DORSAL Travel Shortboard and Longboard Surfboard Board Bag Cover

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StormBag got its name for good reason. This fine-looking board bag jams a whole lot of features into one sturdy package. It’s Ultra lightweight it possesses a design appeal which means when you’re seen with your StormBag everyone will want to see what’s inside. The Storm will protect your board! If your daily journey to the surf consists of a stroll across the road or a short drive from a couple of blocks this bag will see you there in style at a very attractive price. SIZING: note length and width dimensions in the following list are to fit a surfboard up to that length and width. Eg the 6’0x21″wide will fit a surfboard up to 6’0 tall and up to 21″. SIZE LIST: 5′ 6″ -width 21.55′ – 5’10” -width 21.5 inches – 6′- width 22 inches – 6’2- width 22 inches – 6’6- width 22 inches – 6′ 8″- width 24 inches – 7′- width 23 inches – 7’6- width 23.5 inches


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  • Thermo-Flow Technology – World’s First Wax Strips Multiple Internal Storage Pocket
  • 600D Polyester Reinforced Nose Cone – Heavy Duty YKK#10 Corrosion Resistant Plastic Zipper
  • Neoprene Padded Handle and Padded Shoulder Strap
  • Internal Wax Pocket – Storage Hook – 5mm High-Density Impact Foam – Heat Reflective External Material
  • Vent Optional Wax and UV Resistant Internal Lining – Internal Tail Divider – Side Wall Expanders

67 reviews for DORSAL Travel Shortboard and Longboard Surfboard Board Bag Cover

  1. Island Brada

    great day Sack for the 9’1” McTavish !!

    best Pricebest material [so far] best zipper[so far]looks goodget velcro kine pocket at the tail for stuffs. get shoulder strap and padded handle.only inconvenience would be is zipper opening is only the tail. many other board bags get the zipper half the tail zip 1 side then zip’s all the way around to mid length the bag. Makes it was easier for the in/out but minahs. she GO.try buying a 9’6”day bag for under $100 bucks and ship to Hawaii ..no ways. Mahalo’s n’ Aloha for a great bag

  2. jack

    Great bag for the money

    Not as padded as my Dakine bag, so to fly, I wrap my board in a couple towels first. Perfect for car travel.

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  3. Mark H. Miller

    Amazing bag for the money, designed for a performance/gun long-board

    I have a performance long-board with a pointed nose and a drawn tail, so this shape bag fit perfectly. If you have a round nose on your board it won’t go all the way in, so you would need a longer bag if you purchase this shape. I love how the back expands to accommodate the fins. I have a two plus one setup and my center box fin is a good 8 inches and still fits. The only issue I have is with the liner inside sticking to my wax. Since my board fits like a glove in this bag, the slight adhesion of the liner to the deck makes it impossible to slide it smoothly in and out. I had to brace the tail end on the ground and pull the bag over the top when inserting my board. When removing the bag, I had to shimmy the bag down while the board was vertical standing on the nose. I solved this issue by putting my beach towel on the deck and now it slides in and out like butter. The pocket on top for extra wax or sunscreen or keys is great, and easily accessible without opening the bag up. The zippers are nice heavy duty plastic zips that aren’t going to rust and they open and close easily. The shoulder strap is also well secured. Only thing I would change on this bag’s design is the liner.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Great for price

    It was a tight fit but I liked the bags.

  5. miguel martinez

    Protects your surfboard

    Good materials, good design. Fit perfect

  6. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    Great Board bag for the price!

  7. Amazon Customer

    a shortboard fits perfect. If you try anything other than a standard …

    a shortboard fits perfect. If you try anything other than a standard shotboard shape it may not.

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  8. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    Great Product! Highly recommend if someone is look for a good durable travel bag!

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  9. Amazon Customer

    good quality matrerials

    fits great!

  10. Amazon Customer



  11. Chris

    Great Value.

    Great value for a bag to use on a daily basis to and from the beach.

  12. David s

    Best bag in this price range…

    I have a couple of 60.00 dollar bags for my boards and this one is by far nicer than the curve bags.My board is a 7’8 fun shape with a pin tale and pointed nose. I got the 8’6 bag and there is about 6″ or so of free space.So if you have a board 7’6 to 8’0 make sure u get the 8’6 bag.Also the nose and tail is rather pointy on this bag which works great for me. If you have a rounded nose or tail be careful though because it may not fit.

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  13. MDAllMe82

    Buy based on board width (maybe an extra inch or two for room), not length.

    I bought this for my son’s surfboard. He has a 5’6″ board, but I bought the 6’2″ bag due to the width of my son’s board and while, yes, the bag is a little long, I’m very happy with the way it fits. I like that it has a pocket on the outside, perfect for his wax and his sunscreen.

  14. Marek I. Reavis

    Good bag at a good price

    Good bag at a good price, I’m ordering another for my new board.

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  15. Andres Cosson


    Great, just as expected

  16. tessa fletcher

    Five Stars

    works well

  17. R.

    Good Value

    Nice bag with fast shipping.

  18. carolina

    Great bag!

