FunWater Stand Up Inflatable Paddleboard 10’6″x30”x6”

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Funwater paddleboards are your first choice for water sports.Funwater inflatable paddleboards (SUP) are suitable for all skill levels to enjoy themselves, explore, or adventure in water areas.  The new ultra-light military grade double wall PVC is 35% lighter than similar size products (18.9pounds), with excellent wear resistance, toughness, and long service life. The inflatable paddleboard’s standard size is 10’6″× 30″ × 6 “, carrying 330 pounds.  Funwater’s unique ergonomic handle design allows you to inflate your paddle more easily in a shorter time. The sensitive barometer ensures that you can read the sup inflation pressure value (12-15psi) at any time.


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Package Includes · 1×inflatable paddleboard, 1×adjustable sup paddle, 3×fins, 1×sup pump, 1×backpack, 1×waterproof phone bag, 1×leash .

70 reviews for FunWater Stand Up Inflatable Paddleboard 10’6″x30”x6”

  1. Numeme

    Best customer service and product support

    First of all this paddle board is awesome. It’s our second one and far better than the 1st one we purchased. But we were blown away by the amazing customer see and product support. I lost the fins ( forgot them on the bumper) on my last paddle boarding trip. I reached out to customer service inquiring where I might find ones to replace the ones I lost, that would work with this particular board. To my surprise, I was told a pair would be mailed to me…I received them today….no charge! So thankful for the gal that helped me and a company that cares about their customers!!!!!

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  2. Sheila

    It keeps getting better!

    A great set for the recreational/first time SUP’er! With more practice I expect I’ll figure out a system that works for me. It is a bit of a production getting it all set up (inflated, oar put together, etc.) but after 3 uses I’m feeling a lot more confident. At first I thought the gauge on the air pump didn’t work. But I recently realized I’d just not ever pumped it up enough to register on the gauge. So far, I’ve had it out on small lakes but hopefully soon I’ll venture out on a nearby reservoir. It is about 11′ long and about 6″ too long to fit inside my SUV when it’s inflated.

  3. Bill McConnellBill McConnell

    Love these baords

    We bought three FunWater boards and we have had more fun as a family than we could have imagined. Very firm and sturdy. Highly recommend for the money!!!We lost a fin and we contacted the manufacturer and they sent us another free of charge within one week.

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    Great Value, Stable and Durable

    I ordered this for my 15 yr old daughter for use on a lake that we vacation on. Initially hesitant, but the other reviews and photos helped. We rented a fiberglass board last year and it can get pricey. Inflating this is took about 10 minutes with the hand pump. I inflated to between 11 and 12 psi. so far, day 3, still full pressure. My daughter, nieces and nephew have used it and commented that it seems more stable than the more expensive fiberglass. We received the pump, inflatable board, carry bag, wet bag and ankle strap/cord. This also comes with three plastic fins that install at the bottom rear.The flexibility to be able to deflate and store in a bag is much better than the solid board that you’d need to carry on the roof rack. One less thing in my garage.Lastly, the construction of board is rugged. Has to be to maintain 12 psi. The top deck has a large textured pad for standing on. I recommend this product an alternative to the more expensive fiberglass boards.

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    Great Board

    Bought for light weight along with a 34″ board. Handle perfectly balanced at center point, 2 longer stabilizing fins, point nose all great features. My 13 year old caries it to lake and puts away with no problems. Top orange stripes faded within a week, but no functional impairment. My whole family really enjoys it.

  6. rockolocko

    Broken fin but replaced

    The paddle board worked just fine. I floated on a river for a few hours with some friends and one of the fins snapped. I tried writing the company for a replacement with no response. I’d just like to replace the fin. If anyone out there has a suggestion please let me know…After I wrote this review the company reached out and replaced the fin without any charge. It’s a great board I hope I get many uses out of it.

  7. Brenda

    This is an awesome board.

    My husband purchased this paddleboard for me last year but it was too late in the year to use in Minnesota. The first time I used it was in June 2021 and I absolutely love it. It took a while to pump it up so I did invest in an electric pump that connects in my car. Once inflated it was hard and stayed that way even with a couple of hours boarding. Super stable and I never fell, not bad for a first timer. Great praddleboard, highly recommend.

