FunWater Stand Up Inflatable Paddleboard 10’6″x33”x6”

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Funwater paddleboards are your first choice for water sports. Fun water inflatable paddleboards (SUP) are suitable for all skill levels to enjoy themselves, explore, or adventure in water areas. The new ultra-light military grade double wall PVC is 35% lighter than similar size products (17pounds), with excellent wear resistance, toughness, and long service life. The inflatable paddleboard’s standard size is 10’× 31″× 6 “, carrying 280 pounds. Funwater’s unique ergonomic handle design allows you to inflate your paddle more easily in a shorter time. The sensitive barometer ensures that you can read the sup inflation pressure value (12-15psi) at any time.


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Package Includes · 1×inflatable paddleboard.

1×adjustable sup paddle.


1×sup pump.


1×dry bag.


70 reviews for FunWater Stand Up Inflatable Paddleboard 10’6″x33”x6”

  1. NCRealtyExpert

    I love this iSUP!

    This was my first ever iSUP and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! I went ahead and purchased a separate pump, after reading reviews, and I’m glad that I did! The board is lightweight, durable and very stable on the water. I use mine on a lake and can paddle out, jump off, swim around, and climb back on from the middle of the lake. A great starter iSUP for anyone looking to get out on the water and enjoy themselves. I would highly recommend buying this board!

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  2. @Disney_Bride

    Even a noob like me can do it

    Very beginner friendly board. Package contains everything you need to get started + a few extras. I knew nothing about Paddleboards but we recently moved to an island so I wanted something to take out on the water that would also improve fitness. We got this sup and a kayak at the same time. I thought I would like the kayak more since I have more experience with them. I was wrong. I LOVE this board and wanted to stay out on the water all day. Great for relaxing, touring, I even tried some basic yoga poses. Next time will bring my dog along for a cruise along the intracoastal. I’m just a beginner but I had no issues, and think the board handled beautifully. Great price for everything you get. Really an excellent value.

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  3. Elle C

    We came back to buy another!

    This is the second one of these we have purchased, had to get another one after my husband stole mine! We use a standard electric air pump to inflate it most of the way and then the hand pump to get it to the right psi to make it easier. We have used these for two summers on the lake with zero issues. Friends who have standard boards have been shocked at how stable this is. I take my twin 7 year olds out with me and we all feel secure. De-inflating takes about 15 min, but it’s well worth it to throw it into the bag later and put it in the back of my suv!

  4. K. Peterson

    Easy To Assemble and Use

    I ordered this inflatable SUP after talking to an experienced boarder. She really prefers the board to a kayak or canoe because of its versatility and then she added, she would get an inflatable next time. That sent me to Amazon and reviews of inflatables. This one had a plethora of good reviews, four or five stars, so I ordered it.I am an absolute novice with SUPs. I am a silver fox and athletic but I have never had a SUP. At first I found I could only maneuver it on my knees but then got some advice from a friend. Because I am small in stature she told me I should position myself toward the posterior of the board rather than in the typical sweet spot. It worked like a charm. I’m still no expert but I can paddle it easily on our lake. My grandsons got on it and paddled around like experts within minutes but they are eight and ten and have no fear.I think it is priced right. It easy to carry. It did inflate easily with the pump that came with it. The paddle is easy to use (but I may get a better one as that worked well with our kayaks). I’m giving it five stars because I can’t really think of anything that seems cheap and poorly made. If, down the road, things fall apart I will update my review.

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  5. CaitlinCaitlin

    Straightforward SUP.

    The psi gauge actually works! We blew it up until it was trying its hardest to get to 15 but it wasn’t quite there yet. Still held my husband standing up (along with our annoyed puppo) and I had a nice time tied off on a booey laying in the sun. For the price on the lightning deal I can’t complain AT ALL. Easy to deflate and pack back up, that pack is a lifesaver as this thing is hefty. A 5 dollar life vest to shove in the straps keeps the patrol from bugging you.

  6. Dave

    Good value

    I have extensive boating experience but very little SUP experience. I bought two of these to replace some kayaks and make more space on deck of my sailboat. Boards inflated easily. My gangly 12 year old did it almost by himself. I just helped a little getting the last few PSI to really firm up the board. The first time I picked the board up by the nice handle in the center I was pleasantly surprised how light it was. My kid has no problem taking it out of the rack on our sailboat and launching it himself. I am 190 pounds and the board holds me easily. The decking foam feels nice on bare feet or when kneeling. The boards appear to be good quality. The included paddle is what you would expect for a cheaper package deal. It’s sturdy but not a fancy lightweight paddle. The pump seems like the weakest part. Where the hose screws to the base looks and feels really flimsy. I am not concerned as I will keep my boards inflated most the time and have two pumps. Overall, really happy with my purchase. Good product for the price.

