Wkersiy Inflatable paddle board 10’6 including floating paddle, paddleboard backpack, pump, leash

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1.steady, 10’6*33”*6″




Length: 10′ 6″ Width: 33″ Thickness: 6″ Item Weight: 18.2 Lbs Max Capacity: 330 Lbs Max PSI: 15 PSI/1Bar Material: Military Grade Durable drop-stitch fabric +PVC+EVA



Adjustable Floating Aluminium Paddle(length:69′-82′) High Capacity Hand Pump Coiled Ankle Leash 10L Dry Bag Repair Kit (including wrench and 2 patches) Detachable Fin Backpack for travel Owner’s Manual


Package Dimensions‏:  88*35*26cm

Package Weight: 12.5-13.5kgs

Colors: Classic Blue & Ultimate grey



[6′ long Comfortable & Durable EVA]

– Wkersiy blow-up sup provides a nice soft surface for kneeling or doing stretches or yoga. Inflated size 10′ 6” long x 33″ wide x 6″ thick, payload up to 330 pounds makes wkersiy yoga inflatable sup much more stable and supporting more passenger weight. Wkersiy 10’6” paddle board has a layer of reinforced PVC fabric to reduce the impact with rocks. Because our paddleboards are made by an inflatable Shipyard with more than 10 years of experience.



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– Air in some blow-up inflatable paddle boards may leak from weak seams where the glue comes apart. But wkersiy SUP is made of military-grade drop-stitch fabric for the inner layer, boat PVC for protecting layer, and anti-UV EVA for the top deck. You needn’t worry about the vulnerabilities of seam crossing between the stand-up boards and the valve. Just take the proper care and you shouldn’t have any trouble.

– Wkersiy sup offers you a complete stand-up paddle board with 10L sup waterproof bag, safety leash, and Aluminum adjustable paddle. Also, double-action blow-up air pump, repairing kit & big travel bag are included in wkersiy sups. Once you arrive at your destination, you can quickly inflate your board with the inflatable stand-up paddle board pump. The method of installing fins is simple: slide in and clip, no tool needed. [Quality paddle board for adults & family]

– An inflatable SUP can be rolled up to fit in a bag that can be placed in the trunk of a car or checked in on an airplane for travel. Wkersiy inflatable stand-up paddleboard is suitable for all kinds of activities, paddling, surfing, fishing, cruising, fitness, entertainment, etc. Lake, sea, and river. Taking our SUP board with you on vacation can save hundreds of dollars and our 33-inch sup provides big space for your kids or pets.

14 reviews for Wkersiy Inflatable paddle board 10’6 including floating paddle, paddleboard backpack, pump, leash

  1. Melrel05

    Durable and fun

    I’m a complete beginner when it comes to paddle boards, I have never been on one before. I do own a kayak and a canoe though, so I figured this paddle board would be perfect for days when I didn’t want to lug around a giant kayak or canoe, but still wanted to get out on the water.This comes in a nice and sturdy bag that everything fits inside, there is even a bit of extra room so you don’t have to cram things in! The bag and everything in it is also not as big as I thought it would be, which is fantastic for portability. Setup was pretty easy, the pump isn’t the best and I will use a different one next time. But inflating and everything else took me only about 15 min the first time, so I imagine next time won’tBe that long since I’ll know what to do.I’m tall for a female at 5ft10in, and this thing is long! It easily accommodated me. Standing was definitely different than anything else I have ever used, it takes some getting used to for sure if you have never done so. There is some rocking back and forth in even the calmest of lakes, I mean it’s still an inflatable no matter how thick and well built it is. But you get the hang of it! You could also lay down on this, or even sit, but I would imagine the paddle would be to long to actually be comfortable paddle if while sitting, I didn’t try it this time. And disassembly wasn’t bad at all. Overall I’m really liking this and definitely recommend!

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  2. MRM

    Comparable to Most Inflatable Paddle Boards On Market

    There are a ton of inflatable paddleboard’s on market. This one is probably just as good as any of them. The package comes with everything you need from the actual board, to the inflator, to the paddle. It also comes with a nifty backpack that allows you to carry everything in it. Just follow the directions and use the included pump to inflate it to 14 or 15 psi. You will spend a few minutes doing it if you don’t upgrade to a portable electric pump like I did. Overall, I have found to be very stable and fun to use. If you don’t have the room to carry a rigid board, this is your next best option. Recommend.