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  8. Amazon Customer

    Good value. My kids age 11-24 ALL love this paddle board.

    We use this paddle board to play on Lake Michigan near Chicago. It is easy to inflate and put together. Once it is inflated, it is a good, solid construction and very stable. The rudders make the paddle board very maneuverable (although the little kids need to be standing toward to rear of the paddle board to keep the rudders submerged and helpful.) Once the paddle board has been used, the deflation is easy. Deflate, fold up and put it in the bag and away you go. Very slick.I recommend the purchase of this paddle board.

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  9. R. Oden

    Exceeded my expectations. Kids and myself love it!

    After searching through rafts large enough for me and my 4yo and 6yo I realized hat a paddleboard could suit our needs too as I wanted something easy enough for the kids to swim around and pull themselves up on. It’s been 2 months now and we’ve been on it several dozen times now and have put countless miles on it exploring our Seattle area lakes. The kids and I have had a blast and I can’t believe how stable it is.After spending the time to pump the thing up the first time I’ve decided to not deflate it until summer is over. I just keep it strapped to the top of my car.

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  10. JoshO

    Sturdy and affordable

    I have used this a few times and so far so good.I am 190lbs and it works well for me at 15 psi. It tracks straight with the 3 fins and the paddle works well for me and my kids. The pump works well and the carrying backpack is convenient. I would buy it again.

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  11. gulshan

    Good iSUP

    Took a while to figure out how to inflate, but it was able to hold the air afterwards. Used only once so far. The board’s stable but it’ll require me more practice to balance better on small waves. The handle got stuck but it’s likely because i pushed it in completely. I had to hammer it out, and learnt a lesson not to jam it up again. Deflating it. Rolling back to it’s bag was fairly easy. Attaching/ removing the fins were easy too and they held up fine. Lets see how the next few uses go.

  12. Brandt2001

    Very good value

    This is a large board with plenty of stability and extra pack of everything you will need. Inflating does take some work but I would say it is similar to other boards I have used.

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  13. Kylee O.

    Worth it!

    I was nervous about this board, but I’m so pleasantly surprised! I’ve been on many boards much more expensive, but this is great. It’s pretty much full-proof, even down to assembling the oar. I love the backpack and it’s not too heavy. It’s comfortable to sit on. I’m going to buy an electric pump though because the highest I can get with hand pump is 10 PSI. Get it!!!

  14. Renee Ricks

    As advertised! Awesome for the price

    Stable (enough for 2 people), surprisingly solid, balanced, paddle works well (and is adjustable), and lightweight (husband carried it uphill). Best part is not spending twice as much for the same features! Will definitely buy again if I need another one.

  15. Gray

    Big and Thick

    I purchased this paddleboard not just because it was a great deal, but because it was one of the biggest and thickest ones I could find. It inflates easily and comes with everything you need. We had 3 people on it at one time and it kept everyone out of the water.

  16. IL2AZIL2AZ


    I have used this board a few times now on both a river and a lake. It comes with only the lake fin. I do need to get a river fin for next summer. I will only be on a lake over the winter. It is great all of the stuff it comes with, it is really complete. The dry bag is nice and large. I wish it had a bungee assembly on both the front and back though. I have purchased a bungee assembly to install on the back. I have not put it on yet. It is lightweight which is great when carrying to the water but it is stable in the water. It handled the waves from boats well when I was on the lake. The river I go to does not have boat traffic. I posted a photo of the warranty because someone was asking. I answered in the questions but I could not upload the photo. This board performs like a board you would spend $1000 on without the big price tag. I am very happy with the product.

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  17. Cari

    Great for first time paddle board!

    This is a great first time purchase. I noticed many of the boards I was finding were not going to ship until mid to end of August, and they were much more expensive. Covid quarantine at home has got to change!Shipped USPS, which meant I had to go pick it up from the post office. Not a big deal. It takes about 6 minutes to inflate with the hand pump. It’s very stable, very sturdy. I’m 5’2 female 135 lbs, my friend is 4’9 135 lbs, and her two daughters both used it with ease. We all fell off several times but eventually got the hang of it. Will be great to use throughout the rest of the summer here in Texas!