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  7. Thomas rieker

    Fun and Relaxing

    Today was my first time paddleboarding. It only took a minute to get the hang of balancing on this board. It’s easy to get back onto if you jump off to swim around. I have found my new favorite past time.

  8. Avery Roy

    Great for beginners!

    This is my first paddle board so I don’t have a lot of experience but I think it worked great! It is pretty easy to inflate. I like the padded top, it’s makes it easier to stand on and prevents slipping. The string in front do great at holding my belongings and are easy to clip a speaker to. I had it inflated for almost 2 months and it did not lose any air.

  9. J. JohnsonJ. Johnson

    Good quality, not as stable as some more expensive SUPs

    My girlfriend loves it, but it’s not quite as stable as my Colorado Paddle Board that I purchased locally, but this one’s much lighter weight, and a little longer and narrower, so that can be expected. Overall the build quality is great and its plenty stable, we routinely have dogs jumping on and off, and it can carry two people – we even had 3 people on it once which was hysterical. The paddle and pump are fine, not great but they work. I have recommended this board to several friends with the above considerations.

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  10. LeeAnn PropperLeeAnn Propper

    Great value for the cost!

    I bought this board for the ease of tossing it in the car and getting on the road. I don’t need to worry about my board being stolen as I stop for coffee or dings in it if I screw up loading or unloading the board (that tends to be where the wind catches my board and I hit something).The pros great graphics, deck pad and tie downs, rigidity of the board at 13psi, tracked way better than I thought an inflatable would. Lightweight, easy to carry super easy to deflate and store.The cons it needed to seriously air out, I don’t have the arm strength to fully inflate it but I knew that going into the purchase so I bought an attachment for the car air pump and I was all set. I used the included pump for the first 8psi to speed up the process and that was honestly about when my arms were over it.I loved the ease of use of the inflatable. I think this set up was worth every penny and only time will tell how it holds up.My friend and I each purchased one and picked a spot just about the same distance each to go paddle.

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  11. K. StewartK. Stewart

    Well made board, accessories for low price.

    This board is such a great product for the price. Of you’re interested in getting into SUP then this is a great beginner board choice. It’s really well made and durable.I like this board as it has a high weight limit which is perfect for heavier riders and those that want to take a child or pet as a passenger.As mentioned by others the included pump is so-so. It pumps very fast even though it’s not double action but the gauge is not reliable. You really have to kind of guess at the PSI. If I relied on the gauge and pumped it to 15 I think the board would explode. Buy yourself a nicer pump and you’ll be set. Set up and take down is about 10 minutes each.The backpack is generously sized so the board fits back in easily. The accessory pack gets you ready to start paddling right away.

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  12. dc


    It floats, turns and works nicely quite happy. It takes quite a bit of work to pump it up relative to paddling. About 5 minutes to pump it, the gauge on the pump does not work, and amazon will not replace the gauge without returning the whole thing, but I contacted the company online directly through their website and they were super helpful sending replacement part arriving with in a week.I started using an electric inflator to blow It up from cigarette lighter and now no too It off with the pump.It came with everything needed to use it (Except life jacket). A nice backpack carrying case, even a wet bag for your phone, quite nice complete set.It is very stable for me to stand on (180 pounds).

  13. Miranda Harrison

    Great paddleboard and great company

    Have had one for over two years and it’s great! Does take some effort to get pumped up but can’t even tell it’s inflatable, I like it better than real paddle boards actually. Second one we ordered, it did have a couple issues right out of the bag, but customer service for this company is super responsive and helped me immediately.

  14. Sadie B

    Good overall board

    Purchased 2 different paddleboards a couple weeks ago. I like them both, but this one does have it’s advantages..Like that the manual air pump it comes with is bigger than most.Having all 3 fins removable is way more convenient than just the one.So far this is holding up excellent to everything we’ve put it through.Great ride in the water.

  15. Aaron

    Very impressed with the quality and thought- filled design

    The removable but locking fins erase chance of losing them but makes rolling up deflated board a breeze and saves space. I could not believe how light yet stiff/solid this board is when properly inflated. Great value, can’t imagine what the more expensive boards could do better?

  16. NerdK

    Great Value, Loads of Fun!

    As beginner paddleboards, my 11-year-old and I have found these easy to use on the nearby lake, and so FUN! With almost everything closed due to Covid, these boards have salvaged our summer vacation. They do take several minutes to pump (15 minutes for the kid) with the included manual pumps, but about what we expected. We pumped to 6 or 7 PSI, and the boards did just fine in a cold lake. Highly recommend.

