UV Light Flying Insect Killer

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The 3-5W lamp (UV light) attracts insects in the vicinity of 215 Square ft. Safe for infants, children pregnant mothers, and pets. Lure mosquitoes by UV light and kill them instantly via high voltage grid, especially for the incoming hot summer. Highly effective to kill mosquitoes, fruit flies, moths, and other flying bugs. Optimal solutions for protecting your family from annoying mosquito buzz and biting. Kill mosquitoes via electric shock with low noise, thus no chemical, non-toxic,odor-free, no spray, and no environmental pollution. Great for places where pesticides can’t be sprayed like kitchens and hospitals. Our latest all-around insect lamp is now even more powerful and effective against flying insects. The 3-5W lamp(UV light) attracts insects in the vicinity of 215 Square ft. Ideal for home,bedroom,office,kitchen,restaurant and shop,etc. A mesh screen is designed to protect you and your family, preventing accidental contact with the electrical grid and keeping your safety. The new, round tower-like design of the mosquito lamp is appealing and elegant, with solid, durable ABS materials. Unplug the unit from the socket and pull the tray out from the bottom of the device. Remove the compartment and clean off dead insects with a small brush(not included), then properly restore it to its original position.


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1. Keep it out of children’s or pets’ reach to avoid the danger caused by accidentally getting a hand into the slots and touching the grid around the trap lamp. It works in the electric line with the voltage of AC 110V-230V.
2. Keep it away from water to prevent malfunctions.
3. Clean this lamp timely is necessary to keep the effects.
4. Place the lamp in a dark environment.
5. Check the electric circuit regularly and turn it off when leaving home for a long period.
6. Turn on the lamp 1 Hr earlier before going to sleep to lessen the mosquito.
Product Type: Mosquito Killer Lamp
Light Source: UV LED Blue Light
Power Consumption: 3-5W
Voltage: 110V-230V
Insulated Resistant: More than 500MΩ
Leakage of Electric Current: Less than 0.1mA
Applicable Area: 215 Square ft
Lifetime: About 2 years
Materials: PP & Aluminum Alloy Wire
Cord Length: 90cm/35.43inches
Per Item Size: 11x11x26cm/4.33×4.33×10.24inches
Per Item Weight: 389g/0.86lbs
*Package Lists*:
1 x Mosquito Killer Lamp
1 x User Manual

60 reviews for UV Light Flying Insect Killer

  1. BeachLover

    Lightweight and effective

    We have terrible bugs and can’t enjoy sitting on our deck most of the year. Citronella candles have to be right near you to get the desired effect so we thought we’d try an electronic device. This is an excellent size bug zapper for our needs. When we use it, we don’t have any bothersome pests in our back yard. The light that it emits is not too bright to bother us but bright enough to attract the bugs and the cord is long enough to reach the plug while hanging in the air. We are quite pleased with its effect and since it is portable, we will be able to easily take it when we go out in the rv. Definitely recommend.

  2. Juel

    Great bug catcher

    This product has attracted a lot of bugs in the sorry time I’ve been using it right outside my front door. I live in the country on 14 acres so lots of bugs.

  3. Family shopper

    Perfect bug graveyard!

    Mosquitos in Florida, who am i kidding ALL bugs in Florida HATE this thing. It has quickly become a bug graveyard and i could not be happier! As a person who suffers from terribly itchy bites nearly year round for the first time ever we have relief and a true bug barrier. Sounds and lights are satisfying to us and deadly to all form of icky crawly critters. Absolutely will never buy another light again.

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  4. A. C.

    Works well!

    Bought this since we have to keep flies and mosquitoes away. This attracts them in and kills them instantly. We can now relax when sitting outside.

  5. Hardware4you

    Purchased as a home warming for my sister

    My sister advises her bug zapper is great. A few nights ago, they plugged it in while sitting outside, and it performed wonderfully. Worthy investment if your family lives in a buggy neighborhood.

  6. Amazon4Me

    Helps eliminate flies and mosquitoes

    We spend a lot of time outside in the summer, which unfortunately usually equals lots of bug bites. We purchased this bug zapper for our pool deck, and since it was installed there are much fewer bugs, especially flies and mosquitos. The zapper was easy to install and easy to clean.. all you need to do is hang it up and plug it in.

  7. Laurie

    Good product

    Good size – does a good job zapping bugs – kind of wish it had an on and off switch or a timer.