  18. Kayla

    Great Board.

    This board is great. I have used it 5 to 6 times and it as been awesome. Goes through the water very easy and easy to pump up with a electric pump. Trying to pump this up with a hand pump is really hard once you hit the 10psi part. Getting it from 10psi to 15 psi with a had pump is really hard just like any other pump up paddle board. If you get this board get a electric pump for it. Great Board and worth the money.

  19. reisreis

    6/5 on all fronts. Highly recommend!

    I have owned this SUP for a couple of months now, and can easily say it is better than expected.Purchasing something like this, sight unseen, can be a little nerve racking but I am beyond happy with my purchase.It took my dog 2 tries to be used to the ride. It is very sturdy even for my 90lb lab and myself (200lb).It is easy to maneuver through the water and turns in a dime if you need to. The SUP itself is lightweight and easy to pack around and carry when fully inflated.Not to mention the customer service (see email on the SUP) is phenomenal with questions and helping out with anything that might go awry. They are on it!

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  20. Amazon Customer

    My greatest summer investment

    I bought 2 of these and they are probably the best investment I’ve ever made. The best thing is their ability to be stored and the fact they can fit in a regular size car. We take these out like twice a week. I will say the manual pump is quite the workout, so it may be worth investing in an auto pump, but once they’re blown up they’re very light weight and easy to transport. I was so surprised by the sturdiness and stability of inflatable paddle boards, just make sure the fins are attached (we forgot the first time we took them out and were falling off all the time). My friend was able to ride along, so two adults can easily fit on one paddle board. It’s seriously endless summer fun and exciting it’s such a save not having to rent or worry about getting your rental back on time.

  21. Jane C

    Great boards, great price!

    After looking at many different SUPs, we chose these and we’re glad we did. As long as you pump them up fully, they are very stable. If underinflated, they’re hard to stand up on, but you can always sit or kneel and paddle. They take awhile to inflate with the hand pump so you might consider buying an electric pump. They come with everything else that you need for a great day of paddling on the lake or river!

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  22. DallymonDallymon

    Great paddleboard for the price!

    We’ve taken this thing out about 10 times now. It’s a great paddleboard for the price. We live on a bay, and the water gets quite choppy at times. It’s very stable once up on it. The pump could be a little better, but we usually just leave it inflated because it takes a little time to inflate. Would definitely buy this board again.

  23. Kevin WilliamsKevin Williams

    Love this board!

    You won’t find a better board for the value! If you are looking for a low price board and high quality, this is it. People stop me every time I hit the water to learn about the board. So great to through them in the car or on the roof rack to use on long road trips or in the local marina.Purchased this board with pretty low expectations but I was shocked at the quality and functionality of the board after my first use. Inflate under 10 minutes, sturdy when inflated to the recommended PSI and very easy to deflate and place back in the bag. The storage bag is plenty big to fit all of the items that come with it including the pump and paddle. Backpack straps are comfortable for short hikes.

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  24. Lisa CottermanLisa Cotterman

    Great product!!

    If I could I would give this more stars. I was skeptical about the whole inflatable thing but wow!! I am so happy with this product. Took me 5 minutes to inflate it (yes it’s hard the last couple pumps) but it’s stable and so amazing. Dogs love it as much as me!!

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  25. Chuck F.

    For the cost it is a great board.

    I own a gym, we have a paddle club. I bought this board as a spare. It is very stable for me at 6’ 3” 275lbs. I have had many different people on it for all day excursions, no matter there size the board has performed well. My friend liked it so much he bought two. Paiteance is the key to hand pumping any board. My advice get in shape, or get an electric pump. I would recommend both. They will fade a little on the center racing stripe to me that is ok. The board has many miles on it. As long as it is mechanically sound I a good.

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  26. MPH

    Great value!

    This is so much fun. Highly recommend for the price. Great value. I bought an electric pump to make inflating easier. It was a little tricky connecting pump hose first time, but appears easier after a few uses. Very easy to inflate/deflate and to transport and stored It easily held 2 kids.