  17. Isaac

    Lots of FUN

    We rented paddleboards while on a lake in California and had so much fun we decided to buy one. We live on a river, so we weren’t sure how things would go. We decided to go with the inflatable paddleboard because we didn’t want to take up so much space in the garage, and we wanted to be able to transport easily. We took it out on the river at a big fourth of July family reunion. Everyone took turns and had a blast. It was a bit more difficult to stabilize than the hard boards, as we tried in on the river, ocean, and finally the lake. It is super easy to inflate and deflate, comes with a pump, paddle, and bag, and is easy to transport. Definitely a good deal for the money and easy to transport.

  18. Patricia QuirozPatricia Quiroz


    I LOVE IT!!! I don’t know how to start to describe how great this paddle board is. It has a pretty pink design, brings all the accesories you need (fins, paddle, leash, air pump, backpack) and carrying in the backpack is very easy, not that light, but is comfortable. It is very stable in the water, and is big enough that allows movement and easy to change positions. When inflating, it gets very hard when it reach a certain point so be prepared to do some workout before getting in the water. Also, be sure to put the air valve in the right position, if it lose aire when you finish pumping, most likely you’ll need to start again.

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  19. Anthony Pape

    Fun for my whole family

    So far its been a durable and easy to paddle board for the last 3 months. I used the pump which was a workout but most hand pumps are. I bought a electric car one and its much better way to go. The skegs help track the board straight and what sold me is the metal shaft paddle. It feels way better than the plastic ones my friends use. The tie down straps are sufficient room for extra items and my smaller child to sit. Its got alot of use & abuse this summer and no problems so far!

  20. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Beginner but practicing

    Aside from the pump being a little different and the gage being very slow to move, I am pleased so far with the board.I have taken it out twice, both in high winds. Fist day was with all 3 fins. Not easy to turn or steer. Today, I just had middlr fin. easier to handle in the high winds and small waves.Only stood up once so far. ended up in the water. Practice, practice.I am happy so far with the set up.

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  21. J C SJ C S

    Great SUP for Newbies

    Overall very pleased with our 2 paddleboards. We’re in our second season and have used them on lakes and on rivers. Boards seem durable, relatively easy to maneuver and reasonably light for packing in or packing out. The kit has everything you need and we’ve only added dry bags to carry gear. The only annoyances are the pumps guages are not super accurate so we’ve had to accommodate in determining correct pressure. Generally we fill to 10 or 11 psi and are light riders. The paddles are adequate for an entry level SUP. The white deck and board can take a little work to clean if they get muddy but it’s not really that bad. I note pricing in 2021 is a bit different than last year, so note this review was for models purchased in 2020. One wish list item would be for flexible river fins as an optional purchase.

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  22. Rob Backus

    Great board for the price

    This is my second year paddle boarding. I had used both solid and inflatable boards last year. For the price of the inflatable compared to the solid board, you can’t go wrong.This board was delivered on time. I read in other reviews it is tough to inflate. It takes a little while and a little muscle to get it to 13 lbs if pressure (that’s where I wanted mine to be). I also took the pressure gauge off and gave it a good “tap” on the side since it wasn’t moving at all. Once the board got to about 5-7 lbs if pressure it started registering. Besides that, I love the board. Had is out all day on the fourth on the lake which was pretty choppy from all the boats. It was pretty stable. Overall I would recommend this board. Can you get better, of course but not for the price.

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  23. Amazon Customer

    Great Customer Service

    I bought this as a Black Friday deal. So I have pumped it up once just to inspect, but have not gotten to use it yet. It’s a beautiful board, and I’m excited to use it.Blowing it up (first time paddle board owner) I was waiting for the gauge to move. The board had gotten pretty stiff, so I followed the instructions on how to test the pump (remove the hose and cover the hole with your hand and attempt to pump and see if the gauge moves) but the needle still wouldn’t move. Customer service was very quick to respond and sent me a new gauge, which I very much appreciate.I’ve seen a lot of other people that had issues with the pump. I do have one troubleshooting suggestion. If you don’t see the gauge move, make sure it is twisted in TIGHT (you can twist it out of the top of the pump).With that, I’m excited to give this baby a test drive this summer!

  24. Mike

    Really happy with my purchase.

    Really happy with my purchase. Really good quality and the board is great on the water. Tracks really well, super sturdy and really light. A bit of a PITA to inflate but no more than any other isup. In my opinion it’s the best bang for your buck iSup on the market.

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  25. Michele SmolkoMichele Smolko

    Fun water sup is Stable, easy to inflate and durable and easy to maneuver!

    Love this inflatable paddleboard! We bought the first fun water sup July 2018 and loved it so much bought a 2nd this past July 2020. They’re easy to inflate takes maybe 10-15 minutes. It’s stable and easily holds two adults and a cooler or dry bag. We live in Florida and normally put in at a causeway and paddle over to Caladesi Island! Have used it many times in the past two years and the first one I bought performs up just as good as the new one we bought this past July!!!