  8. Helius

    Kills Everything

    Our home backs up to a golf course, and we get a LOT of bugs in the summer. I finally got sick of dealing with mosquitoes and mayflies and got one of these. It has been doing a great job of killing anything and everything attracted to it for the past week that we’ve had it. It’s killing enough bugs that I have to empty the tray and brush dead bugs off of the grid every few days. I have noticed that some larger moths are too large to fit through the grill, but this has been killing anything smaller. I think the only way this could be better is if the bugs didn’t stick to the grid so well!

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  9. GV

    Great quality, controlled flies inside home as indicated.

    I had to bring all my plants inside for the winter and there were flies inside. We were trying DIY methods to get rid of these flies, but was not working. Just came across this product and ordered. Installed it around the area where the plants were located. The flies were attracted to the product and got zapped, no more flies. Planning to use this outside in the spring and will follow-up with updates. Thanks.

  10. LibbyLibby

    It has reduced the mosquitoes. Black and Decker

    I leave it running 24/7 .Living in Florida you have no other choice. We clean it out every other day with our blower, so easy.

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  11. Sean Bateman

    Works well so far. Use a blower to clean.

    Stands up to the wind and weather nicely. I recommend cleaning it with a high-powered blower – or a hair dryer at the very least. That seems to do the trick and cleans the unit MUCH better than a brush.

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  12. Kellie Stanger


    Great product – working so well, covers the entire backyard. We can sit in the hot tub and be big free!

  13. K. Chambers

    Works! Worth Every Penny

    Highly recommended. We live in a high mosquito and moth environment. We had an expensive mosquito spray system & service and had a service that sprayed every month. Those systems and services costs thousands of dollars. We no longer use them. This device works better than all of them. During our rainy season, it is killing a hundred mosquitoes per day. We hung it in a tree about 6′ off the ground and about 15 feet from our back deck/patio. We used to get bit 3-5 times just walking outside to take the dog out for a 2 minute break. Now, there are no flying insects around, just the pleasant sound of bugs getting frequently zapped. 

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  14. IllumiFox

    I am having way too much fun with a bug zapper

    So we just moved into wooded area and there are tons of bugs so I bought this because it is the same brand as my boyfriends tool kit but instead of fixing the house you are fixing the bug issue. Now…I love this thing..I honestly have been having wayyy too much fun sitting outside at night listening to the bugs get zapped and the bigger bugs do a long squeaky fart sound when they are zapped which makes me laugh…Totally worth the price I wish you could take it apart though to clean out the bigger bugs but whatever the ants are having a fiesta they’ll take care of the rest.

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  15. …ratings……ratings…

    The Azrael night light

    There is nothing sweeter than the sound of zip zap mosquito genocide. I got two of these things for out back and I haven’t had a mosquito mess with me since. Every time it zaps I smile knowing some evil mosquito is frying to a crisp instead of snacking on my blood. Take the outside back from those little buggers. Also doesn’t seem to worth that great on moths they don’t fit through the bars maybe I just have giant backwoods hill billy moths but I find a few little ones in there everyday. All and all I love them have yet to see what happens in the rain. Also is a cool nightlight

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  16. KKarenKKaren

    We love it, our dog doesn’t

    Works very well. Easy to clean. Only thing is our dog runs away every time we turn it on. Not sure if it makes some type of high frequency noise.

  17. David Newell

    Bug Free

    This bug light kills em dead. Keeps the pests away from my pets. My dog and cat are happy to be bug-free. Bugs can certainly torment your pets.

  18. Donnie

    Really works

    This device is awesome, really works well

  19. NiStRa

    It’s a killing machine!

    It works!

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  20. Richard N.Richard N.

    This zapper is going wild

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     Wow first day I plug it and it’s going crazy there is a ton just running up to it. 

  21. Thelma J. Hampton



  22. mpb

    Great mosquito trap

    This has made a huge difference in the back yard. It used to be that every time I took the dogs out I would come inside with multiple mosquito bites. After using this zapper I am rarely bothered any longer.

  23. Sean Richards

    It works but not on flies

    I purchased for a multi-stagged plan for removing, flies, mosquito’s and moths from the home. When we let the dogs out at night they enter the home in droves. So we set it up in house to take down that issue. Then move it outside so when we let the dogs out they will go to the zapper and not the house. It was good at cleaning up all kinds of bugs. The bug zapper was going off like the grand finale of 4th of July. It definitely works.

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  24. Dbl328

    Works very well at eliminating mosquitoes.

    This product works very well. It doesn’t make a lot of sound like others do. We have a fair amount of mosquitoes which is why I bought it. We are constantly emptying a full tray of flying insects.

  25. Quattroa4m

    Insect Assassination Taken To A New Level

    Like an old horror movie, horrible sounds and smoke billows out when an unwary bug meets its untimely end. The only thing missing is dimming and flickering lights as the assassination unfolds.Powerful enough to carry out multiple assassinations at the same time. If you’re squeamish, this isn’t the device for you.

