DORSAL Wrap-Rax Surfboard Soft Roof Rack Pads with Tie Down Straps 9/28″ Long (Pair), Universal Car Roof Rack

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The Dorsal Single Surf Wrap-Rax is the perfect choice when you want to safely transport your Surfboards Longboards Snowboards to the beach or snow using your vehicle. With 19-inch Pads and over 12ft straps, this solution is perfect for a quick run to the surf and slopes. These soft board racks wrap around the inside of your vehicle and allow you to secure your boards to the roof. The special soft padding and extremely sturdy buckles ensure that your boards will not slip or move around during transit. This system will work on most vehicles with or without gutters.


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***These systems are made for up to highway speeds***Easily Convey Surfboards Longboards as well as Snowboards This Dorsal Surf and Snow Soft Rack Pads set offers an effective way to convey surf boards longboards as well as snowboards. Reliable Material For Longer Life – This soft rack pad set is integrated with top-grade EVA foam and is secured by a weatherproof nylon sleeve. It comes with pads and straps that will secure almost any board. The middle positioned closure straps keep the rack pads secured while using. This is also perfect for bigger surfboard roof rack transport in a smooth aerodynamic style. This is wide enough to transport multiple surfboards with care. Securing Your Surfboards – Keep your board secure and safe for the next journey with the amazing and state-of-the-art Dorsal Origin Car Surf and Snow Soft Rack Pads; which are made of durable 600D polyester material. The top of the bar is padded for a sleek fit. It comes with a hook & loop strap 19 or 28 inches long pad as well as it fits a lot of factory auto car racks. Securely holds surfboards strong secure system ensures easy safe transportation of boards even over long distances. Order Today By Clicking On Add To Cart And Keep Your Board Safe And Secure For Your Next Surf Trip With The DORSAL Soft Rack Pads and Straps.

55 reviews for DORSAL Wrap-Rax Surfboard Soft Roof Rack Pads with Tie Down Straps 9/28″ Long (Pair), Universal Car Roof Rack

  1. Dustin Khong

    Soft roof rack

    Work well. I add additional long strap in front to tie a board, a kayak and the pad all together, this makes lot more secure when driving 50-60 miles per hour with flapping in the wind. I wouldn’t go faster than 60 miles per hour though.

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  2. MJ

    does what it’s supposed to

    perfect price for an item that does it’s job just fine.

  3. James Christopher

    Easy to use.

    Strong and easy to install.

  4. G. Reed

    too short for a Jeep wrangler

    these surfboard racks work great on a small car like my sons Honda. They were unfortunately too short to fit on my jeep wrangler.

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  5. Stephanie M Sowa



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  6. Erika June

    Good product!

    Really like this product! It’s super easy and it doesn’t take up extra space – thanks for a great product!

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  7. Amanda D.Amanda D.

    Does the job

    Worked great. Easy to install yourself. Twisted the straps to avoid loud noise during driving. Drove 65 mph and was fine. Only used twice so will update if damage occurs soon

  8. Nancy Morrison

    The product works fine

    Was able to stack 2 kayaks with these

  9. M. MorganM. Morgan


    I was tired of always having to pump up my boards every single time I wanted to use them, but now with this roof rack I can leave them pumped up and just transport them where we are going!It’s super easy to install! And super easy to use! I have driven about 55 miles an hour with the boards, on surface streets, and it’s held up amazingly! I still haven’t gone on the freeway with them though.Overall amazing product! Definitely buy!!

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  10. Beatree

    Great budget option, although it slightly sacrifices some build quality

    The product worked flawlessly for me. I was able to strap it onto my car and carry two surfboard with it, bringing my car up to speed at 75 mph!There were some downsides though. There weren’t any great installation instruction with the product, so the first time I installed it I had HORRIBLE road noise. I figured out that if you add some twists into the straps, then they dodge the wind better and don’t add much resonating rumbling noises during driving. The build quality on the straps was slightly inconsistent between the two cushions – the straps on one of the two cushions was at oddly different lengths. One of the straps, when tightened to the car without a board attached, had the buckle right in the doorjam, where it could cause scratches. I added an extra knot to that strap to shorten it away from my doorjam. It worked well. All in all, this was a great budget option that served me well during my two week vacation.

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  11. Brandon1490

    Straps can be a little loud at higher speeds but fine besides that

    My car had no roof rack and is also a coupe with only two doors so I was concerned on how well it would fit. So far I’ve used it about three times on drives over 2 hours long, one trip we had an 8ft soft top board plus two short boards and it did fine.