  26. Amazon Customer

    Great customer service!!

    I bought this board in February. I live in Colorado and really didn’t mess with it to much as I was not paddle boarding in the winter. Recently pulled it out and inflated several times and the gauge on the pump was not working. Contacted the seller and they replaced the pump for me very quickly. I have not had it out on the water yet because its just still too cold. But from what I can tell it’s going to be a great board. Very light and easily inflates. Great purchase for the price. Great customer service.

  27. Kindle Customer

    Great SUP package and customer service!

    Outstanding SUP package with everything needed to have a fun experience. This was purchased as a gift for my sister so we could learn how to paddleboard together. On our test run, we discovered a faulty hose assembly for the pump. We were able to use my pump so our outing was saved. Upon contacting the manufacturer through the online resource and subsequent email everything was resolved. Customer service was responsive and quickly assessed what was needed to satisfy the issue. Within a week a new part for the pump was received. Very happy customer.

  28. millicent725


    I’ve actually always wanted to purchase a SUP and the recent events around the nation gave me a perfect opportunity to find a new socially distanced outdoor activity to take up.I read many reviews on SUPs and found this to be the perfect purchase. Doesn’t break the bank and great quality. I have taken this out at least a dozen times and no complaints so far!It’s super easy carry along from my car to launch sites and to inflate/deflate.

  29. Rollins

    Decent board at a good price

    I’ve taken the board out a couple of times now and seems to be sturdy material and construction. It doesn’t feel like it has lost any air. Being inflatable it sits on top of the water which makes it rock more than my friend’s expensive solid paddle board which sits almost all the way in the water. This may be a consideration for beginners or people with poor balance. It took about 5min to blow up with the supplied manual pump. It says you can also use an electric pump. The paddle feels nice and has markings for different heights making it easy to adjust.

  30. DitmoreRN

    I couldn’t be happier with my purchase

    My paddle board arrived yesterday and I took it out today. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I am a big girl but I felt super comfortable on my board sitting, kneeling, or standing. Considering buying another for my son.

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  31. Gwen H.Gwen H.

    Definitely recommend

    It took me maybe 5 minutes to inflate to 12 lbs. It takes a little more muscle the last few pumps but I would say it is definitely easily inflated in under 10 minutes. It is very stable, both kids and a dog were able to ride easily with me. The kids liked standing up and rocking with the waves. So far I am super happy with my order. Seems to be of good quality, waterproof pouch for my phone is handy too!

  32. Lyndsey

    I love it!

    I’ve owned this board for about a year now and I’m so glad I purchased it.It’s easy to transport, store, and set up on my own. For an inflatable, it’s extremely stable and maneuverable. (Probably wouldn’t do yoga on it, but I can easily do handstands and other fun things on it!)Customer service is also outstanding. I had an issue with my pump gauge when I first got it and they immediately sent me a new one. After using it many many times over several months, the hose to my pump got a leak. They immediately replaced it.No issues with the actual paddle board at all!

  33. Crofoot

    Great customer support!

    I love my paddle board! It’s easy to inflate, use, and deflate. Getting out on the water during these hot summer days is perfect! The first psi gauge that came with my pump did not work, I contacted customer service and they promptly sent me a new one. Great product and great customer service!

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  34. Larry A

    Easily transportable board, does what it is supposed to do.

    We are avid Paddelboarders and were pleasantly surprised by this board. It is easy to inflate, very firm when fully inflated and does not banana, held its pressure for days and was easy to launch and retrieve off the dock (watch out for barnacles, they will slice any inflatable board quickly). The paddle is decent and easily adjustable. The board paddled reasonably well. Our only complaint is that, like other inflatables, it is so light (17 lbs), it does not track really well particularly in the wind or waves. That is the trade-off for the convenience and completely normal.Packs nicely and travels well. Very happy, it met our goals.

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  35. rufiaclimbs

    So far, it’s great!

    Got it two days ago, and got on the water with it yesterday. It inflated easily, relatively speaking. (I’ve now rented inflatables a handful of times, and it’s always a bit of work.) It’s light weight. Easily transported. My dog got to practice being on it. I can’t complain.Pros:*light weight. board and paddle seem to be great quality.*Fins are easy to install.*Everything fits easily into the bag.Cons:*I tried to use the electric pump that I bought specifically for it and can’t seem to get the proper attachment to tighten, so I had to pump it up by hand. (definitely a 1st world problem)*I confused this board with another and thought there were more loops so I could attach a kayak seat. It doesn’t have them.*Bag is plenty big enough, but not very good quality. I may have to do some reinforments. Again, not a game changer.Ultimately, for the price paid, this seems like a fantastic board.*Edit: I had an issue with the pump hose, and the company has responded is less than 12 hours and is sending a replacement.I’ve now used the board 4 times, and it still is great. My dog 45 lb dog goes with me, and there hasn’t been a problem.

