Lefant® U180 3-in-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

(40 customer reviews)

3-in-1 Vacuum and Mop & Powerful Suction; Self-Charging & Visual Cleaning
Works with Amazon Alex & Google Assistant; APP Control & Remote Control & Voice Control
Multiple Cleaning Modes(Auto/Spot/Edge/Manual)
Floating Roller Brush Cover Design
Three levels of water volume adjustment; Anti-Fall & Anti-Collision



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Robot Vacuum and Mop: The suction / Sweep /Mop function is 3 in 1, with dual-edge brushes, and a floating main rolling brush. The floating main rolling brush design self-adjusts to adapt to different types of floors. Robot vacuum and mop with 500ml dust tank and 160ml water tank, peristaltic pump micro-control to prevent accidental water seepage.

Upgraded FreeMove Technology 2.0: Upgraded 6D built-in anti-collision infrared sensors help the robot vacuum detect probable stuck areas and adjust the cleaning path automatically. Anti-dropping sensors prevent the robotic vacuums from falling off the stairs.

4 Cleaning Modes: The vacuum robot has 4 cleaning modes-Auto Clean, Zigzag Clean, Spot Clean, and Edge Clean Modes. Three suction power modes and three water volume modes to control the suction power and water flow according to the actual situation to meet the requirements of different cleaning areas. It can pick up everything from dust, dirt, and pet hair.

150 Mins Runtime & Self-Charging: The 3 in 1 is a slim robot vacuum cleaner that is equipped with a 3200 mAh battery, 2200 Pa top suction, and work time up to 150 minutes. The robotic vacuum cleaner will automatically return to the charging base and recharge when in low battery or cleaning is completed. The noise is less than 65db, clean at any time, and runs easily without affecting your life.

Smart App & Voice Control: Built-in Wi-Fi that enables the app to perform remote controls, Lefant U180 Robot Vacuum and Mop works with Alexa and Google Assistant to conveniently start and stop cleaning. Download the APP – Lefant Life, you can control the smart vacuum robot cleaner with various functions such as visual cleaning, changing cleaning modes, adjusting the suction power and water volume, setting the work schedule, etc.

What you get:
U180 Robotic Vacuum and Mop * 1
Charging Base & Power Adapter * 1
500ML Large Dust Bin & 160ml Water tank * 1
Magnetic Stripe & Remote Control* 1
Disposable Dishcloth * 5
Reusable Dishcloth * 1
HEPA Filter * 1
Side Brushes * 4
Machine Cleaning Brush * 1
User Manual * 1

40 reviews for Lefant® U180 3-in-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  1. MiguelMiguel

    Best buy ever!

    I love that this vacuum can be turned on by just a push of a button or even on an app! It’s super easy to keep clean and it’s silent!

  2. Brandon k.

    Great little sucker!

    This guy works great, worth every penny

  3. Karel Garcia

    Gran inversión

    Excelente calidad, se mantiene en un área. Es fácil de programar.

  4. Siyal Celik

    Decent vacuum

    Definitely a decent vacuum cleaner robot. The suction power is good enough to pick up most dirt. It may get stuck somewhere occasionally but it mostly works as it should. A great helper in cleaning the space and keeping it clean.

  5. Gail McEvoy

    Nice fun to use

    Occasionally the brushes fall off,probably get hung up on something.

  6. Boozer

    Auto maid

    Works pretty well and it’s as good as a Roomba. Fantastic customer service!!!

  7. vicia sanchez


    Todo perfecto

  8. idelca

    Limpiar bien el piso

    La maquina recoge todo los sucios del piso.


    Love it

    This is a powerful vaccum. It picks up all my pets hair and poop. I have a rabbit. It is light weight and easy to manage. Easy to set up

  10. Josue

    Great product

    Easy to set up.

  11. ileana Rodriguez

    Buena me encanta

    Muy buena, espero darle un buen uso y que me dure.

  12. lid

    Money CAN buy happiness

    Wow! I was not sure about the unknown brand name and the relatively low-ish price (compared to the top name brand) but was pleasantly surprised! One of my favorite purchases by far. I have all hardwood floors and some area rugs. I also have 2 children and would find myself sweeping many times a day (especially under the dining table!!!). I can run this little guy after a meal or at the end of the day and he (yes, it’s a “he” in my house lol) will zip around back and forth across the house and get all the crumbs and cr*p my kids leave behind! He takes a lot longer than I would with the vacuum but who cares because now my time is freed up!! Instead of shooing my kids away after dinner so I can sweep up, I get to hang out with them and relax (well, until it’s time to do the work I took home with me, but that’s a different review for a different day if I ever quit my job).This guy is aggressive! If he encounters an obstacle (like my thick gel mat in the kitchen, or the legs of the kids’ keyboard/piano seat in the living room) he will try several times to get over it and he is strong so he can probably get over it if you wait a second. If he’s too far away from the base when he finishes, he might struggle to find his way home but that part is no big deal because you can just set him back in the charger OR use the app to direct him. He’s not loud to me at all and I’m VERY sensitive to noise. It’s quieter than a normal vacuum. Oh and It’s super easy to empty the bin (and not gross).All this to say, I love my little robot friend we named Dusty. He is efficient and takes one chore off my load which makes me a little more relaxed and a little bit happier. I guess money CAN buy a bit of happiness 🙂

    20 people found this helpful

  13. ab.gm8ab.gm8

    Good quality!
  14. Kathi

    Love this little thing

    This is great for cleaning my carpet and my linoleum. I really like it because it avoids my old dog who has issues getting up so he doesn’t try to run from it. This cleans up under and around my exotic bird cage with ease.