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  12. topher

    Three Stars

    good if your not on the freeway or long distance. if you are, upgrade. my 14′ SUP swa

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  13. Kimo Hulihee

    Ease of use

    Great product and easy to assemble on your vehicle to carry anything other than a surfboard.

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  14. Kathryn Baker

    Good quality

    Easy to use

  15. Brittney Cushman

    works perfectly!

    works great for strapping my surf board to any vehicle easily and quickly! I have tried other racks before and this is by far the most secure and quickest wrack.

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  16. M. MaddenM. Madden

    Have had many great Surf trips with these racks!🤙

    When we got these racks they came in a nice carry case, They were very easy to install and take off, We have put 3 boards on these(6-8foot) they didn’t make much noise! And have work great.

  17. mike

    Surfing in Kauai!

    These racks did the job for me in Kauai! My family and I needed surfboard racks for our trip to Hawaii. I did not want to spend to much and these did the job.

  18. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    Very good!

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  19. Amazon Customer

    This is the best and easyest strap for surf and paddle boards

    It is a great product for surf boards and paddle boards it is easy to setup has instructions in the product bag and u don’t have to worry about the surf board or paddle board flying off your car while trying to go to the beach. It doesent move around while it is straped at the top of the car. It is tottaly worth the money I would rather get this product then getting some cheap product and having my surfboard fly off the car.

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  20. Cat Kelly

    Not a bad idea.

    Pretty easy and seems useful. I was worried paddleboard would slide off. My car is tiny so not much flat roof space. Dented in roof if I tightened too hard. (It dented back). Comes in nice case.

  21. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Works as it should

    I drove my 34 Plymouth coupe to a gig and car show and I needed to protect my paint from my surfboard

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  22. Amazon Customer

    Dry happy with the quality

    Item took longer to arrive but. Dry happy with the quality!

  23. Laurie P.

    Three Stars


  24. Danny

    Surfs Up Dude

    I don’t have a roof rack so this product is my roof rack to transport my surfboards and paddleboard. I bit noisy do to the wind but that’s just the straps. Holds the boards securely. Great price and product.

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  25. MeMe

    Smart car roof rack

    Needed a way to transport my 11 foot SUP these worked great. Get a lot of comments being on my little smart car.

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  26. Lorenzo PeveLorenzo Peve

    100% Satisfied

    This product has been working great. Easy to setup and easy to disassemble. I have a 20 minute drive to the river and has been fantastic. You only need to make sure the weight is even for your vehicle’s roof.It gets the job done the same way a metal rack would but 10x cheaper!

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  27. Rome G.Rome G.

    Works as expected

    I drove about 8mi at around 40mph with my paddle board. It’s scary because Im not sure how secure it is but it worked. One reviewer said to face the fun up and that really helps. I recommend it for people who don’t want a permanent roof rack.

  28. Pablo M.


    El tamaño es para una tabla. En las fotos aparece que es para más de una tabla.

  29. Caro

    Otherwise love the convenience of these

    On one side the buckle came unsewed and I had to sew it back on. Otherwise love the convenience of these straps

  30. craig brandenburgcraig brandenburg

    Works great

    Was skeptical when received package,small, light. But in 15min had kayak secured . Followed in my truck with my kayak,didn’t see it move a bit. Did strap it front and rear but not sure for short trip to lake was necessary. Quick,easy solution to hauling a kayak on a Nissan Cube

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  31. S.M.

    Excellent quality

    Very well made, I just wish the bottom of the pad had some type of rubber for traction so it’s more secure.

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  32. Amazon Customer

    Works very well but the webbing frayed after a few …

    Works very well but the webbing frayed after a few days and I had to trim it and burn the ends

  33. Reviewer

    nice quality works well for city street speeds for very long SUPs

    nice quality, works well for speeds around town. if going faster that 40 or so, probably requires the strapping that goes around the nose of the SUP

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  34. NS

    Perfect for rental cars, travel or home use

    We bought this years ago and I just bought a second set. They work great a our vacation home where I leave for guests to use on their rental car to transport paddle boards etc. I just bought one for my car at home to use with my personal paddle board. Since I don’t need racks up 24/7 I decided this is all I need. Just store in your trunk when not in use. Instructions are bad. I had to find a website with better instructions (Youtube video)

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  35. valerie faison

    Four Stars

    Gift nice surprise

  36. sam

    Works okay. Go at low speeds

    It works alright. You can’t go at high speeds with it and it can be really hard to secure it tightly. It vibrates and makes a lot of noise when you drive with it at pretty much any speed.

