LED Garage Light Bulb 45W

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Power: 45W

Base type: E27

Voltage: AC85-265V

Beam angle: 180-360°

Luminous flux: 6000LM

Color temperature: 6000K

Color rendering index: 80

LED type: Super Bright LED Module

Housing material: ABS+Die-cast aluminum

Suitable for: Gymnasiums, theaters, warehouses, parking lots, garages, etc.



Estimated delivery date 2023/10/07

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79 reviews for LED Garage Light Bulb 45W

  1. TxRednek

    Great light.

    Easy to install. Give alot of light in storage building where I do some projects. Hope product will last.

  2. Byron74

    Very bright

    Very bright and inexpensive, fairly low profile too which is what I needed to fit between the ceiling and garage door

  3. Amazon Customer

    Good price

    Great product ! LED is cooler and I put mine in pole lamps. Screws in just like a regular bulb !

  4. Thomas G. Flammio

    Bright and easy install

    Bright as a TV studio, I can find things in my garage that I thought that I lost years ago.So easy to install, like a light bulb!

  5. larry robertson


    This transformed my dark basement into a light, bright place where my teens immediately wanted to hang out! So bright and clean looking! I ordered two more for my garage!

  6. TechieCharlesCT

    Long term review

    They are very bright, perfect color for garage use (not too blue, not yellow). I installed 6 of them and the fact that you can adjust where each of the 3 leafs projects helps a lot. So far ZERO failures

  7. Uncleburkie

    seams to work good

    Ive only had it in my garage 1 month so I cannot speak to the longevity of it but the brightness is great. It really makes my garage brighter than a normal bulb

  8. Joseph

    Nice looking light for basement ceiling

    I got this because the diffuser (white plastic cover) made it look less harsh than most of the others. It is used as a room light in a basement. I thought a lot of them looked a little too utilitarian. This one looks nice. It went on easily and it is brighter than what was there by a good bit. It is a cool white light. It is visibly cooler than the warm bulb-type LEDs that are near it. If I were looking to improve this light, I would give it a warm color setting. For the price, though, this is a great light.

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  9. mike

    I can see!!

    Very happy I purchased them. Made a big difference in the garage.

  10. Vitalykroy

    Good stuff, great price.

    Nice and bright, perfect for a basement. I do wish the “leaves” of the lightbulb swiveled on their own axis instead of just up and down, but that’s just being picky.

  11. Scott K. Ross

    … let there be light!!

    as advertised, super bright LED lights for my garage, EZ install – just screw into light socket, cool looking “propeller” design, packaged well and delivered fast, reasonable price = A++

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  12. Jrob

    Great purchase, bright!

    These lights are very bright do not need to warm up when flipped on. Easy to install and adds a ton of light to our garage. Great purchase!

  13. Lamhe

    Good product !

    Loved the lights. Bright and decent!

  14. Pj larson

    works in my fan light fixture

    Using this above my long arm sewing machine. It is terrific, I removed the glass covering on the fan light and screwed this in putting the light blade out flat. The illumination makes a huge difference; I can now see the thread stitches on the quilt tops. Would recommend it for any place you need a lot of light to see what you are doing.

  15. Kindle Customer

    Nice light at a great price!

    This is a nice bright light at a great price. It is bright (45w) but not as bright as my 60 w….of course. This is ideal for basements and garages. Will likely buy another!

  16. FishTech

    I love this LED light so far.

    Well, just like the pictures show I need to be able to see my Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Rolls Royce’s, and of course my daily driver, my Chevrolet and this like lets me see all the scratches. Actually, just kidding. I had a regular light bulb at the bottom of my basement stairs and and I’ve installed a couple 4 foot florescent lights to try and brighten up the place a bit. I must say, as soon as I replaced the bulb with this LED light the entire area at the bottom of my basement stairs is very bright and it’s nice to be able to see everything so well now. It’s been in for a couple weeks of short term use but I’m really likening the lights so far so I’m seriously thinking of buying a couple more. I’d say give one and try and see if you like it.

