified weight; this is fine, I mention it because products from other vendors seemed to have an issue with incorrect weight.thanks

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  14. Jose manuel

    Estoy muy contento con el juego de pesas

    Está muy bueno

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  15. Lorrie scheuffele

    Great weights

    Very well made, but a bit hard to get put together. The box them come in is very heavy because it includes the frame and all weights in one unit.

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  16. Adam Negron



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