  37. javier togores

    Todo ok

    Todo ok. Todavía no lo he probado

  38. Angela

    Barely fit on 2017 Jeep Wrangler w 32″ wide paddleboard, but it did. Recommend additional ratchet strap set to firmly secure.

    Barely fit on 2017 Jeep Wrangler w 32″ wide paddleboard, but it did. Would not trust it without additional strapping, since it’s close to max. I used a separate ratchet strap set to secure and it works just fine, at 65+ mph.

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  39. Sergii Pavlov

    It works, especially for this price

    Works well,

  40. Micah Alofaituli

    Good, few pointers.

    Product is good, got it cheap. I usually use two or three boards on this soft rack(1 10’0s and 2 9’0s). I would recommend if you don’t want to pay $200+ for a roof rack. Here a few pointers I want to share thoughAlways take it off after a surf, swim session: The straps are not sun proof. The straps will deteriorate and will rip off if you leave it out on sunlight.To prevent vibration noise when driving: Either use a zip tie to prevent the noise when driving, or just twist the straps that are exposed with wind. You wont hear the vibration anymore.Bring more security: Unfortunately, going at high speed (50-90) the straps don’t feel safe, the board will constantly go up and down, damaging the straps. I recommend getting a ratchet for more security.

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  41. Mili

    Very happy with my purchase

    Great buy. Received on time and exactly as expected

  42. Antonio Carmona Moya

    Perfecta elección

    Excelente producto.Perfecto calidad/precio

  43. aneika fajardo


    Muy practico

  44. Krystal Morrison

    Works well. Used for transporting kayaks and surfboards

    Easy to put together, we use it for kayaks and for surfboards or just about anything going on my roof. It’s just a pad, so make sure to protect your vehicle u take your time removing and placing items on your roof, otherwise it was a good buy for the money.

  45. Joan OlivaJoan Oliva

    Great racks

    Easy to install in ANY vehicle big or small. Can carry up to 5 longboards or shortboards flawlessly with barely any movement when on the road. Easy to secure boards with the clasps. Used once to move a bed from IKEA to the house. Performed great as well. Great purchase., would buy again if needed.

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  46. BookishType

    Five Stars

    Excellent for SUP board and quick delivery! Easy application as well. Could not be happier!

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  47. Edgar Lopez

    Very good product for the price but does still need ratchet straps

    Didn’t like that it didn’t come with any instructions but wasn’t hard to figure out padding isn’t super thick but thick enough to protect cars roo. I am able to hold two paddleboards with this but I do recommend everyone also use some ratchets straps to securely hold everything and do put a twist in the strap so there is no wind noise

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  48. Robert

    Racks for SUP

    Works great on my golf cart. I use it for my SUP.

  49. Mr nice guy

    Good quality

    Glad I bought this for my board

  50. Sheyheim

    Strong enough to handle up to 4 surfboard

    Im happy that the seller respondTo my email right away and did ship the item the next day so it was faster than i expected so far its made with good strong material and i can have even more than just one surfboard i like it

  51. Amazon Customer

    good product for cheap price

    it works as described

  52. Mike Hallenbeck

    Exactly what i needed.

    Exactly what i needed. Ever since i got rid of my truck i needed somethin for my car so i could take my boards places without puttin them inside the car

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  53. Eliyahu

    Gets he job done

    It gets the job done. I put an 8 ft surf bord on my sedan and pulled it as tight as I could and followed all the instructions (just YouTube how to do it) and on the free way u can see it bouncing around alot I was going around 70 but bouncing starts at 40. My bord hasn’t flown off yet so I gave it a 4

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  54. Jim

    Dorsal Soft Rack

    Purchased as a gift so it hasn’t been used yet. I checked it out & it is well made & I’m sure it will work just fine. Comes with a nice storage bag. I’ve always been happy with Dorsal products.

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  55. Emily

    Great product!

    All around great product. It came in an awesome storage bag, Velcro flip cover. It went from my door to use. I traveled about 16 miles there and back… never went over 55mph. And it did fantastic. Yes you’ll get that weird buzzing from the straps in the wind but it’s expected. I recommended it to a friend already. Good bang for your buck!

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