    I really like this bag! It’s my 2nd same company.

  19. MFollansb

    Does not fit all boards

    The bag’s dimensions and taper make it so it does not fit all boards.

  20. Islander

    Five Stars

    Perfect fit for my kid’s 5’8″ surfboard, sturdy with two pockets for the extra fins, leashes, wax, etc.

  21. Sean Corey

    Five Stars

    Exactly as advertised.

  22. Amazon Customer

    good product

    well made

  23. oweemaui

    nice bag , not very padded but not expensive

    nice reflective board bag, thinly padded but adequate for price, zippers work good so far, good for protection from sun

  24. William t.

    It will fit 2 boards

    I ordered the 7 foot bag and was able to fit 2 short bords with bubble wrap (5’10 & 5’9) no width over 19.5. I realized if I put the bigger board at the bottom nose first and then the smaller board on top tail first everything fit perfect. Great bag to just fly the boards :

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  25. cabbage brain

    Good for the price

    Pretty good for the money. I would say this is more of a day bag than a travel bag. It’s lighter weight than my last fcs bag but heavier duty than a board sock. I don’t know if I would trust it to the airline bag throwers. It is also not super water proof. It feels like it retains water. Still pretty good bag for the price.

  26. HW ChangHW Chang

    The bag itself seems nice. I especially like the tail end of the …

    The bag itself seems nice. I especially like the tail end of the bag which can extend in depth to accommodate the fins. But the 8′ bag does not fit my 8′ board. Now I will have to return it.I suppose you should buy one size up if you’re considering this surfboard bag.Two starsReview updated: 8/29/2016. I returned the product in return for their 8’6″ bag, and that fit my 8′ x 23” x 3.7” soft top oars perfectly.So remember to size up!Four stars

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  27. israel olivolo

    … it to me so fast and the quality is perfect and the price is

    So stoked thank you for getting it to me so fast and the quality is perfect and the price is right

  28. Dan

    Hard to return it …wrong size.

    I have this same bag for another board. Great quality. Not a tarp but thick backpack type material.

  29. deana

    Great quality – durable

    We are very impressed with the quality of this surf bag. We can keep our fins on and it all fits plus room for beach towels etc. thank you

  30. whoosh

    Really great bag for a reasonable price. It fit my long, pointy 5 fin board

    This product seems to be really well thought out, well made, for a really good price. The board that I bought it for was as quad fin, now a 5 fin, 9 foot fang tail gun. I bought the 9’4″ board bag which works fine. I think that I probably could have gone with the 9′ bag and it probably would have fit perfectly. There is a velcroid expansion seam in the rear to fit larger fins, if you keep them attached, but even with the 5 fins on my board, it slid right in. There is a pocket inside the bag to store the fins if you decide to remove them prior to shipping. This bag has a very sturdy attatched handle and a removable shoulder strap. I have not done anything but put the board in and take it back out (haven’t transported the board in the bag yet) but I am very impressed and happy with this purchase


    Nice bag. If in doubt about size, go larger.

    Nice day bag for the price. Went with a 6’0” for my 5’7” x 20 3/4” x 2.5, and im glad i did because it was a very snug fit width-wise (see pic). I probably should have gone with a little bigger one because it does look a little funny. Wouldn’t deter me from buying this bag again, though.

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  32. amy

    Ripped right away

    Took 6 weeks to come. Ripped the first time I put my board in the bag! Would not recommend.

  33. Amazon Customer

    good bag

    good bag

  34. Jorge M.


    Yes the product is good enough for the price

  35. Merrill roberts

    Super helpful!

    The bag is awesome! Had a few issues but worked out the out and they went out of their way to help. Extremely happy with the board bag and the service!

  36. Andre Lima

    Make sure you know the mesures of the board to fit it perfectly

    The shape is to wide for my board. It should fit better.

  37. Ethan

    Perfect size for my 5.10 kitesurf

    Super happy with this bag! It’s a great fit.

  38. Amazon Customer

    Great price

    Nice fit.

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  39. billy l.

    Nice bag

    Got this bag today 10/9/19 i have couple 7 fr boards took off fins padded the rales both boards fit nice this is a great bag Dynomite

  40. STEVE C.

    Good paddling.

    A good bag for the price. I have 4 of them . The black material by the zipper is kinda thin. Two of the bags have some ripping or pulling away at the zipper seam.

  41. Dan

    Real cloth exterior

    This is a high quality bag for a good price. Not a plastic tarp bag. The cloth in awesome. i recommend this item.

  42. Rolland

    Great bag for the price!

    This is my first surfboard bag and I love it. Padding is sufficient, zippers work well, and the pocket is useful. I think the strap could be stronger but for what I use it for (travel from home to the beach) its absolutely fine. If I were travelling in a plane I might look for something more padded and a more sturdy strap but this one is great for now.

  43. Robin Reed

    Five Stars

    Excellent!!Padded, sturdy, rad!

  44. Cr8z4mod

    Five Stars

    bag is great, like pockets for fins and leash.