  27. Amazon Customer

    Great Inflatable SUP

    Has everything you need to get you out on the water. It pumps up relatively quick with manual pump. Easy to carry to the shore after it is pumped up. Good and solid in the water. Tracks very straight.

  28. Jameson

    Great Buy, and Even Greater Customer Service

    We bought these on a whim over the summer and haven’t been disappointed at all! It might be a bit harder to stand up on if you are on the heavier side like me (315 and 6’1) but I doing all my paddling sitting and it works like a dream! We bought one of the plug-in inflators, which also works super well so you aren’t getting all your energy out before getting on the lake.We had lost one of our fins the last time we went out, and I contacted the company and they were EXTREMELY responsive and super helpful. Got most of the reply emails within 2-4 hours of my response, and they sent out a new fin within the week. Couldn’t be happier with how it worked out, and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a great buy!

  29. Bill

    Perfect for me and priced great for inflatable board

    I’m 46 yearls old, 6ft, and weight about180lbs and this inflatable board is my first purchase of anykind of SUP. I’ve previously used fiberglass or hard plastic boards that I borrowed from friends or relatives, maybe 15-20 times total so I had gotten past my beginners experience.Board came with a leg leash, pump, carrying case, paddle, and waterproof bag. The board was super easy to ride and very light weight to carry. I live in Austin, Texas and use it on Lake Austin (aka Lady Bird Lake) right near down town and it’s perfect for this effort. Board tracks well since it has 3 fins/scags.I have to say, I’m super impressed with the board, so much so, that I purchased another so I could have two. Don’t waist money on an electric pump unless, you are incredibly out of shape. Using the provided manual hand pump, I was able to pump mine up to 15 psi in about 6-8 minutes (it wasn’t bad at all).I give it 2 thumbs up for the price and my needed use of 2-3 times a week.

  30. Susanne Michaelis

    Great board for family use, great customer service.

    Great price and great board. Got it for my family. Often one adult and a child or several children riding on this board. Works great. Easy to inflate and carry in the backpack.Had initial hard time getting pump attachment to stay in the valve but just wasn’t turning it enough and it eventually locked in. Pressure gauge on pump didn’t work. I emailed company and received a prompt response and a new gauge quickly. They were pleasant and quick. Great customer service.

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  31. Ben

    Solid, tracks great, super light, great board!

    I love this board! I have been riding a Sun dolphin Seaquest board and I ordered this one so my wife could join me. I was worried that an inflatable board would be unstable and not track well. When she first got on the board she was a little unsure because it does initially feel a little wobbly, but once you commit to standing you realize it is not going to tip at all. In minutes she was easily paddling next to me when I was working my butt off to track straight and keep up. This board goes STRAIGHT! Almost too well! You can paddle only on one side the entire time if you want and keep going straight. This makes all your paddling effort propel you forward. It’s great. I’m ordering one for myself and ditching this heavy plastic piece of junk I have been riding. This board is SOLID, you almost wouldn’t know its an inflatable until you pick it up and feel how light it is. I’m 6’1″ and 190, my other board tended to sink in the water and get my feet wet, not this one. I stay high and dry. I will update if there are any defects over time, but so far this thing is great!

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  32. Team RaffyTeam Raffy


    This board came with everything you need in one convenient backpack style bag. It was wider and stabler than expected. Will be getting another one!

  33. Purple Princess

    Fun, stable board

    Love this board- it is easy to transport, lightweight and once inflated to full pressure, it’s very rigid and stable . I have had lots of fun on the water so far, my friends had their kid sit in the front while they were standing up and it’s still as easy to maneuver as a regular rigid board.The pump broke early on, but the customer service is great, very responsive, and I got a new pump in a reasonable timeframe.I will probably buy an electric one just to make it a little easier, but inflating with the hand pump is ok too.All in all a great product for the price!

  34. Amazon Customer

    customer service is top-notch!

    I bought this paddle board for Christmas as a gift to our cottage. We inflated it on Christmas day (with 3 feet of snow on the ground and a frozen lake). The board felt like it was going to pop it was so full of air, I was afraid to pump any more. I initially thought the pressure gauge was faulty. I contacted customer service, via email, and followed their instructions on how to test the gauge, and it was in fact working and i needed to add more air to the board! The customer service person was so helpful and kind. I would without a doubt do business with them again!