  17. Tanvi B. Shah

    Does what it claims to do.

    Was worth the 5 minutes it took to install it. Lit. Up my garage. Looks fabulous- works brilliantly. Nothing to not like.

  18. Jeff M. 😎

    good experience

    Order 2 lights, one was not working properly, contacted seller and made it right ASAP. Great experience, and the lights are very bright, I was very impressed

  19. Ed in GA

    Very bright!

    Like them a lot😎😷 very bright.

  20. Carlos Prescod

    It is extremely bright in areas 10′-0″x10′-0″ and smaller.

    Like the style and ease on usage.As for longevity, it’s too soon as l have recently purchased it within (1) month ago.

  21. Angela

    Must have

    I put one in my garage and 1 in my closet. I can finally see in both places. If I could, I would have 1 in every room. Works in any standard light socket that allows you to fan out

  22. renee tolgo

    I love it

    Can’t believe how bright it is! Great for my dark basement

  23. Tech dinosaur

    Bright, white light

    I was always mismatching my clothes because of a dim non-pure white light in my closet. I will never have that excuse again. LED Light is probably overkill for my closet, but I can clearly see all my options. First task, I need to dust in there.

  24. Michael P.

    Wow! These are bright. Great for garage

    Wow… These things are bright! I’m using 2 in a 2 car garage and it’s like full sun. If you want to brighten up your space these will do it.

  25. Carlyj

    I can see now!

    Love it. Very bright! Put mine in garage. Night another for the third bay after u saw how bright this one was.

  26. Chuckychuck

    Works great

    Brightens up my garage considerably…Mush better than regular bulbs.

  27. NN

    Love it and good to light up a whole room

    Like how the hands can move and it’s nice please light source.

  28. Catherine D White

    The brightness and the extension if the lighting.

    The lighting for the area in the basement is awesome. Everyone notices it as soon as the light goes on.

  29. Epiron57

    Garage light replacement.

    Nice bright light for work space. I replace standard floodlight in the garage.

  30. Pat

    It lights up my life.

    Pretty bright. I’ve been buying about one a month.So far I’m happy

  31. James H

    Easy fix for more light

    Very bright and great for the garage area or even an attic area!

  32. Chrismaker

    Great light for my garage

    I have had serious issues properly lighting my garage until I bought this light. The light is very easy to install and you can focus it where you need it plus it covers a large area due to it’s brightness. I highly recommend this product

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  33. grateful shopper

    Nice and bright, (daylight or cool color light)

    The light can be used to replace an ordinary incandescent light bulb. It produces quite a lot of light – good purchase, however the light is a cool versus a warm color.

  34. SamBQBQ

    Fabulous light upgrade and so easy!

    Great lighting in my garage makes a great difference!

  35. J watson

    Bright and good spectrum

    Super bright. Total improvement on regular led bulb. Nice to be able to direct light a bit with moveable parts.

  36. D. P. Martin

    Brightens up a dark garage.

    I have a two car garage that had minimal lighting. With the main door closed and the single light bulb on I would often need a flashlight to see well. This product solved that in about 20 seconds. It screws right in to a lightbulb socket just like a regular light bulb. The four adjustable lights make it even more handy to illuminate a corner or an engine bay. There are plenty of other bulb sets that are more expensive, but I couldn’t imagine them being any better. The only drawback that I could possibly think of would be that the lights don’t rotate out any farther than they do, but this thing is so bright I don’t think that will be an issue for home use.

  37. Sandy

    They are really bright and don’t take up much room.

    I like them and would buy again.

  38. Peter knockstead

    Where’d looking but effective

    Great light—four of them—in the garage

  39. patricia a.


    Looks like daylight in my previously extremely dark three car garage!

  40. Brian Johnson

    Works wonders

    Light did wonders in my garage. Made it much brighter. Easy install

  41. Darrell Sellers

    Don’t waist money on com. Lights

    Look I’ve tried those commercial 29.95 lights they don’t last these are just as bright cheap and last longer you want regret it! Very bright!

