GOFORT 60W 18V Portable Solar Panel, Foldable Solar Charger

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Gofort 60W foldable solar panel can be compatible with most solar generators on the market, 5.5*2.1mm DC cable for charging Gofort 330W/600W/1200W portable power stations as well as with portable generators from Rockpals, Suaoki, FlashFish. With 4 connectors (8mm /5.5
Constructed from high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells, with efficiencies of up to 23%, compared with conventional panels, this solar panel converts more sunlight into energy at the same time. Equipped with USB A (4.75-5.35V/2.4A max) & USB QC 3.0 outputs, charging multiple small devices at the same time for smartphones, tablets, laptops, lamps, power banks, Macbook Pro, iPad, switch, etc. Perfect for outdoor life and even unexpected power outages. Equipped with 3 adjustable kickstands for easy installation or angle adjustment. Slightly adjust the angle with the kickstand, get up to 25% more sunlight than flat laying. Recharge your power station and other on-grid and off-grid inverters on the go with 60W solar panel. This solar panel is designed for portability. The folded size is 15.4*13.78 inches, which makes the solar charger look like a portable briefcase, weighing only 4.21lbs. Convenient to carry it wherever you go. Ideal for outdoor activities.




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The 60W solar panel comes with a 5-in-1 connector adapter kit to charge your power stations.
5.5 * 2.1mmDC Adapter for Gofort 330W/600W/1200W, Rockpals 250W/350W/500W, FlashFish 200W/300W, PAXCESS ROCKMAN 200/300W/500W5.5 * 2.5mmDC Adapter for Suaoki 400Wh portable generator8mmDC Adapter for Jackery Explorer 160/240/300/500/1000, Goal Zero Yeti 150/400, BALDR 330W Power Station3.5 * 1.35mm DC Adapter for Suaoki S270, ENKEEO S155, Paxcess 100W, Aiper 150W portable generator

Ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, climbing, hiking, picnic, fishing, RV van trip, etc.
Package Contents:18V/60W Solar Panel x118V DC Cable 5.5×2.1mm x18mm Connector x15.5×2.5mm Connector x13.5×1.35mm Connector x16.3×3.0mm Connector x1
SpecificationsPortable Solar Battery ChargerPeak Power: 60 W Cell Efficiency: ≥23%Maximum Working Voltage: 18VWorking Current: 3.4AOpen-Circuit Voltage: 22.5VShort-Circuit Current: 3.4AUSB-A Output: 4.75-5.35V/2.4A (Max)QC3.0 Output: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A (Max) DC Output: 12-18V/3.4A (Max)Product Dimension15.4×13.78in (folded) 42×15.4in (unfolded) Weight: 4.21 lbs

8 reviews for GOFORT 60W 18V Portable Solar Panel, Foldable Solar Charger

  1. IMScrat

    Just what I needed

    This charges my power bank really well. It was fairly easy to use and it wasn’t too fussy.

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  2. Jeff

    Lightweight and powerful

    I have a few portable solar panels and have been using them to save money so I can eventually go off the grid. A few of my portable panels have 4 panels in the case and a few have 2 panels. This is one of my portables that has 2 panels. It has become one of my favorite panels for a few reasons.The first reason is that it is the lightest of all the portable panels that I have.It feels very sturdy when you carry it and unfold it The folded size is the smallest that I haveIt is the lightest of all my panels.The panel charges my batteries very well and has not given me any problems at all. This is a panel I would definitely recommend.

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  3. Jeff

    Nice panel… but a few problems

    Since we’re talking about portable solar panels I thought I would hit on the things that I found as important in a portable solar panel. Some of these are efficiency, durability, portability, and ability to handle charging multiple items.The efficiency of this is actually very good with up to 23% efficiency. Other 60W portables that I own have anything from 20-23% efficiency. Obviously 23% is better and is more efficient at converting the suns rays into electricity.This seems to be fairly durable. The portable panels have a semi-rigid frame that are connected to the outer fabric. Some portables have a pliable frame around the panels and some have a hard frame around the panel. I’m not sure about the fabric of the Gofort panel. Most have a black canvas-feel to them. The Gofort has more of a grey denim fabric. I imagine they went with this so they could stand out against the others. Personally, I don’t really care for it. I have quite a few batteries from different manufacturers and this charges them very well. I generally use the 60W panels to charge my batteries that are under 300 watt hours. On the back side of the panel, you can charge two additional items while charging your battery. The back of this has one USB-A and a QC 3.0. Just in case you weren’t aware, USB-A is a standard port that takes longer to charge a device. QC 3.0 allows for more voltage so it charges your devices such as your phone faster. Most of the 60W panels that I own have 2 QC 3.0 ports AND a USB-C port.So if you’re looking for a light-weight portable panel and not planning on heavy usage, this would be a great panel. If you plan on using a portable panel for more heavy charging capability, perhaps you should look into something that has more ports. Whether it is 60W, 100W, or 120W.

