Ring 1080 MAX Resolution Spot Light Cam Wired Outdoor Security Camera

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Ring R8SHP7-WEN0 1920 x 1080 MAX Resolution Spot Light Cam Wired Outdoor Rectangle Security Camera


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  • 7.2 in * 6.4 in * 6.1 in
  • 3.31 lb
  • Ring
  • R8SHP7-WEN0
  • 7.2*6.4*6.1 inch
  • 3.31 lb

57 reviews for Ring 1080 MAX Resolution Spot Light Cam Wired Outdoor Security Camera

  1. Cohibadream

    Just works and is easy to manage

    Simple setup, as with all ring products. Great wide view camera. Lights do the trick, but aren’t crazy bright or anything. Gives us more security on the back side drive of our house. Good stuff.

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  2. TOD

    Great Security Feature

    This has been a great addition to my security system. Definitely worth the purchase. I will be getting more spotlights to the other corners of the house.

  3. WhatSparkyThinks

    Peace of Mind

    This is my second ring floodlight cam- I have one on the side of my house and am adding this over my deck. The clarity of the image is impeccable! We just put in a pool and I wanted some additional security and lights, so this was perfect. The brightness and motion detection will definitely deter anyone trying to sneak in, and as I already have one floodlight cam, the app is fantastic in switching between devices!

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  4. Grant

    Great product

    Great product. Works as intended. Only Issue I had was adjusting the motion sensitivity. It took a few days or more to get it just right.

  5. DW

    Awesome unit.

    Have the first gen light and decided to add another. Loving the new features and the clarity and quicker load time. Might get another!

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  6. Kapid

    Great product for the price point!!

    This product does everything the description touches on. It easy to install and setup ( I would recommend a qualified electrician for the power source part)The motion detection and quality of the picture is amazing!!The electrician hardwired the unit to the wall and we did the set up.Important note: Make sure you have strong wireless singal before you install.

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  7. Aric P.

    Put a Ring on it!

    We moved out of the country and into the city and wanted a little security. I purchased this ring cam which came before I was ready to install. Let it sit as I was dreading the install. It was surprisingly easy and the app is easy and kind of fun to use. For anyone needing a little security I highly recommend.”The Consumer Carpenter”

  8. Toni

    Awesome addition

    I already had the ring doorbell and this was an easy addition to my home. I did have an electrician install because I purchased the hardwired one but it was pretty standard install. Camera is awesome and it’s range is very good.

  9. RPS

    Easy installation for diy

    Installed this at my uncles house, it was easy to install- the best feature is the cloth loop that attached to a hook on the plate – this allows the light to hang securely while you connect the wires

  10. MHusemanMHuseman

    Love it!

    Very easy to install. You can adjust the motion sensitivity to pick up on every movement or major movement. For 30/year you can save all recordings in the cloud. I downloaded the app and you can control the lights and even make the alarm go off. I have it set so if there is movement at night the flood lights come on. I absolutely love this and it has been not only my new toy but also provides security. I installed it to face my driveway and street. I am going to get one for my front door and possibly my back door as well. When the lights go on night vision is excellent. I definitely would recommend this Ring floodlight. You can share videos with neighbors (anonymous of name) with a generalized location which is another plus.

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  11. Linda F.

    It’s Awesome!

    The Ring Floodlight Camera works like a gem. We have it aimed towards the backyard and it catches what it’s supposed to catch. The sensitivity may be a little strong on ours because it will sometimes say a person is “at the Side” but it’s actually a car passing by. Doesn’t happen often though. We do have the Ting to say that it’s recording when it detects a person, which is a great feature. However, it did scare the stray cat that jumped on our fence at 5:00 one morning.This was easy to assemble and to also setup as an addition to our Ring Doorbell. Price is right with this! If you’re in the market for a camera/floodlight, this is a great choice.

  12. Gwendolyn Pitts

    Great Addition to Ring Doorbell

    I was prepared for a tough installation. I encountered a problem with the unit connecting to the wifi signal. I finally uninstalled the ring app from my phone and re-installed it with updates and the unit connected immediately. I like that I can “draw” the target area for motion detection.

