High Definition Super Bright Waterproof Binoculars with Large View

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Professional & Powerful & Compact 12×42 Binoculars: professional long-range binoculars with 12x high power magnification and wide-angle 42mm lens delivers best-in-class clarity and brightness; Provided with 20mm green film eyepiece and 367ft/1000yds large field of view.
Advanced FMC & BaK-4 PRISMS: best binoculars features with BAK-4 prisms and FMC multilayer broadband green film with 99% light transmission for enhanced clarity and contrast, ensure all details in binocular when looking at an object at a far distance.
Anti-Slip & Durable & Waterproof: The rubber armor with ergonomic design and steady grip allows for accurate focusing. And Non-slip rubber armor has secure grip, shockproof, waterproof and fog proof features, perfect for outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, traveling, and watching wildlife.
Easy to Focus: Corrective optical coating is good for color fidelity and minimizes distortion. Diopter System adjusting the imbalance vision of both eyes. The smooth and large center focus knob makes it simple to operate and easy to focus on.



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24 reviews for High Definition Super Bright Waterproof Binoculars with Large View

  1. Brenda


    Bought for my son who takes nature walks

  2. Ivan

    Great binoculars for hobby

    I like the quality of lens especially during the day. Very sharp and natural colors. I bought it to keep on a boat to spy on fellow fishermen :)It met my expectations so far.

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  3. Rachel Adolph

    Good value

    For the price these binos are pretty great. The focus wheel is very large and easy to use and the clarity is surprisingly good. But if you are an avid hunter and that’s what you are buying these for I would spend a little more money and get something else. The clarity is really good for the price but it’s not quite good enough for glassing up animals in my opinion. Overall these are a great value for the money, and the customer service is outstanding.

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    These are perfect for shakeout or watching birds. They allow you to see far like it’s up close. It allows you to be further away and still see everything you want to see. Amazing price and well worth buying because who doesn’t love a good pair of binoculars.I even used these to view the moon! It was so much fun!

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  5. Pat

    Excellent quality with great optics and extras, especially for the price po

    Although I’ve only had these binoculars for a few days they appear to be excellent quality with great optics especially for the price point! You also get a comfortable neck strap, convenient lens covers with primary covers attached so you can’t lose them. If you are looking for an affordable nice binocular set you can’t go wrong. I highly recommend these. Cheers!!

  6. stephanie coburn

    Getting close

    Love them

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  7. Sarah Flamer

    Very clear and light weight

    Not to bulky to carry and very clear sight. Definitely worth every penny!

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  8. Prince spencer

    Stunning pictures!

    I was looking for compact binoculars to be able to use it in trips or while we are hiking. FONSAWA binoculars allow to make very clear and bright pictures. It was actively tested during our last hiking at day and night modes. Light transmission is great even in the night when there is low light around, I managed to do some stunning pictures and am proud of myself. Connects easily with phone and works good.Great set.

  9. Ruby V. Medina

    Nice for everyday use

    This was an anniversary gift for my husband. Although they’re not the strongest binoculars around, they’re great for birdwatching and spying on the squirrels stealing from our garden. Our only complaint is that they didn’t come with a strap to hang around your neck, or a tripod. Those will have to be purchased separately.

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  10. Kelsie ErdmanKelsie Erdman

    See clearly at a distance.

    These are good binoculars to have around. The weight is easily manageable and the optics are good! They feel good in the hand and focus is easily accomplished. I love the clear view! I included a picture taken with my phone and it is followed by the view without extra optics. I actually think the phone pictures will improve as I get used to the objective! Eyes through the lens are much clearer, but I can’t make a picture of that.All in all, I think these are great binoculars!

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  11. shahab

    See things very clear through the binoculars

    After reading some introductions, I said that I could not see things clearly with the telescope with too high magnification, and I was also worried that I might have bought the wrong telescope. After taking the hand to try, see things are still very clear, there is no feeling of shaking. It also has a small tripod and a mobile phone mount that can be shot directly through a telescope with the phone. I feel that this telescope is more practical.

  12. Rachel Wang

    Love it

    Bought it as my neighbor’s son’s birthday gift. Very high quality and HD. And it’s also a good deal.

  13. Randy

    Awesome. Glad I gave these a try.

    I read the reviews but went for these inspire of some saying they caused double vision. I don’t have that problem at all. They seem like they are well built and the view is crystal clear. The case is adequate but the strap is very narrow and not very sturdy feeling. I plan to get a better strap soon.

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  14. Anne M Reich

    These work very well!! But they have a very strong rubber like smell

    I have not tried night vision yet but I love how crisp and clear they are in daylight

  15. Amy Maier

    Really impressed with the binoculars quality!

    Really impressed with the binoculars quality of these. I ordered another similar product which was okay, but not as nice as these. After seeing how good these were, I ordered another pair to replace the other brand, so my wife and I could both have a good pair. I liked the case of the other brand better, but the optical quality and the better focusing of these wins easily. These have a very easy turning focus wheel. They also seem to have a wider viewing angle. I’m quite impressed, and glad I purchased these FONSAWA binoculars. These have clear, bright, focus over the entire view (not so with the other brand).

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  16. sandyb

    great quality and the price was a bonus

    Excellent clarity, easy to use and the value pricing was awesome

  17. Harold Harder

    Great value

    Very clear & easy to use; have not taken it into harsh conditions yet, but will do so during waterfowl hunting this week

  18. ari wallace

    Excellent binoculars

    These are great! I just ordered these binoculars. As soon as they arrive I put the phone attachment on and went outside to take a test phot, to see how much closer I could get. On the left is a picture of a house down the street, with pink lights, that was taken from my phone. On the right Is the same house taken through the binoculars. I am very excited to take these out on our hikes and use them with the kids! The phone attachment was very easy to set up and the binoculars are very comfortable

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  19. Thomas


    Very satisfied

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    Excelente para vigilancia de la finca

    Con el equipo se acortan distancias y así se observa el territorio a custodiar

  21. Deanna Cliett

    Absolutely great binoculars!

    Great build and imagine quality! Zoom and adjustments are smooth so very convenient for birds watching.They are really great for the price,best part is they’re easier for me to use them without taking off my glasses!

  22. RachelRachel

    Fantastic Binoculars!

    It looks pretty nice, feel good when touching the surface, let me plan a trip and see how far it can see.

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  23. AmazonCustomer

    Good quality, affordable binoculars for casual use

    These are a good pair of binoculars, suitable for casual use, like going to concerts, sporting events, birdwatching, etc.I didn’t have these when I went to my last baseball game, so the pictures are from a test I conducted in my back yard. I took a picture with no zoom of a paperback book at a distance of about 30′. Then I attached the phone adapter, and took the second picture. The third picture was from trying to maximize the image quality using the phone’s zoom feature to remove the circle, and then adjusting the focus on the binoculars.The phone adapter takes practice, but the binoculars themselves are easy to use.

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  24. Frank DiMatteo

    Good quality for the price

    Will be using it for hunting

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