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  4. Mrknot

    Great solar panels!

    I ordered these to add to my camping gear and also to help with my preparedness system.A portable way to generate electricity to charge phones, batteries and other small devices could end up being very valuable.I was only able to use it in full sun a couple of times. I used it to charge my cell phone and also back up battery packs.I found that in full sun, it charged these items at about the same rate that a wall socket would have.’Full sun’ being the operative word here. I live in a pretty cloudy part of the US. we also have quite a few trees on our property. One of the major downsides of solar power is that you need sunlight to make it effective. No sun, no juice.The panels would still collect a bit of power on clouding days, but nowhere near as effective as full sun.The panels themselves are pretty lightweight and portable. The slim profile makes them easy to slip into a nook or cranny when packing them into a vehicle. They also seem quite robust. I didn’t “torture test” them, but I didn’t baby them either and they have held up very well.I’m not an electrical engineer or anything so I can’t speak to milliamp hours or wattage or any of that other technical type stuff. However, in a real world situation, these would definitely be able to supply you with enough power to keep a smaller power module charged in an emergency.A great product.

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  5. R. Precourt

    Reliable and works well

    Most importantly, this solar panel does work, which is more than I can say for another one I bought before this one. I have received consistent results from this one, which speaks to its reliability. This is important for something that will be critical during an emergency.I got this primarily to charge a 280wh portable generator we have. It does charge the generator, but the highest input rate I’ve observed is 30 watts with perfect angle and full sun. Anything less than full sun drops the input current dramatically (i.e. if a cloud passes by it will drop to 2-3 watts. So under load, I’m getting about half the panel’s rated capacity. Still pretty decent. More power would be better of course, but for the price and size of the panel it’s doing a good job.It did come with a DC cable with several different size tips. It also has USB-A and USB-C ports on it so you can charge power banks, cell phones, etc. The panel has kickstands on the back so you can angle it if needed and it also has (very thin and light) straps at the corners so you could probably hang it, but it’s pretty flimsy, so I’d be careful doing that.Overall, this was a good purchase and I’m glad to have it in case of emergencies. After the last 4 day power outage, I’ve found you just can’t be too prepared. This panel will help keep things charged and gives me peace of mind because thus far it has proven to be reliable.

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  6. Ron MooreRon Moore

    Sturdy and portable

    This is my first foray into portable solar panels and so far I’m not too disappointed, I put it out in our Florida sun and the panel immediately began cranking out power!The unit is well made and easy to pack the product does what it’s supposed to do and so far I am very pleased.

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  7. Cat Martin

    Set this panel on my outdoor table, plugged it into my power bank and boom!

    No, nothing blew up – it was just that simple. Where my table sits, unless I crank up my umbrella, it gets full sunlight pretty much all day. With two good-sized power banks, I like the fact that this solar panel system can plug right in and keep the power banks charged. I have to explain that this past winter in Texas, I stayed in my house for FIVE DAYS without power. At the time, I was lucky that I had plenty of warm blankets, and for food, bread, jam and peanut butter as well as running water, but no heat, no light, no electricity. I have made a few changes…I have portable wifi, a spare battery for my phone, smaller power banks that can keep my laptop and phone going and the pair of larger power banks can heat an electric kettle for hot drinks and a small electric pan for hot food. Texas politicians and utilities dropped the ball that left me in the cold and dark for days. With this solar panel, I can charge my power banks during the day to ensure that never happens again. I will also use it when I go out camping as well – the power banks come with me when I go camping. For emergencies, for camping – that’s more than enough for me!

  8. Ladee Dabber

    Great investment

    Love this solar charger. It has usb ports to plug devices directly into it. Get a flashfish solar generator and you are set.

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