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  3. JM Umyszkiewicz

    WKERSIY great for human and canine paddleboard beginners

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    I bought this board for my girlfriend and I can’t wait to share my passion of paddle boarding with her.  Being that she’s never been on a paddle board, I had to make sure that the board I got for her was stable and safe enough for a beginner (10.6ft L and 33W). The board easily assembles and comes with all the accessories necessary for you to inflate and get out on the water and enjoy your paddle board immediately.This paddle board easily inflates in minutes .The paddle board looked great once it was inflated and my girlfriend loved the color. The white and grey look clean and elegant, just like my girlfriend so it suits her well. JUnfortunately, the weather in Chicago hasn’t been the greatest, but once the weather improves, I look forward to many adventures with her and her dog.

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  4. Shannon Gettemans

    Some glitches in my product

    Customer service is excellent and they handled my concerns quickly, updating me along the way.I really like the board however my second time out, an air bubble popped up under the nonslip pad. I have to cut open the pad to patch the hole underneath. Additionally I’ve used the pump maybe 6 times and the hose already fell apart. I feel like these things shouldn’t happen that quickly.

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  5. Jacqueline S

    Best paddle board

    Loving this paddle board!!! Super happy with everything about it!

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  6. Laura

    Wonderful Inflatable SUP

    We already own two of a different brand and so far this board is just as sturdy as they are. I was surprised to find some extras in the box our other boards didn’t come with including a carrying case, and a wet bag. Comes with pump which works excellent. Fairly easy to inflate. Board was just as stable as others we have tried and felt a little lighter weight to carry.

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  7. karine leblanc

    très bon achat

    wowww……super…très contente de mon achat…et surtout le prix 🙂

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  8. Brandon

    Nice product! And packs nicely.

    Easy to deflect and packing is nice. We are super happy with these! Great price too.

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  9. JaneJane

    Amazing Paddle Board

    This is the first paddle board we have ever bought. I looked through amazon for a while and found this one. The board is big and wide (10’6’’ by 33’’), and feels safe and stabel for beginners like us.The board comes with many helpful accessories, including a pump, an adjustable paddle, a leash, a fin, a waterproof bag you can carry like a backpack, and a fixing kit. Everything is in great condition, including the pump.We tried to inflate the board manually, it took us about 5 mins to pump it to psi of 5. The pump works very well, considering that it is a 10 feet long board. I especially liked that it comes with a pressure gauge; I know exactly when to stop pumping. It took us a longer to deflate though, wish the seller could provide an instruction on how to deflate quicker.The paddle board looks amazing when inflated, we like its design, especially beautiful blue and white color. And the dimension is comfortable for an adult and a teenager, which is perfect for me and my daughter!Unfortunately, it is still cold here, can’t wait for it to get warmer and use it more. I will definitely update it here!

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  10. kevin j rackley

    Would be 5 stars but pump doesn’t work

    Paddle board is as described …ordered 2 and both boards are great but only one of the 2 pumps works. I’d give 5 star rating if pump worked but a definite pain having only one working pump for 2 boards.

  11. James McCluskie

    Very nice

    Missing the large fin, & repair kit

  12. Rob

    Great starter kit

    This has everything you need to get started. The SUP appears to be well manufactured and has the key features to make paddle boarding enjoyable

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  13. Louise fitzgerald

    Wicked paddle board

    I was very leery purchasing an inflatable paddle board because of the obvious puncture factor but I am so happy with my purchase. Rigid enough to make you forget it’s not a rigid but the pack ability is worth it’s weight in gold

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  14. Denise M Dungan

    Decent board

    The board is good but the manual pump leaves a bit to be desired. I bought an electric pump and have a hard time getting the nozzle to fit. I have two friends who bought the same board and we have the same issue with all of them. We eventually get the nozzle to seal but I fear I’m going to rip out the plug soon.

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