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  35. Namenotshared

    Simply SUPer

    First time on an SUP, and this thing is freaking awesome! Stable, tracks well, and comes with everything you need. My spouse and I both ride on it, taking turns paddling while the other takes a seat to relax up front. Would definitely recommend to any aspiring SUPer.

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  36. J. Hays

    We love this paddleboard!

    We bought 2 of these boards and our whole family loves them! We have taken them on the lake almost every day since receiving them. Sometimes one person goes by themselves, sometimes two people on a board. When we tried to put 3 people on, it floated but got a little deep in the water. LOL. My kids love floating on them, jumping off them, playing king of the hill with their friends on them. My husband and I love floating and relaxing on them. Very stable and sturdy. We invested in an electric pump to make inflating go faster, but other than that, these are really great. We love that they are deflatable as they are so easy to store! We want to order a couple more as soon as they are back in stock!

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  37. Montana Hunter

    Absolutely the best valued SUP available.

    This is an amazing SUP for the price. You won’t find another board with all these features in this price range!Pros:- light weight- all the fins are removable making it much easier to roll up for storage- the non-slip foam rubber padding on top is super comfortable and grippy if your riding on your knees or laying down just relaxing. This is the biggest benifit!! Love love it!!-easily adjustable paddle- very durable- comes with a dry sack that acts as a pillow when stowed on the front of the board for relaxing on the board- the pointed front helps for steering and keeps this board faster and easier to maneuver in windy conditionsCons:- the pump is terrible. My gauge didn’t work and it’s a one-way pump. Do yourself a favor and invest in a two-way or elecrtic pump.- wish it came in other colors as I have purchased a second and it would be nice to have some choices.I’ll be buying a third next summer and would highly recommend. I’m 6’5” 180 and have had both my kids (50 lbs and 45lbs) on the board with me at the same time with no problems.

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  38. Charles Robinson

    Great iSUP for the Money!

    We bought two of these SUP’s at the start of summer. Set up was easy and commiserate with other iSUP’s we have purchased in the past. The boards were sturdy and stable. I’m over 250 lbs and navigated the board downriver without any issues. We used them all summer without a problem. I have since deflated and secured them in their carrying cases and they fit perfectly for winter storage. Great product for the money.

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  39. Conniedgl

    So much fun!

    The stand up paddle board(SUP) was easy to set up and I enjoyed my first day out on the water. I went to the lake with my adult daughter who is experienced with SUP and she helped instruct me and my board was great- very sturdy. Even my daughter was impressed. It came with almost everything I needed to have a great day. I did need to get a life jacket but that was the only other accessory needed.Getting to shore, deflating the SUP and packing it away went quickly and smoothly. I recommend this paddle board.

  40. Jonny

    Seems legit!

    Just got the board. Have not yet had a chance to use it but inflated it to check quality. Pumped board to 12 Bar and it is solid as a rock. Construction doesn’t seem to have any bubbles or poor seams and all the D rings attached are firm. The skegs slide into a groove that’s a bit tight but with use I’m sure it will become easier, they have a pin that slides through and locks them in place, the alignment is about 1mm off but nothing a quick sanding won’t fix. Accessories are good, the leash has soft neoprene padding, patch kit just has 2 extra strips of PVC, I’ll have to try find some appropriate adhesive and the paddle seems good, nice lightweight aluminum. I’m no expert with inflatables but I like it! Can’t wait to give it a try.

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  41. Amazon Customer

    Surfer approved

    I went back and forth wondering if I’m a kook for getting an inflatable sup but have been happy with the purchase. I’m only using it for my backyard, definitely wouldn’t recommend for any long distance/surfing/rough water scenario but for casual use in calm waters, it’s great.Also figured if I spent the money on a good one and my kids dinged it up I would be angry. This is very kid proof and super lightweight

  42. Francis Soares

    Excellent SUP

    The product is excellent and customer service even better. I bought a FunWater Inflatable SUP in Nov/2020 and the adjustable height piece of my paddle got stuck 4 months later. I contacted the Customer Support team and they promptly sent me a new paddle.