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  26. AndreUSAAndreUSA

    Works very well!!!

    Works very well for my back yard in Northeast area. I saw some bad reviews but I decide to give it a try. No regrets.

  27. Mike

    Works perfect

    Easy to use plug it in ready to go…. It’s light weight enough we were able to hang it off the fence away from the people area and it’s working…

  28. Ivan G.

    It is working

    This zapper is pretty good. Contrary to some other similar products it indeed seems to work. It was hanging in my backyard for a couple of weeks and it there are noticeably fewer insects on the patio.

  29. AndiAndi

    Kills a lot of flying bugs

    We just moved into a newly built house that had a lot of little moths and flying insects sticking to our back patio door which made it hard to go outside without letting dozens inside when we did. We are very happy with our zapper.

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  30. Myron

    So Eassy

    Works Great, can’t believe how it draws insects in, air blow to clean works the best

  31. Bob De Bexar

    “My Zapper brings all the bugs to the yard”

    … and KILLS them!!Works great and looks nice.I’m afraid that I’m going to bug hell for this but I get so much enjoyment out of hearing those little guys get zapped. :]Just a warning – set it up away from any entrances to your house. This really does attract lots of bugs and you don’t want them detouring into your house on their way to meeting their doom!

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  32. Taxlady


    I like that I can sit outside and not worry about bugs. This works well. The flys and mosquitoes are bad this year. I hung this up and it attracted them . It is easy to clean.

  33. Austin


    This thing really zaps. As soon as the sun went down, I was greeted with frequent pops, zaps, and buzzes. You can hear it clear across the yard, really shocking the heck out of anything that found its way inside. I had to clear the bug confetti from the grid after just one night.

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  34. Anh HuynhAnh Huynh

    It definitely does the job

    It’s a yes. Bought this due to our fly problem and I also hate mosquitoes. I used this in the DAYTIME in the shade.

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  35. Jessica

    The best!

    We moved by a pond about a year ago and couldn’t believe how many bugs we were getting. Spraying the yard has done nothing and our small handheld zapper wasn’t cutting it. The bugs are all over the zapper and leaving us alone! Definitely recommend!

  36. Bruce M

    Fast ship, surprisingly good product

    I don’t see myself as somebody who just loves to hear bug squeal and pain, but I got to admit every time I hear a mild snap I think to myself “oh there’s another bug that is not biting me”. Some nights there are many, and it almost doesn’t stop. Sometimes it’s very quiet. I’ve even heard it go off during the day. But every time I know that it’s getting something and that something is not getting me.Product was shipped quickly and safely, I would order from this buyer again.

  37. Mushroom Eater

    Great bug zapper

    Great bug zapper, very well made, looks like it will hold up in theong haul.

  38. Rebecca Josselyn

    We Can Spend Time Outside

    It has significantly reduced the number of mosquitos and other flying insects. We live in an area that is inundated with mosquitos so this was well worth it!

  39. Till


    Mosquitos love me. I have to use a lot of repellent when do any gardening or other yardwork always. I was sceptical about the lamp. But it works! Placed about 40ft away from the area where I needed to do yard work. Turned on about 30 min before went outside for the work. No bugs bites. Unbelievable. Seems to be a great solution.

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  40. Nikki 💜Nikki 💜

    This zapper is awesome! There is a noticeable decrease in the creepy crawlers!

    This bug zapper is pretty awesome! I am a seasonal camper and spend alot of time in the woods and the one thing I cant stand is the bugs! The area I live has had a few cases of EEE which is pretty scary. So any time we are outside we load up on bug spray and long pants and shirts. This zapper I feel has made quite a difference. We used to sit by the fire and get attacked however since I have had this zapper set up there has been a noticeable decrease in pesky bugs. It came packaged well and is pretty easy to set up. I leave it on whenever we are at the campsite whether its day or night. I was absolutely amazed the 1st night I left it. I checked in the morning and it was covered with all kinds of creepy crawlers. I highly suggest this zapper. I was a little skeptical about spending the money on it but im so happy I did.

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  41. Exhausted boy mom

    Zaps bugs

    I’m no longer getting eaten alive while sitting o it side on my patio. And my teenage boys get a sick satisfaction listening to the sounds of bugs frying.

  42. Jodums888Jodums888

    Love it!

    I just hooked this up last night, because the mosquitos have made being on my deck unbearable. We put the zapper above the lawn, so we removed the bug tray at the bottom, so they could just fall out. This bug zapper went crazy all night! It zapped so many bugs we just sprayed it with our air compressor to get out all the extra bugs from the top! This is amazing!