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  42. Dave

    Silent and reasonably bright

    Light is bright but not blow your mind bright. I hooked them up to my garage door opener and am very satisfied with how much light they give off. I do a lot in my garage and find them to be enough most of the time. They are silent. I have had “corn-cob LEDs and while the light was adequate, they have noisy little fans.

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  43. IJW

    Brilliant Idea.

    Initial impression is ‘why didn’t I get this earlier?’. Easy to just screw in like any bulb, lightweight, bright, makes my garage look bigger and a lot easier to find stuff, work in. I can remove the other 4 bulbs just with this 1. Tried in my basement as well, might need another order for there. Not blinding brightness, but enough,..who stares at light bulbs anyway..Can’t vouch for heat, longevity as yet because sub 1 week, However so far impressed.

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  44. Laura K. Feldhaus

    Used in attic

    Bought to use in my attic. It is bright enough to make it easy to see everything up.in my attic. Very happy customer.

  45. JM

    Great light

    This is amazing for providing a lot of light in the garage.

  46. Ms. LuLu

    A must buy item

    The installation was just as that of a regular light bulb. The light is super lightweight and the brightness is amazing. I purchased this for my basement and it was so worth it

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  47. Redwingblackbird

    Easy to install…just screw it in

    Great light for the cost. Very bright.

  48. Mark

    Let there be light

    Works as it should

  49. Jimmy L Simmons Jr.


    This is your light … I’m a light junkie I’m very impressed by this little light very bright and it folds in to screw into socket some similar lights only open flat which limits sockets that are enclosed a little

  50. historybuff

    Not bad at all

    As I grow older, extra light seems to help me. This was perfect for our basement and I am thinking about getting another.

  51. Claire

    Wonderful Invention

    I love these lights. I have them in the basement over my indoor winter plants, in my laundry room, snd in my garage. They are bright like daylight and super easy to install. Just screw into old light bulb socket. They are BRIGHT! I show them to everyone and they are amazed, excited to order for themselves.

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  52. Ross Whitlock

    They work just as expected.

    The dark basement is now like being outside.

  53. Happy


    These lights are BEYOND bright. We bought one for our garage, and were so impressed we bought two more for the basement. They are SUPER bright. You will not be disappointed!

  54. Randall Harris

    Happy with this product!

    These are awesome lights for my shop area and after I get done being Christmas Broke…I will order an additional 4 units. They are built well and super bright!

  55. mrmkelly

    Its bright

    Used this to replace something outside door, its bright. Attracts bugs it’s so bright …lol

  56. Robert Altland

    Lots of light

    I have a high ceiling in my garage and the two 60W bulbs made the garage very dim with many shadows. The new lights really light the garage with a bright natural daylight color.

  57. Mark


    Arrived quick! Simple change-out from bulb…unscrew old bulb, screw in new light. Presto!…much brighter… any dimness/ shadows all but disappeared. Impressive.

  58. R Jones


    I wanted a light that would really light up my garage, this one did. Screwed it in and hit the switch, like daylight. I can’t attest to the longevity as I just started using it.

  59. Circlekay1 Gulfport MS

    U lite up my life!

    Great value. Bright light it is!

  60. kcsunshine6

    Thrilled with this ! SO MUCH LIGHT

    This light is simply amazing – I have mine in the ceiling fan light socket. I used to turn on 4 lamps and still not enough light and now with this it is so bright I feel like we could do surgery in my craft room now!!!Highly recommend and will buy again!

  61. JAMES , Raconteur


    When CFL became the craze, I loved the brighter lighting & decrease in power consumption.However, the lighting gradually wanes. Some die after 2 years whereas others lasted longer,about 10 years. I bought the triple blade LED light from the advertising but not the modelfrom the commercial. It was this one. This price was lower. I bought two on two differentpurchases. I love a well-lit area especially, where much reading & writing is done.