  36. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    3 years and still going strong!

    I have had multiple dogs on my board, I’ve taken this board to Hawaii, Florida, Missouri, Nebraska and Michigan. Folds down super easy, weighs 35 lbs and counts as a checked bag on airlines, so much more realistic than a traditional board which is hundreds to ship. Had my board for 3 years and still going strong! Never had an issue, no one knows its inflatable till I’m breaking it down and I’ve never even had to patch it, couldnt love this board, easily worth the cost, go for it!

  37. Gift Shopper

    Easy to inflate, very firm, stable, great price!

    Love this paddleboard….pleasantly surprised! I wasn’t sure if I wanted an inflatable as I was thinking it would be flimsy. I was so wrong. This board is super firm….feels like standing on plastic. I love how easy it is to both inflate and deflate. Great price, too. Even a friend of mine who recommended against inflatable commented that she was surprise at how firm it was.

  38. Forest1

    Very easy to use/love it!

    I bought this to take on a boat trip to the Bahamas so I needed something that would be durable yet folds down and fits in our cabin. I read reviews and watched videos on the hand pump and can say that it was not that bad. I’m not an overly athletic person and it didn’t take too long to pump it with the bike style pump. It was extremely durable and did not feel like it was an inflatable SUP at all! I had seen others in stores that were a few hundred more dollars so I was hoping this wasn’t a “you get what you pay for” situation and it wasn’t at all. I was able to hose it off after being in the salt water, fold it up and pack it away for our trip home. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an entry level SUP to travel with very easily. I hardly ever post reviews, but liked this so much I figured I should.

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  39. kathy reisenburg

    Company is great and the board is amazing

    I ordered my board back in March, and was just patiently waiting for warmer weather to be able and take it out. When I first tried to pump it up the barometer on the pump was broken. Customer service was so easy to work with and was willing to send me a new one. The board itself is amazing quality, sting durable. Great board and great company

  40. 2 Birds

    This is So Fun!

    Got this on a lark after seeing a friend’s inflatable board. This gets surprisingly rigid with minimal effort and held two adults no problem. The three fins all are removable unlike some other boards. The lash area is also a little bigger than most and a small cooler was able fit, which is kind of cool but maybe a bit excessive. A tackle box would surely fit, too, I’m sure. Lots of fun!

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  41. TeresaTeresa

    Happy With It!

    If you want a workout, the hand pump that comes with will be no issue. If you’re out of shape or it’s very outside, you will benefit from inflating with an electric tube pump (we prefer that way). It was a great buy! It’s easy to travel with and to store away.

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  42. The Geekery Book ReviewThe Geekery Book Review

    Everything I was look for in a board.

    Total beginner here, but I love this board.The main things I cared about when shopping for a board were: Weight limit, stability, and if it was dog friendly.On weight limit: I’m 5’10” and 185 lbs and it held me, my 2 nieces (ages 7 & 9), and my little dog, with no problems at all. It also holds my nephew (230lbs), my 2 nieces, and my dog, again, with no problem. Just make sure you get it as close to 15 psi as you can.On stability: The closer to 15 PSI, the more stable the board becomes. It’s harder to get it that high with a hand pump, but it’s doable. I tried standing up when it was underinflated, and fell off multiple times. Tried it fully inflated, and haven’t fallen off once.Being dog friendly: by the pic I’m sure you can see, he loves it! I just put a towel down at the front and he’s my little co-captain.So far I have no complaints at all about this board. If you’re a beginner like me, looking for a good board to start out on, here you go!

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  43. Tracy Nix

    Excellent SUP!

    Excellent SUP and great value! I inflated Tiki upon receipt and it hasn’t deflated since… I have a large garage. Have used for 3 months and have been very happy with this SUP. It is slightly less stable than the foam core issue peas I have rented in the past, however, my son who is a beginner has not fallen off yet.NOTE: 1st time inflation takes longer than you’d expect. Pump gauge did not register psi value after ‘full’ inflation— you need to keep pumping for quite some time after ‘full’ for gauge to show true pressure and get up to 14+ psi.

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  44. Laura

    Couldn’t be happier!

    When I bought this, I had no idea how much I’d use it. My uses are twofold: first, I paddle my six-year-old to the middle of lakes to swim in socially distant ways; second, more obviously, I use it by myself. It has been an amazing addition this summer, and I wonder how I ever lived without it. Highly recommend!