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  43. S. T. Britt


    I love this Bug Zapper. My patio is right off our kitchen sliding door and the exterior light is quite close. This unit started to work the moment I plugged it in. Before we got the unit, a flying insect would scoot into the house every time we opened the slider to go outside – but the Bug Zapper we used this summer kept worked beyond my expectations! We were able to in and out, to sit outside in the evening with the porch lights on and enjoy the evenings like we had never been able to previously!

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  44. mgarj2

    Great bug zapper

    This bug zapper works in the daytime also! I love that it’s ridding my area of bugs

  45. Sam

    Works well

    Can’t believe all the bugs that get zapped. They give you a little brush to clean the bugs off the grid. I didn’t think that I would have to use it. Boy, was I wrong. So many bugs get zapped that I could hardly see the blue light . Thinking it was going to take a long time to clean, all it took was 5 minutes or less. Would definitely recommend it.

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  46. MissyD

    Buy it!!

    This is excellent! It did exactly what it needed to do! I love this bug zapper. Definitely happy with my purchase. If you need one this is it!

  47. Marilyn Hart

    Best but zapper ever !

    Love this Bug Zapper! First night we used it, we followed directions on placement, etc., and it really went to work! Zap, zap, zap, nearly continuously. It really put a huge dent in the bug population!! Each night afterwards so far, only a few bugs zapped, and nearly zero bugs around windows, doors, porches at the house (which were relentless prior to use of this zapper). And we live literally in the middle of a heavy mixed conifer forest! Honestly, you can’t beat it … give it a try! What do you have to lose!?

  48. Carissa Cannon

    BBQ saver

    Very easy to set up. We had a very bad mosquito season this year so this gave us a big relief and our poor guests (who ended up with bites all over their bodies prior to getting this). The citronella candles weren’t helping at all. Now that we got one of these babies the mosquitoes don’t have a chance

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  49. Piper

    This things lures them in and zaps them!

    Quite pleased with this product! We took it to our cabin, as bugs get terrible at night. It has worked perfectly! We used a shop vac to clean it. We had to tap the bug zapper and then the dead bugs would fall off – and shop vac catches them. Not bad.

  50. Lucy

    It kills small insects and hurts large insects.

    I am hanging it in my backyard. It kills small insects and hurts large insects. Large insects may fly away eventually or stay somewhere until I kill them.

  51. Lake Murray

    This is the real deal! If you are serious about getting rid of mosquitoes get one.

    Large ‘old school’ bug zapper that does the job with ease. If you’re the one in the crowd that mosquitoes always go after you need this in your life.

  52. Kris

    Bugs are doomed

    This thing commits mass destruction to all bugs that try their luck lol this thing works GREAT

  53. Hanmi Mize

    Good product.

    Sometimes when you buy a bug zapper from online, it turns out to be no bigger than the size of your fist. This thing is big and works great! I live in the south so it’s really useful.

  54. vo

    Easey to set up and use

    The bottom tray that has the old zapped bugs is very easy to clean out. A bit more effort to clean the top part, but in all. it’s does exactly as it should.

  55. Dave BridgeDave Bridge


    I get bitten all the time. I researched bug zappers and decided on this. It zaps so many, I actually feel mean. I’ve not been bitten since. I haven’t hung it. I just plugged it in and placed it away from us on our raised deck. It does make a noise when it zaps and smokes when you get a big one, which smells a bit, but keep it away from you and all is good. We only put it on when we sit outside. I clearly wasn’t messing around when I purchased this.

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  56. Junee

    Exactly what I needed

    I had so many different types of bugs and insects in my house and it was driving me crazy. Got this and within a day it stopped all of them from coming in

  57. Kim A. Lynch

    it’s good

    just what i expected and need for bug control for my patio. i used a large planter pole so as to not nail into my new home and it works great ! A little hard to clean but still it’s really worth it !

  58. Robin Stein

    Each zap is very satisfying!

    We were inundated by flies, down here in Arkansas. This baby has done the trick! Each time I hear the ‘buzz, snap,” it’s very satisfying to me, knowing there’s several less flies to bother us while sitting or entertaining outside.

  59. Shane akers

    Get to Zapping

    Attractive looking model that acts quick. Just received so I’ll update more later, but opened the unit and placed it on my patio in the early evening. Went out later in the evening and was amazed at all the bugs already “zapped”. Only slight drawback for me is that my dogs are a scared to go out due to hearing the bugs get zapped. No issues with the unit.

  60. LR

    It works!

    This bug Zapper really works well. Could not believe how many icky bugs it caught the first evening. Worth the money!

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