  13. Rhonda Orendorff

    Great motion detection!

    Love the Ring Floodlight Camera that we got installed. It has great picture clarity & quite an expansive view. It’s very sensitive to what sets it off so I’m afraid that we’ll have to cut some tree branches further away when the foliage (leaves) comes in due to all the wind we have. The lights are very bright & the ability to talk w/ someone outside thru it is a great feature…especially if you ever want to scare your husband or mess w/ your dogs! This certainly makes us feel better when we’re away from home & we can see what’s happening right away when it alerts us.

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  14. JeffJeff

    Ring Floodlight Secures My Property From The Roof Line

    Overall a good product, motion detection is good, no false motions so far. Great spread of lighting from the flood lights. Camera quality is good and covers my entire backyard. Wifi signal is very strong, never had an issue with it. We’ve had some very cold nights and no issues with the product. I mounted the floodlight under the roof eve with an electrical box I installed. Works great!

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  15. Andrew PhillipsAndrew Phillips

    Easy installation, great picture quality

    Installation was simple and straightforward. Synching to existing ring camera and app was easy, with step-by-step prompts within the app. Picture quality is outstanding in daylight and good to very good at night. Programming motion zones and schedules is also easy within the app.

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  16. FPC

    Excellent Floodlight Security Camera

    The 2021 Ring Floodlight Security Camera is an excellent product. The phone App is smart and intuitive. The camera captures movement and sound day and night. Camera includes speaker for sound and Mic for communication. Use the phone App to communicate. View the videos using the Phone App. The Security Camera is hard wired for power and uses WIFI for internet. This Security Camera has many features. Functionality includes setting motion zones on the App screen to trigger video capture and setting separate motion zones to trigger turning on the flood lights. Notifications sent to the phone. Turn on and off the lights remotely and manually using the App if desired. Turn on and off the siren remotely and manually using the App if desired.

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  17. Arturo Lopez

    Easy setup.

    I had to return for an exchange the first one because it would not stay connected to wifi. The replacement has been working well with no problems since I swapped it out. It’s linked to my ring doorbell and the both pick up motion very good. At this time I am very satisfied with the performance. I will update this post if things change with this product.

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  18. Debbie Brooks

    Great old floodlight replacement

    Perfect replacement for old floodlights

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  19. Jenna

    Fabulous product!

    Love this product! The flood light turns on when motion is detected. The video is clear. You can tell in the video when the light turns on, because it goes from night time colors (black and white) to full color. You can also hear a clicking sound in your video when the light turns on. I definitely recommend this product!

  20. Jose

    Works Great!

    Reading all the reviews I decided to give it a go. I replaced my driveway light with these floodlights/ camera. Boy, was I surprised how much brighter at night it gets. The camera was just as good. I just adjusted my notifications and couldn’t be happier.

  21. Ash


    I really love this motion detector ring floodlight. I like all the features such as the siren and u can talk to the person in view. Everything is so clear. Night features are very clear. Floodlight is the greatest!!

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  22. Chris kChris k

    Wow my mind is blow away!

    This thing has crystal clear vision, great WiFi super easy to setup this is a must buy!

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  23. Janet Elder

    Exceptional Quality

    After three houses on our street were broken into, I decided to invest in a home security system and lighting around the perimeter of our house. I did a lot of research over a few days and read countless reviews in order to find the perfect options for my household. I was going to go back to ADT but they were booked up and couldn’t come around for a “quote” for three weeks, so I opted to try the Ring Floodlight with camera. Because we live on the end of the street next to the Bayou (maybe 25ft. from our house) that opens up into the lake, it is really dark and we are secluded from everyone and everything, which is perfect for criminals. At night, it’s pitch black outside and you can’t even see your hand In front of your face much less anything else. The Ring floodlight has eliminated the darkness. I’ve been using it for about a month now and my family loves it !! When it detects motion, it automatically turns the lights on at night on and starts recording. During the daytime, it just records so you don’t waste the light. I love that when I hear the unique chimes that I can check what’s going on at my house while I’m at work. We feel so much safer and I notice less traffic coming down our street since we’ve ordered them. I thought it would be a hassle to set up since I knew I’d be the one to do it but it was as easy as I was informed it would be. I am thrilled with this purchase and can’t wait to order more items from Ring to complete our home security safety!! By the way, a few nights ago I was coming in the house after getting off work and it instantly started recording since it sensed my presence. I looked around before getting out of my car and didn’t see a thing. Watching the video clip the next day at work, it showed a deer in the background. That’s how good the lighting, night vision is. I hope my review has helped you!