  45. Jenna

    Great Affordable Paddleboard

    I love my SUP! I’m pretty new in the paddleboard world, but I’ve loved this purchase. It’s not too tough to inflate, but it does take time — between 5-10 min of steady pumping to pump up. I’ve manually pumped up much larger boards so to me this isn’t too bad. The trick is to lock your arms and use your legs to do the work — and make sure the release value is in the right position so you don’t lose any air when you finish! It’s not the most fun part of paddleboarding, but it’s definitely doable.As for the board itself, it is great for the price! It isn’t as sturdy in waves as other boards I’ve used, but that’s to be expected. It is pretty easy to move around and is pretty light though. I love having the backpack bag so it’s easy to carry around and set up. For calm water or beginning paddleboarding, this is great! I also like to do yoga on my paddleboard, and in calm water this works great for that.The paddle isn’t the best quality, which is why I took a star off for maneuverability. I found it doesn’t stay at the right length, so I had to shorten it to the smallest setting. I’m not too tall so I get away with it, but it isn’t idle. The bottom portion I have to use lubricant anytime I want to take apart for storage purposes, which can be annoying.Overall, for the price, I love my board!

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  46. C. Bullock

    Great value, good board

    I have inflatables from a couple of different brands, and this is probably the best value of the bunch. I love that all 3 fins are removable, something the pricier ones I have do not do. Can’t speak to the hand pump quality, as I use an electric Sevylor pump (HIGHLY recommended). This board feels as sturdy and durable as my ROC.

  47. Buying thingsBuying things

    Dog approved!

    Very happy with my board. Everything is easy to transport with the knapsack included. Inflation is easy, a quick little triceps workout. Fins slide off and on easily, and paddle is simple to adjust. The board itself is made of a good solid material that I didn’t worry about making contact with the pebble beach. Then we were off and away! The board is extremely stable and forgiving. My dog was running up and down the board and we still didn’t tip! Can’t recommend highly enough.

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  48. Christie

    I love this board!

    I decided after a lot of research to go with an inflatable board. I saw many reviews about hard boards getting rock chips and damage from being on car roofs. This board is fabulous! I bought a electric pump so it inflates fast. I have only inflated to 12 psi and it is rock hard even in 40 degree water. It deflates just as quick and I can keep it in my car. Again I Love This Board!

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  49. 3littleBEARSmom

    Nice board & so easy to take everywhere!

    We have two hard SUP, a ride on top kayak, and a canoe plus this. This was the cheapest. And it is the one we all want to use and bring the most places. Never used the hand pump. Bought the power pump Amazon rec for this one. It was excellent too. So easy to carry, inflate, ride and high quality. Will update after a year but a few months in, love this purchase! Highly rec.

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  50. Kaela

    Great paddle board! I love it.

    Love this paddle board! It’s a little tedious to set up but it maybe took me 5-10 minutes to inflate/setup. I found it easy to maneuver. I’m 155lbs and my dog is 80lbs and we both fit comfortably on it for both paddle boarding and floating down the river with others for tubing. I like that I can’t inflate/deflate and it comes with a backpack bag to transport it in.

  51. Amy Miller

    I LOVE my SUP

    I LOVE my SUP!! Easy to use, easy to deflate, easy to handle. Inflating I would suggest a plug in pump. Just a little more work than I like but people who tried it had no idea that it was a blow up. I read the reviews and I think the biggest complaint is the hand pump… That should NOT stop you from buy this SUP!! Trust me you can replace that, the board is beyond what I wanted!!! Oh and it fit easily in the bag once we deflated it….. With room. Normally the bags they give you are just a bit smaller than the product. This is not the case. GREAT PRODUCT!!

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  52. none

    great board for begginer, great customer service

    This is our second Funwater board. They are great heavy duty boards and seem very durable. We have never tried other boards, but this one seems to track pretty straight and also steer easily. It is very stable and I have never fallen off or tipped it. We have taken it on lakes and a river with class I rapids, no problems. The dog also loves riding on the front of the board. The pump that comes with the board works well and blows up in less than 10 minuets. It is a bit of a work-out to pump by hand, so someday we might get lazy and buy an automatic pump. Our first trip out we did break the center fin on the board running into the ground, since we aren’t very experienced. But we expected it to survive at least one run-in with the bottom before breaking. We contacted Funwater via the website and I heard back within 24 hrs. Suki was very helpful and sent us a new fin in the mail no charge. Very happy with the product.

  53. Elizabeth ungar

    Excellent value

    If you’re looking for a reasonably priced inflatable SUP look know further. Comes with everything you need though I did purchase an electric pump. Can’t even tell it’s inflatable once you take it out. Light weight and easy to carry to the water. My fins were very difficult to remove and the company responded to my inquiry immediately.I did have difficulty maneuvering it on a windy day but I read that it common due to the weight.

  54. Sally M. SmithSally M. Smith

    Very happy with my paddle board!