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  45. Helping Hand


    LOVE THE CUSTOMER SUPPORT. We ordered this and the strap was not in our package. After we talked to customer support we got the strap.

  46. A.T.

    Value for money

    Great for my windsurf board…

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  47. francois lefebvre

    Five Stars


  48. JES-EYE

    Perfect bag

    Love the fin/leash pocket and the tail section expands to accommodate traveling with find in.. bread bag ..will buy again

  49. MBC

    5 Stars

    Five stars. Very durable, easy to use, padding is just right not too thin or too thick. Bag expands at the fin area and can be Velcrod shut for a tighter fit. Handle and shoulder strap work great. Very balanced. I had a minor issue with one of the zippers but the seller took care of that immediately. Very impressed with the customer support and quality of this board bag.

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  50. Martin rastellino

    Great service

    Product exactly as expected, and great service. They helped me expediting the processing and delivery to make sure I will get the product

  51. STEVE C.


    Great bag . I have 3 of these bags now . I don’t have any problem with my boards fitting in the bags but it seems that the full width of bag could be uatlized more if the zipper would go all the way to the full width of the bag .

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  52. Soulcalsurfer

    A Lot of Day Bag for the Price!!!

    I usually buy Pro-lites, but at $120 a pop, I’ve been looking for an alternative. I’ve tried a couple others that were OK. This bag was surprisingly way better than just OK. It’s got most everything you’d need and then some. I bought a 7-6 for one of my winter boards. I liked that is WASN’T a fun board shaped bag and was a little generous on the length (my 7-7 fit perfect). It’s got a good shoulder strap with velcro stash pocket for it, a really good zipper and a nice large inner pocket for fins and a leash (larger pocket than my Pro-lites). The padding is just fine for me; I just need it for a day bag. I like that it’s has a bit thinner padding as this will double as inner travel bags for when I’m packing a board coffin for a trip. So, don’t except this to be a “travel” bag; this is a day bag and a dang nice one at that!

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  53. Amazon Customer

    Good price but not wide enough

    Good price but width not wide enough for my 8 foot board

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  54. Shark

    Perfect fit

    Fit my 8′ soft top odysea log long board perfectly..

  55. Michelle

    Arrived early.

    Ordered this to take my 5’9″ to Aruba. Arrived early. Fits my board perfect with room for added padding.

  56. Amy Tayler

    My son bought this to bring his surfboard home to …

    My son bought this to bring his surfboard home to the Virgin Islands, from college in NYC! Made two flight with no problems and will now use as an island hopping bag!

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  57. David

    Amazing quality for price

    Amazing quality. There is no better quality for the price. Unfortunately, The fit is too wide for a standard longboard, and is better suited for a SUP. I’m keeping it, but will be fighting with the oversized for years to come.

  58. J-Sno

    Great travel bag! Buy with confidence.

    Really happy with this bag. It’s not SUPER well-padded, nor did I expect it to be. It’s a travel bag, but nothing can protect from the incredible abuse that an airline will bestow on your luggage if you’re taking it on the plane. I bubble-wrap my board when taking it on the plane, because I’m paranoid like that. It fit my bubble wrap no problem, and I laid it on pretty thick. Was a snug fit, but it worked. Also, didn’t have a problem sliding it in and out, before and after the bubble wrap. I saw other reviews that say the bag stuck, but I didn’t have that issue at all. It slid in nice and smooth, WITH plenty of wax on my board. You’ll definitely want to take the fins out though. That’s what the pocket is for. If your fin is not removable, this bag might still work – I don’t know because I didn’t try, but I think there would be room, assuming your board isn’t super wide. Just depends on the board I guess.I have a 7′ 10″ shortboard with a pretty pointy end, and it worked great. 1-2″ to spare. Given it’s an 8″ bag, I’d say that’s about right. A board a little rounder at the end would probably work just fine.Also, the strap made it easy to carry. The padding on the strap slid around a lot, but that’s probably necessary as the center of gravity on every board isn’t the same. Wish there was a way to lock the pad into place, but no big deal at all..

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  59. B. Long

    solid bag

    used it for most of the season. easy to carry, solid construction. would be nice if it had a little more carry space for accessories.

  60. Volha

    Great! Thanks!

    Great case! Fitted my 8” board like a glove!

  61. mkoptiw

    100% Pleased Customer

    Great quality for a great price.

  62. A&MP

    Great light-weight board bag

    Board bag is perfect for transporting a board w/o getting wax all over. Arrived timely and was exactly as expected!

  63. skuttlebutt


    Strong durable.

  64. Gina


    This is a quality product and affordable.

  65. J.P.

    Great bag for the price

    Good inexpensive surfboard travel bag. Got a 5’10” and was able to fit both my 5’8” Lost Stealth and my son’s 4’11” fish. Both without fins.

  66. ME

    Five Stars

    great price, great bag for cost, great customer service. Like we say here, they have lots of Aloha.

  67. John Peers Cortes

    the best surfboard bag ever made,

    the best surfboard bag ever made, this is my 2do time i buy this product , the first bag I still have it and i Bought it 4 years and its like new

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