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  43. Alec

    Great SUP

    I’ve had this board for 2 years now and have found no flaws in it. It’s stable and light. I recommend getting some silicone lubricant for the pump and it will last a long time. I also got an adapter with a Schrader valve so I can use my tire inflator to pump it up when I’m lazy.

  44. ryan

    Love it.

    I can put my two girls on this board with me and it holds us just fine I’m 215 lbs. me and my wife can ride it as well. It’s a well built product I have had it 2 seasons I’ve taken it to the ocean and on the lakes and in the rivers. It works great and it’s durable.

  45. techrock

    Most fun ~$300 would buy 🙂

    Really nice and sturdy board, esp. for two people.I was skeptical about how well it would work for two adults (with total weight approaching max allowable weight). But it has just been awesome!!We have used it not only in the lake but river too. No problem with stability/tracking while loaded with almost the max weight. One of the few reasonably priced boards with 350 lb rating. Length helps with accommodating 2 adults. I suppose 3 fins really help with stability as well.Inflating it is not bad either – it takes me 10-15 minutes with the pump that came with it. I might look for an electric pump but in no hurry for that :). If anything, it helps me warm up a bit. Deflating is really easy too. I just open the valve, let the air go out naturally and start folding from the fin side.Once folded, it very easily fits in the bag (I dreaded imagining it being like sleeping bags – a real struggle to get in the bags, but this one fits right in with natural deflation). The bag then easily fits in the trunk of even a convertible.The only complain is one of the fins runs into the board’s material – so I need to push it out hard, and worry if it will damage that part/cause issues over time.Really happy customer (so far)!Disclaimer: I have no idea if it is allowable use with two adults – as well as anything else that I have mentioned. I am just sharing my experience.

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  46. Webber

    Awesome board!

    I luv this board… 33 inches is great for stability and the three (3) removable fins make it easy to pack up after use…I love the color too (burnt orange or racing red) and the black pad is ver soft. I worried that is was going to be tough to get up on from the water but it is not.. it is easy. The front bungee arrangement is awesome for securing your personable items.. buy this board…you will not be sad…oh by the way I am 5.6 tall and weigh 168…. I too am quality product! Lol

  47. EGGIE

    Love this SUP

    This SUP is beginner friendly. It’s long and wide and very stable. I’ve used it for countless times and it does the job well, and great value.The only thing I don’t like about it is its pump. It has a basic one way pump which takes a lot of effort to inflate. I ended up buying a electric pump. But I would still recommend the board.

  48. L. SissomL. Sissom

    Awesome board even for big dudes, comes with all your accessories included

    Very simple set up. Only took a few minutes to pump up. The label on the board says the max weight is 150 kg. (330 lbs). The backpack is comfortable, the dry bag is good quality and the pump worked great.I’m 6’1″, 270 lbs and this works great for me. Very satisfied with the purchase.

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  49. Anubis

    Great board, tracks very straight

    Couldn’t be happier with this board. After reading and watching a ton of reviews, I came to the conclusion that most of these boards are all very similar. I had been using a plastic Lifetime brand board regularly before this one arrived and had the chance to try a hard board made by Isle, both of those were pretty terrible in their own way, but I have nothing but good things to say about this inflatable. A few of my friends mentioned that they couldn’t even tell it was an inflatable and I agree with them, it’s rock solid. I’m 185lbs and it doesn’t flex at all when I stand on it in the water. It’s more stable than both of those other boards and it tracks straighter than both of them by far. As a matter of fact, the only slightly negative thing I can even think to say is that it tracks so straight it’s difficult to turn. Can’t really complain about that though after riding boards that twist a little bit with each paddle stroke. With this board I can paddle hard on one side and just slightly veer off in the other direction and I have to intentionally paddle to the side to make it turn (I personally like it). The paddle that comes in the package is garbage, but I knew that before I bought it, so I got a carbon fiber Nixy paddle (also very happy with that paddle, it’s high quality and reasonably priced for what it is). The paddle that comes with it will make a usable loaner, so it serves a purpose. I’m very happy that I didn’t spend $500+ on a board, buying a $300 board and a good $200 paddle was definitely the way to go. You won’t be disappointed with this board at all for the money.