  24. Crystal M.

    Great driveway light and camera.

    Pro- Camera/light came in a very well packed box, easy to follow directions. Image looks great. I have it connected to my echo and TV so I can ask either one to show me camera and it pops right up. I love that I can set a timer for the flood lights to turn on and stay on till a certain time and then go off unless motion is detected.Con- even at the lowest setting for motion the sun moving through the trees trips the motion recording all day long. And it would be nice if the camera would be more discrete like the blink outdoor cameras.

  25. Amazon Customer

    Live video alert a bit slow

    Just 2 minor problems i have found. When i get notified there is movement on my camera, by the time i click on the app and it opens, movement has already gone by. I need to close the live video and look at the previous video on history to see what the movement was. A bit frustrating.Also, unless object is directly in front of camera, video is not clear when you make the video bigger to see a person. Unable to see what the person looks like. Other than that this work great

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  26. NYBatman

    Ring Motion Detection Lights

    Brought two of these are reading the previous reviews. They are a good add on to your existing ring set up if you have one. They are easy to install following the step by step set up. The work well and even have the ability to use them to light up your area if you need to be out longer at night.I recommend these as they work better than my previous motion lights that I replaced.

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  27. Avi


    Very impressed with video quality and motion sensitivity. The only concern I had was when fixing the light, the given fixtures were not supporting my existing setup and I had to make few changes to fit it. It took time but the final output seems ok. Happy with purchase and having all ring products bell home security

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  28. Amber

    Great floodlight camera

    I almost went with the Pro version but this one is great and has very good quality video. I have a first generation ring floodlight and this is significantly nicer in appearance and video quality. Very easy to install. I like that it speaks if someone (or an animal) is on my property.

  29. Alicia LillyAlicia Lilly

    Best tool to have.

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     I love it, you feel safe. Specifically when you are not at home , you can go to your app in see what is taking places around your home.Very happy with it , have 5 cams.

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  30. Lost R.

    It’s so easy to use

    Gotta love ring products, they just seem to work, this is my second motion light and it’s just nice and easy to watch the videos and for the cost it’s so worth it

  31. Carmen

    Peace of mind is worth every penny

    I absolutely love our ring floodlights. My husband and I purchased this after our car was stolen and we no longer felt safe in our home. We now know exactly who is walking, driving by, coming onto our property and we even know who has been near our house or across the street too. This gave us back the peace of mind we had lost. Which us truly irreplaceable. Expensive, but worth every penny.

  32. David Solis


    Love how it works in conjunction with my front ring device. The warning feature is freaking awesome. Scared the hell out of my lawn guy. He jumped and gave out a slight yell, then cussed up a storm….and because it’s a ring device and has a camera, I GOT IT ON VIDEO!!!!! Ifs the gift that keeps on giving.

  33. Joel Ramos

    Excellent product!

    Great product, easily installed. Removed my outdoor garage light and replaced with the camera/sensor lights. Super easy to follow directions and alerts me anytime anyone is near my garage or vehicles. Alerts go straight to my iPhone or iPad.

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  34. Jessica PriceJessica Price

    Worth every penny

    This was worth every penny. Room me about 15 minutes to install each camera and then maybe 5 minutes to set up on my phone. It casts a wide net over my yard and part of rhe neighborhoods property. The camera is great at capturing movement and the app is easy to use. So far it been catching the local wildlife and notably alerted me that I accidentally locked my cat out once. Based on other reviews I did caulk around the base after mounting to prevent moisture. Been two months since installed and I like it so much I paid for the subscription. Will definitely add more ring devices to my security network as needed.

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  35. cjs

    Works great at our business entry gate

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     Still adjusting final positioning… but works great at the entry gate to our business. We can not only see people, but hear them as well…Will be trying to position it to where we can get better visual of tags (hopefully) and better shots of people as they come and go.