  15. Marta

    Q me ayuda un monton

    Me encanta una súper buena inversion


    Excelente aspiradora

    Me encantó este artículo. Hasta el momento me ha funcionado muy bien.

  17. Jody C.

    Great for pet hair!

    Wonderful suction power and perfect for all of the loose pet hair!

  18. Brenda Buzby

    Love this vac

    Best purchase ever

  19. Samantha S.

    Great Vacuum

    I have been looking for an affordable automatic vacuum for a while now and after reading the reviews finally settled on this one and I’m glad I did. Suction is great as it navigates through the house and the app is easy to use. It works like a charm. Would definitely recommend

  20. Elvy W

    Never connects to the phone app

    It gets the job done easily.

  21. wallace boyd

    Still using g it sporadically but it’s a good fit

    Have a yellow lab who sheds constantly. ..very good pickup.

  22. carmen rita baez-cruz


    Love it!!!

  23. Trevor

    Ignore the 1 star reviews.

    I bought this product in hopes it would work half as well as my Roomba did at a third the cost, 10/10 this thing delivered more then I thought it would for its cost, by no means was it as good as my high end roomba, but for the cost this product outweighed price to performance in favor of performance. Also the vacuum box is located up top which is way more connivant then my roomba and me having to pick it up to get the rear disposal ben off. In short this is worth the money, if you get one and it doesn’t perform then I would recommend maybe contacting the company and asking for a replacement one, they seem friendly enough and wanting to help.

    10 people found this helpful

  24. Oscar Pont

    Great vacuum for the money.

    I have been using since I got it and it has been great. Pretty easy to empty it too.

  25. WOS

    Nice vacuum

    The vacuum is larger than expected, which is not bad. It has a great suction power and clean great.  Love it.

  26. Nicole Joan

    Best buy ever!!

    good value for the money. I really like it and it has saved me a lot of time of the daily cleaning.

  27. katherine

    Worth the money.

    For the price i was very surprised on how good it works. It surpassed my expectations by far.

  28. Sparky

    Good Vacuum For This Price Range****UPDATE****

    ****UPDATE**** It has been over a month now and I am still happy with this vacuum. I run it every few days and it has never let me down or given me issues. I can still recommend this even after extended use.****I have several Robot vacuums of varying price ranges. I have been using and testing this particular vacuum for the last week.This vacuum is great for what it is. It does clean the floor even though it just sort of bounces around to do it. It is not a $600 vacuum so do not expect it to be. For this price range it is well made and performed well.I will use it to clean once a week or so to get where my other misses. I can recommend it as a good entry level vacuum.

    12 people found this helpful

  29. Haley Fox Blog

    Nice robot vacuum cleaner

    Nice quality, picks up everything, empties and clean easily. Super strong motor with amazing suction power. It easily picks up stuff like dog hair and cereal without pushing it around. It is an amazing price for the quality, makes a great gift idea, Highly Recommend.

  30. lorna osorio

    The floor cleaner

    Its gooooood!!!

  31. Just want to know

    Goes back to charging port when it needs to be recharged all by itself

    Every room in my house I like it a lot blessing with pet hair

    8 people found this helpful

  32. Nicole Figueroa

    Is great

    I love it

  33. Popit4ash

    Better than the Samsung version!

    After using the Samsung robotic vacuum & it breaking after a year. I decided to get another brand that was a lot less expensive. I chosethe Lefant Vacuum because it had similar qualities to my old one PLUS it mops! The suction is strong enough to clean up after my 3 dogs. I’ve also found earrings and a penny in the trash compartment. It won’t fall down the steps when using it upstairs, it will easily clean carpet/ rugs as well as tile. It will get tangled in cords or chargers that are on the floor so make sure you pick those up before letting it roam. I would most definitely recommend it to a friend. Just plug it in to charge then press the power button. One less chore for me!

    12 people found this helpful

  34. Aleshia O’Neill

    I Love It.

    I work all the time and get home about 8 p.m. 6 days a week. I love not having to worry about sweeping my floors. I can go home and concentrate on other things. It works really good. It cleans under my end tables and cleans under the edge of my cabinets and refrigerator. I would recommend to anyone!!

    3 people found this helpful

  35. Ann S.

    Great robot vacuum that helps manage dust and pet hair

    We purchased one of these over a year ago and loved it so much we got a second one for our upstairs floor. We have pets and this really helps keep up with shedding and dust in the air. Highly recommend!

    4 people found this helpful

  36. Jose A. Ramirez

    Highly Recommend !!!

    Honestly I love this vacuum since day one. I’m very surprised how it pick up all kind of stuffs, especially my dog hair. It’s fantastic, the suction power is really good, leave the floor clean, period! Oh, since is only 2.99” height this one go under all the beds, sofa, etc. with no problem.  Not noisy, this Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner is awesome. As I say before……Highly Recommend!!!

    4 people found this helpful

  37. Alexander sanchez

    Best Purchase ever this will make your wife love you forever!

    Is like having a person clean floor with out you having to do anything we love it . And customer service is amazing they take care of you and make sure you satisfied

  38. glendaliz cordero

    Its perfect i loveit its the tools your need in your home

    Its perfect i loveit its the perfect tool your need in your live i clean my house in 1 charge the battery have a good charge my house its always clean

  39. Yami.Yami.

    Good robot vacuum

    I found this vacuum to be practical and easy to use.The vacuum works well for picking up the fluff from my three dogs and dust in general.It recharges automatically, its compact, but has excellent space for trash.I like the design that has two brushes which makes it easy to grab the lint. It also has good suction.It includes accessories such as brushes, replacement filter, floor wipes.

    9 people found this helpful

  40. R.E.P.

    Great vacuum!

    It works great 👍🏼

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