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  50. kkpurplehaze

    It’s an SUP

    Everting works and for being a 6’4” 270lbs beginner using an SUP is more challenging than the images portray. I have been on other molded boards that flexed so much my feet were under water, not a problem with this board it stayed flat and on top of the water even when inflated to only12psi (15 psi is max). Only improvement might be a double action pump for inflation.

  51. stretch


    Probably the best purchase I’ve made in a while. Took her on the river this morning for about an hour, my new favorite water sport! Tried it in the pool after work at 1am, found out it’s not as easy as it looks. But I watched 3 YouTube videos and had no trouble at all on the river today. Highly recommended! My paddle floats, and pump works fine, 5 minutes to 12 PSI, which was plenty stiff for me.The connector from the hose to the pump cracked on me, but only because I cranked on it a little too hard. Easy fix, but I will probably order a new one so it’s reliable. I shopped a while for this, and I think it’s the best bang for the buck available. Time will tell, but right now I’m more than happy with the purchase.

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  52. T.D.T.D.

    What fun and at a great price!

    These are great! More stable than I expected, even for large people. They are easy to inflate with the pump, works even faster with my compressor. The adjustable paddle works well.

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  53. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Absolutely the best

    Love these boards, purchased 2 of them and been using them at least once a week. Best purchase of 2021 in my book. More stable and wider than my old one, very comfortable to get on and off, easy to inflate, really easy to get them in and out of my honda piolet. Overall we love getting on these boards.

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  54. John Wanamaker

    Excellent board.

    My wife got this for me as a gift before a vacation to Lake Champlain. Used it every day. Super high quality and really easy to blow up and put together. Held air no problem for the whole week and everyone was impressed at what high quality the board was. Also the board was super stable!!

  55. C. N.


    We needed 2 iSUPs but I only purchased 1 of these to see how it worked before buying another. Very impressed! Inflates like any other iSUP, but the stability is profound! I can have myself and 1 teenagers on it without issue (probably 350 lbs). I can add another teen without it sinking, although it then becomes impossible to stand on. Would like bungies at the back (only has front), and handles at front and rear (only has 1 in middle), but for the price, this one is unbeatable. When I went to buy another, it was unavailable. The other one I ended up purchasing was not as good.

  56. Christie Brod

    Great product and great customer service!

    This SUP is amazing! It is very stable and holds up well in the water. On the second day of use we had a problem with the oar not floating in the water. I contacted FunWater customer service and they responded to me almost immediately. The problem was fixed that same day. Definitely one of the best customer service departments I have seen. This product is great quality and I know we will have it for years to come!

  57. Victoria Boice

    Lightweight & WELL made!!

    I was impressed with the overall look and quality of this board. We bought 2 of them for my husband and myself on the lakes, as we travel full time with work to 13 different States ..and we can deflate and roll them up to put under the belly of our camper. The pump is not that bad, it takes about a 190 pumps per board, but we will be investing in an electric one. I am 5′ 3, 115 pounds and I can carry this board fully inflated to the water because it’s not heavy at all. I recommend these.

    2 people found this helpful

  58. Corwin L.

    Great product for the money

    I received the ISUP yesterday, read the manual which is a little different than what’s written on the board and the pump. Confusing?? yes? The manual says the maximum pressure of the board is 12 PSI the board says it’s 15 and the pump says it’s about 20. I pumped it up to 13 and it worked fine. As for the board it is very well made and solid. I’m a 220 lb man and it was very stable on the water while fishing so I highly recommend it for anyone my size.UpdateThis SUP is amazing! Great value! I’ve had it out several times with no issues at all.

    10 people found this helpful

  59. Kenneth Jamaca

    Smooth as butter, just like a solid board

    Only took ~5 minutes to get this inflated to 12lbs, and once I did, it worked exactly like a solid board does. I was worried my 270lb’s would sink an inflatible, but that was exactly NOT the case.Super sturdy, awesome accessories10/10 would buy again.