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  36. BillyMBillyM

    Better than Eufy Floodlight Cam (from my perspective)

    Picked up a Ring Stick-up cam, Floodlight Cam Plus, and Ring Alarm system during prime day. Previously had a Eufycam Floodlight (original version) but had issues with it not picking up motion until someone was virtually on top of it (with max sensitivity set). I’ve been very impressed with the Ring Floodlight Cam Plus so far. The human detection is working very well on the Ring. I’m getting alerts and recordings even when people walk down the street with their dog but I’m not getting false alarms for wind, shadows, and animals. Also, the wider field of view on the Ring is very helpful (as you can see in the pictures). One feature I liked on the Eufy was that you could have the lights come on at dusk, stay on at reduced brightness, and then brighten up when motion was detected. With the Ring, you can turn them on at dusk, set a brightness, but there is no difference in brightness when motion is detected. This is something Ring could easily add through a software update so I hope they do. BTW, mine is hung under an eve (rather than on a wall) and I had no problem adjusting the camera and lights to support the eve mounting.

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  37. Texas Native

    Great camera -easiest set up.

    The hardest part for me was running an electrical line to where I wanted this. Once that was done installing was so easy. Be sure to dial down the sensitivity unless you want every car on the road to alert you.I love how you can adjust the zones to fit a driveway or other area.

  38. Julie Ann MatuszakJulie Ann Matuszak

    Best product for your money

    Easiest install. Wired one by one.I love the color cam video. The night vision is clear. It alerts me with in seconds of motion or people at door. Working two way talk is great on the phone.I suggest to keep brightness of light at half way upon set up. It is super bright.

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  39. ZulyAmazon Customer

    High quality

    Simple installation and solid construction. Video quality is very high. Even in the dark the night vision is crystal clear. I would recommend.

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  40. ClintClint

    Good quality camera!

    This is a great addition to my ring doorbell pro! The image quality is superb, and build quality is solid, but it has a lot of plastic parts. I just hope it can handle the Texas heat.

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  41. TryggR

    Easy to install

    This was very easy to put up. Took done an existing wall mounted light and swapped this in easily. The wiring was long enough to accommodate you if you don’t have much in the box to tie into. Plus the hanger loop on the back was nice surprise. It’s a pain to wire with one hand and support a fixture with the other. That person needs award! Snapped right into the base. Take a picture of the QR code and the numbers below it on the back of the camera before mounting. I didn’t but I was able to make enough room to capture the QR code when setting it up. You can use the numbers to setup if you can’t get the QR. The motion sensitivity is super quick for the lights to pop on. Camera and lights are easy to adjust too.

  42. Pamela Stanford

    So glad we bought it

    We put the Ring security light by our garage to watch our driveway. The picture is clear with or without the lights on. Lights are bright but dimmable. It went up in place of our old lights super easy and quick. It has a very wide view also. Works great and we love the piece of mind to see the driveway, side of the house and keep an eye on our cars. Highly recommend.

  43. Love My 55

    Excellent Product

    I was able to install this ring product and have it functioning in less than 30 minutes! The instructions, the tools provided and the quality of product is so good! This was by far the best all around for quality and ease of installation !

  44. Franchise

    Great safety/security addition

    Got the wired spotlight camera as a drop in replacement for an old spotlight. This comes with a lot of extra hardware for various mounting options. Motion detection sometimes triggered by bugs near the sensor, but otherwise is pretty reliable (detects critters in backyard – go away skunk!). Flood light covers a good area and is easily adjustable.

  45. robert

    Very well built.

    Awesome! I really love this ring light. I put it over my garage and I love being able to have a camera watching over my vehicles at night. Motion is very good, it even detects the cats at night when they walk by my vehicle’s.

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  46. Brian

    Everything I needed in a camera and light

    This floodlight and camera are excellent. Picture quality is wonderful, custom zones for motion detection allows me to mark where my property begins so my neighbors do not set off the alarm unless they step into my yard. Settings for sensitivity allow small animals to not set off the alarm. The monthly cost of keeping motion detections videos is well worth the cost. I will be adding more cameras, and a ring doorbell once it arrives. Hope everyone reading this has a wonderful day.