    I wanted an easily transportable paddle board because I have a small car. This board is pretty quick and easy to inflate and set up using the pump it comes with. Obviously it’s easier with two people but absolutely manageable on my own. And when it’s all rolled up in the backpack with the pump and paddles it is pretty light.I’d never used an inflatable paddle board before, just a solid one, so I was worried that this wouldn’t be stable or solid. But it is!One thing to watch out for: when I used it for the first time, a little rock fell into a slot for the fin on the bottom and I couldn’t get it out. But the fin still stayed on, even though it couldn’t be locked in place.

  55. J C Pierson

    Really nice SUP – great deal!

    I have been using my paddleboard all summer and really like it. When choosing an inflatable, make sure to get one that is 6″ high for buoyance and 33″ wide for stability – this board has both. I am 6′ tall and 240 lbs and this board keeps me up without any problem. I had an issue with the pump and the manufacturer took care of it very promptly. Exceptional value!

  56. Squirrelhoarder

    Thrilled with mr purchase

    It super easy all around. I bought a little electric pump for the beginning and the last 15 PSI I used the hand pump it came with. What an arm workout but still easy.It’s wide and stable and came with everything. Easy to carry. Even the fins area detachable for easy storage.

  57. V. RocksV. Rocks

    Stable goes straight

    I like this board. Very light and stable. I have tried a few but this is suprprisingly go straight in the water. Love it! My dog loves it too!

    8 people found this helpful

  58. Kristina Dahl


    I decided to buy two boards, for my teen daughter and I, as a fun activity to do during quarantine, and I’m SO glad that I did so. We had each only SUP’d a couple times before this, but it has become a favorite activity.The boards are a great value for the money. We live in Seattle and summer hasn’t hit yet, but we’ve used our boards 7 times in the past month, and have had no problems at all. We paddle in salt water, on Puget Sound. I was worried that, because they were so much less expensive than other options, they’d feel cheap or flimsy, but instead I think they’re just a really great value. Mine still look like new, and we hope to use them many, many, many more times.They inflate easily (I consider it a part of the workout!), and I timed it to 10psi in 5 minutes. The pump does look a little cheap, but given the excellent value of the boards, if it breaks I’m prepared to replace it (based on other reviews); so far we haven’t had a problem. Deflation is a breeze, and breaking them down and getting them back in the backpacks only takes about 5 minutes as well.Out on the water, they’re really stable and solid. I’d only used hard boards before and was nervous that I would feel like I was standing on a pool toy, but that isn’t the case at all. My daughter has perfected headstands on hers – I’m just happy if I can stand and paddle without falling in! 🙂 They probably aren’t the fastest, given their size, but they are perfect for what I had in mind, and we’ve gone out for a few miles and had wonderful times.It’s great that they have a phone case that comes with them, and the backpacks are oversized, which is also great because I like to bring a dry bag and a life jacket and I store those in the backpacks as well. The backpacks are wearing well, with no signs of wear and tear at this point.We’ve brought out our friends as well, and they’ve enjoyed it so much that several of my friends have now purchased their own boards! If you’re new to SUP, this is the perfect entry board, and you won’t regret it. (I can’t speak to expert SUP users.) Best purchase I’ve made in a long time! So glad the good weather is here and I can go out several times a week now.

  59. Ralph Mikulas

    Love it!

    I love this paddle board so far. I have had it just for a couple of weeks. Took it to the Florida Keys, it opened a new way to see the clear waters! By kneeling and standing up it was easier to see the fish, and sharks. Lol!

  60. A Martin

    Great SUP

    Finally got this SUP out on the lake. Love it! Very lightweight and easy to transport. The bag has plenty of room for everything provided plus extras, which is rare. The board is very wide and sturdy. It’s very rigid. The only issue I had was pumping it up: I could only get to 5 psi, not 15 as suggested. So I’ll probably purchase an electric pump to help out, as suggested by other reviewers.

  61. Katja S.Katja S.

    Great beginner option and super service

    I purchased this for my daughter almost a year ago and I’m so glad I did. The board is thick enough and long enough where an adult woman would be able to use it as well. It blows up fairly easy with the pump that’s included and its easy to carry. It’s been durable, has lasted rough play with the boys and even the dog enjoys it. We take it out on fairly flat rivers and lakes only so I don’t know how sturdy it would be on the ocean. The pump broke after six month and I sent an email to the vendor. They shipped a new one out immediately with no questions asked, how great is that? I have recommended this to everyone I know in the market for a beginners inflatable board for a teen or even adult. you can’t beat the price, quality and service provided.