    49 people found this helpful

  60. MamaLu

    Great pick!

    I’ve now been able to compare my boards to other brands and had my brother test this one out in comparison to his. This is ranked #1 among all the inflatables in our group. There are 6 boards among us and everyone said this one is the easiest to maneuver and stand on lol that’s huge!

  61. Heather

    Update review 2019-2022

    I’ve had my paddle board since 2019 (I paid a lot more for it than then what they are asking for now which sucks) BUT it’s still in great shape still works the same as it did still brightly colored no dulling at all, I am very in love with it my pitbull also rides on it with me, I am very happy. Comes with everything you need and everything is great quality. 💜🍻

  62. River Rat

    Returned different brand to get this instead

    I actually have something to compare to! I initially bought a different brand and it was difficult to inflate, wanted to buckle making it impossible to stand on so back it went and I bought this one instead. The backpack could use some improving, the board itself feels very sturdy underfoot, it was fairly easy to inflate, and it can be left inflated- all pluses in my book! The quality of this board rivals that of boards costing twice as much. Do yourself a favor and go for it.

    One person found this helpful

  63. Seth Mogler

    Great value board

    I owned the blue FunWater board when living in Hawaii and it worked great. Not as good as a hard board for paddle surfing, but great for just paddling around and surprisingly good even with ocean currents and winds. I bought this board to use on lakes after moving back to the mainland and love it. It is light enough to easily carry with the provided bag, pumps up in 5-10 minutes, it’s easy to paddle and stable when inflated appropriately, and all around is a great value board. My board initially came with a non functioning pressure gauge but I contacted the company via the email in the manual as well as via their website (funwateroutdoor.com) and they quickly responded and sent me a working replacement gauge with tracking info.Great purchase. I’ve had two FunWater boards and enjoyed them both.

    3 people found this helpful

  64. SinginLady

    This made paddle boarding my new favorite sport

    I love my paddle board so much. I checked the bag it came with and took it to Florida and everything held up great- I packed clothes and such in the bag as well and it was under 50 lbs and had no issues. The board itself worked with my whole family of three- we sat a little low with 400lbs on it, but held up great. For just me 5’6” 120lbs it’s very manageable and the size is comfortable for yoga and a day on the water. I had my dog on it and there was no threatening of popping… I’m pretty stoked to use this again soon. I had never used a paddle board until I bought this and it was easy to set up and use and get used to. Balance was easy- I learned quickly that the fins are not necessary in a river setting (good to have for the ocean or anywhere that is plenty deep)

  65. Crofoot

    Great customer service!

    My paddle board developed a leak at the valve after only a few trips out. After contacting customer service I was directed to the tools that were included with the paddle board. One is specifically made to tighten the valve. This completely fixed my problem! Thank you Serene Life Customer Support!

  66. Joe Ross


    So much fun! I’m 6’ 230lbs, I have no problem using this board for hours, and no stability issues. Put my 70lb daughter on the front, and still able to maneuver just fine.

    61 people found this helpful

  67. KCKC

    Buy one!!

    Bought this to see how I would like paddle boarding – I love it and am ready to buy another board so my friends can join! I did buy an electric pump (80$) that works from my car, but it was worth it! I did test it out in a pool first but have brought it to the lake 3 times in the last week! It is so much fun – very stable and easy to maneuver. I (145lbs) was able to paddle around with my 12 year old son (120lbs) with no problems!! He sat on the front and enjoyed the ride!

    14 people found this helpful

  68. David DenkinsDavid Denkins

    Great size you and the dog!

    Great SUP for the money, easy to inflate. Dog nails will rip/tear the top padding, not bad enough to effect how it works.

    7 people found this helpful

  69. Douglas Beck

    Great Paddle Board

    This has been a great paddle board over the last year. Haven’t had any problems at all with it. It’s stable and just as good as more expensive boards.

  70. Brenda

    FANTASTIC inflatable SUP!

    No dislikes. I’m a beginner, and this board is wide and solid. Easy to get your balance. Not to hard to inflate, about 10 minutes. Lightweight and has a nice carry pack. I HIGHLY recommend this SUP! Very happy with my purchase.

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