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  62. Practical

    Transformed the whole space

    We had a very dark garage, so bought a very bright LED bulb initially, which helped a bit but it was still dim and only lit up certain areas while leaving the rest of the space dark.Saw something like this at a neighbor’s and bought this hoping it’ll be similar. Voila! What a stark difference!!! I do some DIY projects in the garage and had I have this light over my head, some would have come out way better simply because I can see everything so damn well!!It’s such a small cost for this massive improvement in quality of life. Highly recommended.

  63. Amazon Customer

    A must have for the garage!

    These lights are incredible for the garage! I installed 2 of them, and it lights up the entire space. The LED lights are fantastic and provide a great amount of light.

  64. Mom C

    love this

    this light is perfect, i needed more light in the bathroom i put my make up on in, i had one bulb overhead it just wasnt enough light for make up. this is perfect!! now if u get up in the middle of the night and turn this light on its too bright, but u know us women gotta have the right amount of light for getting ready!!!!

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  65. John B

    Lots of light

    I bought this to replace the single bare 60w bulb in my attic. It throws out a LOT o light and is not as likely to be broken as was the bare bulb. Installation was a matter of unscrewing the bare bulb and replacing it with this LED light. I’m quite happy with the extra amount of light that I now have in that space.

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  66. Scott

    Holy cow is this great!

    Holy cow is this great! Garage only has two ceiling lights. This saved me from installing two more for better lighting. So bright!I do wish the wings would fold upwards, but that’s minor. Love it!

  67. anonymous

    Buy it!

    Love this item! Lights up my garage perfectly.Price was great and the product is the best!

  68. Paul Tsa

    Really Good

    I bought the 45w to test out in my basement. It’s bright for sure. I plan on using more soon, once I move some light sockets around.

  69. Lanny C. McVay

    I CAN SEE!!!

    Soooo easy to install….used an adapter to reduce to candalabra….EASY…WOW!!! What a difference this light makes

  70. Loy

    Great light

    As described and I wanted more light. It is very bright. My garage has 12′ ceiling and this is just what I needed.

  71. Calvin Hunter

    What a GREAT light!!!

    Input this in my recording studio at my radio station. He old fluorescents have long since given way. This replaced the light output of TWo fixtures Od two bulbs each PERFECTLY! I know they call it aGarage light but for my interior application it is AWESOME!

  72. Mr Kite

    Great value. Perfect for garage lighting upgrade

    Was a little skeptical but it works great for the money. Excellent for my garage

  73. Gene S. ChunGene S. Chun

    Clean, bright light!

    I use two of these in a string of lights in the garage as a temporary, inexpensive yet very effective way of lighting it up. The rest of the lights in the string are 9W 6000K LEDs from Home Depot. These are *slightly* more blue and are significantly brighter. I like the fact that they have a lot more surface area than a standard Edison bulb shape – the light is more evenly distributed where it is needed most (below the light) and the housing runs cooler despite the higher power consumption (perhaps also more efficient as well). Pretty decent value overall!

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  74. MPTown

    Great buy!

    We ordered two of these to use in poorly lit storage rooms in our home. We were pleasantly surprised with how quickly they arrived, easy to install and are extremely bright and adjustable, too. So happy with this product and a great price, too.

  75. Dennis Bacon

    LED Lights

    Put them im my garage and now it is so easy to see things

  76. Glenn One

    My Eyes! I’ve burned my retinas!

    Wow – talk about bright. I kind of wanted a “warmer” light, but one is not available. I put this in my attic. Wow – amazingly bright. Lights up every corner. I swear the light goes through the sheetrock into the rooms below. Okay, maybe not, but what an improvement. I hope this light lasts a long time. Looks durable, it the LEDs and build holds together, that will be great.

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  77. JP

    Great value LED lights.

    I wanted to wait a little while before giving a review if this product because I’ve had a few disappointing LED products over the past year or so. But so far these lights are awesome. Especially value for the price, they are great. I would and have bought more!

  78. Techmama


    I have trouble working in a dim kitchen. Installed this over the kitchen sink/ counters and it illuminates beautifully.Easy, just screws into a standard light bulb socket.

  79. MaKeKaLoRi

    Perfect for a one car garage

    Bought for my sister’s garage and she loves it.

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