  62. A. E.

    Totally worth it

    Delivered quickly and product description is accurate. The waterproof phone case has tested well and withstood several accidental plunges into lake water. The paddle retains water but otherwise meets every expectation. The paddle board is flawless, sturdy, and incredibly comfortable. Hard to reach the 15psi but not impossible. The leash is perfectly comfortable. I don’t use the carrying bag but it seems sufficient, clearly not waterproof. The pump gauge needs to be replaced already but that’s likely due to poor handling on my part. It’s still functional but the metal number plate was bent and had to be disassembled for adjustment. Over all I’m 100% happy w the purchase and would recommend it to anyone. I’ve paddled out carrying a child, a separate time w another adult, the board did not buckle or falter under the added weight. Flawless.

    42 people found this helpful

  63. Alison

    Great board!

    This is a really well made paddleboard. It feels sturdy and stable, although not *quite* as sturdy and stable as my husband’s inflatable paddleboard which is from a different company but is also much more expensive, and I think his is a just a bit wider which helps as well. I think for the price this is a fantastic board. It does give you a nice amount of height off the water. I think we’ll get many years of use out of it. I appreciated the accessories it comes with as well. Our board was actually missing the two smaller fins but I outreached the company and they shipped them to me very quickly and were great to work with. I would definitely recommend this board.

    One person found this helpful

  64. NikkiNikki

    First time and I Love it

    this is my first time using an inflatable paddleboard. And I felt extremely safe on it. It was very easy to use. I’m very happy with this purchase and I highly recommend it. I anticipated that it was going to be hard to get into the backpack however everything fits in a very easily.

  65. Shiloh

    So Far I am pleased

    So far I am very pleased with this ISUP. Came very well packaged…a box inside of a bigger box. No shipping damage at all. Took it out for the first time, very first time I have ever tried to paddle board…stood up first time…but I used to surf many years ago. Board seems to made of descent quality. Only complaint is inflating it..by the time you get it pumped up with the pump that comes with it you are wore out. Definitely looking into a alternative method to inflate it… My family and I have enjoyed this one so much we have since ordered two more.

    One person found this helpful

  66. MagicQueenMagicQueen

    Great board!! Love it!! Super light!

    I debated a long time about an inflatable for the ocean. I was renting standard hard boards but that was getting expensive. I got this inexpensive board to try out and actually LOVE IT!! If you stand a lot it is less stable but I frequently sit crisscross or on my knees due to waves. I take it out to the sandbar and with the attached leash around my arm I just let it float and swim around. Great board, very light and east to handle. My daughter and I ride together sitting and it handles as good as a hard board in my opinion. It gives to the waves and I don’t worry about it hitting us like hard boards. Hard boards will bruise you up coming in when caught by a wave. We also take the fins off and lay on the beach on it. Overall great purchase and for this price easily replaceable. I can blow it up to 10psi in 3.5 min with the included pump, the extra 2 psi takes a couple minutes but fairly easy. Overall great buy, I highly recommend it.

    One person found this helpful

  67. Kara L. Cloward

    Fun and easy to haul!

    This is easy to assemble. It is sturdy. We have taken it out with 2 adults at a time and 3 teens. I love that it fits in the back of my car.

    7 people found this helpful

  68. Bruce Hansen

    Awesome iSUP Boards!

    These boards are great! I got a pair for me & the wife and we tried them out on the lake yesterday afternoon. I used a small power inflator to get them mostly filled, then hooked up the included manual pump to get them fully inflated to the correct pressure. Once inflated you can barely even tell that this is an inflatable board – they’re really firm and barely ‘squish’ at all even with my over 200lbs standing up on it. I really like that the package includes all of the necessary accessories, even a decent carrying backpack for the whole set. The inflated board is easy to carry under one arm. I fell like this board is very slightly less stable than the last ‘solid’ board I used, but I found that I was getting used to it within the 1st half-hour or so of paddling.

  69. Guided

    Great lightweight board for the price

    I’m very satisfied with my purchase. I am a very petite gal who needed something that I could carry. This board, while not as sturdy as the triple-layer body glove, it satisfies what I need it for, it is sturdy and wide enough. I love the colors and glides through the water, especially when you have all three fins on and don’t forget to put them on, lol. I bought the electric pump so it blows up to pretty quickly and easily. It also deflates even quicker and I don’t have to use any pumps, you just start folding It Up.

    One person found this helpful

  70. Dan

    Well worth the money

    I have only had this a little over a month, but I have used it 6 or 7 times now. I found it easy to inflate/deflate, easy to use and easy to transport. The removable fins are key; I have used another paddleboard with the fins fixed, and they are much harder to pack up and take a lot more space. After the 6 or 7 uses, I have not seen any signs of wear-and-tear or deterioration. If I had any complaint, it is with the pump. It leaks a bit and and it is probably not possible to inflate the board to the manufacturer’s spec, but it works just fine with the inflation I was able to get. Well worth the money I paid for it.

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