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  47. AJ

    It works

    I liked that it was easy to install and setup.

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  48. L

    What a Good Product!!

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     Bought 2 wired Floodlight Cams. One in back and one in front. These have smart alert functions that hit on people and animals quite reliably, and not cars going down the street (not all ring products have this). No batteries! WiFi range is good. IR night vision excellent! Can see 50 ft at night with no floodlight. Color video is great! Lots of options, motion zones, light zones, scheduling. REALLY solid product!!! Video is wife going to work in the morning. 60 seconds of floodlight help her see.I would like to add that if wifi signal at Ring device drops below about RSSI-70, then live view on cell phone seems to revert to a snap shot. However, the video is sent to the cloud and can be watched later. I moved my WIFI router to get RSSI-56 on one camera and RSSI-47 on the other one. This seems to be the key to getting these cameras to work as designed. RSSI for your camera can be found in Device Health on the app.

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  49. John

    Great Product!

    These are 2nd generation floodlight cams and are primarily plastic as opposed to the 1st generation cams which were aluminum. That being said they were a lot easier to install since the mounting bracket is a single screw in the center of the light… so you don’t have to worry about the proper mounting direction as the whole assembly will turn about 90 degrees after its mounted.These lights can be very sensitive, on the high setting a moth flying by will set the camera off.Picture quality is good and can be zoomed in to reveal lots of detail.My one complaint is that the Ring app can be a bit tempermental in Live mode.

  50. FinsterFinster

    Great quality, easy install.

    Easy to install…just follow the instructions. Make sure to turn off the power at the breaker! Looks good and the picture quality is great. Had to lower the sensitivity because even the bugs were picked up for motion. No other complaints so far but it just went up yesterday. So far so good.

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  51. Esin Y

    Excellent camera

    I purchased this camera after making some searches and read many reviewsIt’s real the one of the best in the market

  52. rbell1128

    We like Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus with motion-activated 1080p HD video (multiple purchases)

    We bought two Floodlight Cams to augment our Ring doorbell and have since purchased another one for the side of the home. We are happy with all of the cameras and regularly check home security while on the road.

  53. RickRick

    So good, I bought a second a few months later.

    We have a blind spot in the front of our house caused by the location of the garage. This RING floodlight cam plus took care of that concern. It provides a much more secure feeling knowing what goes on at the driveway and the front side of the house. I love this product so much, I purchased one for the back yard as well. I also appreciate that there is the option to purchase the RING plug-in cord since I did not have an existing light fixture or electrical outlet near the front of the garage. A great purchase that provides piece of mind.

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  54. Pravin Pathak

    This is my third Ring camera. Fully satisfied with purchase so far

    Best part of the camera is it avoids false detection. Its pretty good at it. I always put it in person detection mode. This weeds out all other motion alarms which mostly people are not interested in. Schedule allows suppressing alarms in places like Deck where there is activity during day time. Zone allows skipping areas that need not be monitored. I wish google hubs supported Ring cam. Alexa is not a good man-machine interface. Ring app is good,

  55. Andrew Hetzel

    $30 a year after purchase but it’s worth it

    I have 3 ring cameras around my house, you can pull up the app and look at all 3 live and review any history. It works great. Costs me $90 a year but i think it’s well worth it. I had a camera that you didn’t need a subscription for and it was garbage. $30 per camera per year is nothing compared to what it provides you.

  56. Tcepp

    Very impressed

    Very impressed with overall quality of video day and night. 50+ ft of motion sensor ability. Flood lights are very bright.

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  57. H2K

    Video surveillance for the masses

    This is a good product. Installation is easy and they include all necessary tools, screws, wire nuts, etc. Set up worked well and in no time I had both real time video and access to the archive. I get a number of false positives – potentially related to insects, animals in the yard, lights from cars reflecting on the camera – but I think that can eventually be tuned out or ignored. You get 30 days of video archive capability, but after that, you have to pay something like $3/mo per device – or they have some package plans that improve the price a bit. Good product. I bought two more.

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