Stainless Steel Electric Juicer 1000ML Juice Cup

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This Juicer is small and easy to operate. The juicer features a 3.3-inch feed chute, entire apple or pear can be put in for juicing (small size fruit), no cutting apart needed. Food grade stainless steel cutting dis, extract higher juice yield and less foaming.  Design is simple and beautiful, with combined structure, easy to install and clean. A safety lock unit for switching is specially designed, in order to make sure the appliance is safe and reliable in use. When the temperature exceeds 105 degrees, the electric motor will stop automatically.



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1. Sharp blades and precision filters, extract higher juicer yield and less pulp.
2. 3.3″ wide mouth feed chute, whole fruits and vegetables without slicing.
3. Dual safety lock design, safety locking arm makes sure the cover is on tight while operating.
4. Three-speed electric motor (“1”: 12000 to 15000 RPM, “2”: 15000 to 18000 RPM, “P”: 18000RPM ).
5. 304 stainless steel material, 1500ml pulp tank and 1000ml juicer jug.
6. 800W power and low noise.

1. Capacity: 1500ml
2. Material: Stainless Steel & ABS Plastic
3. Voltage: 110V
4. Plug Type: US Standard
5. Power: 800W
6. Operating modeHighest SpeedHigh and Low
7. Dimensions: (13.78 x 10.7 x 15.35)”/ (35 x 27.2 x 39)cm (L x W x H)
8. Weight: 102oz / 2900g
9. Color: Silver & Black
10. Brand: ZOKOP
Package Includes:
1 x Main Machine
1 x Pushing Bar
1 x Transparent Cover
1 x Juicing Net
1 x Middle Ring
1 x 1500ml Residue Barrel
1 x 1000ml Juicer Jug
1 x Instructions

78 reviews for Stainless Steel Electric Juicer 1000ML Juice Cup

  1. Echo Sloan

    How easy it is to use.

    When mangoes are ripe I like to make juice out of them. I was cutting them up and putting them in the blender trying to make juice. the pulp was unbelievable, I would have to strain them and it took forever and was very messy. Now I make juice out of celery, beets, carrots, and anything else that I can possibly use to make juice out of. It is so fast and the clean-up is so easy.

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  2. CELLY

    Great juicer

    Easy to clean and work great. Fast delivery

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  3. Mike Schmidt

    Great Juicer

    It works exactly as I expected. I have been wanting a juicer since I went overseas and used one. It is perfect for my needs and so easy to use.

  4. Amber Otts

    Best juicer around!

    I’ve owned a number of juicers in the past and I must say that this one is put together perfectly I love how the blade mechanism fits into the machine. The blade cage is more safety conscious than others. The wider feeder tube works well with larger cucumbers and carrots. The juice cup/pitcher is extremely handy, you are not running around searching for a tall enough glass or bowl.

  5. Dorian Theodore

    Really easy to use and clean! Perfect!

    I’m really enjoying the juicing. After reading reviews of several other machines, I decided on this particular one because of the ease of cleaning it. It works really well so far.

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  6. Jason Lindemann

    Easy to use

    This is a quality juicer, that works amazing. It handles bigger fruits like a charm, and is very easy to clean. I would highly recommend this product for the price point.

  7. Abbe F.Abbe F.

    Good bang for the buck!

    So, I purchased this juicer to specifically make fresh ginger shots. My friend had been making them for me for several months. The juicer worked great! Ginger is very fiberous, it had to be cut up into medium pieces, and the fibers had to be cleaned out of the blade area several times during the process. Overall, very pleased with this purchase, highly recommend. Also, easy to take apart and clean.

  8. KS


    This is the best juicer ever!!! Thank you so much for making such a great product. Juice yield is amazing and the garbage container literally has nothing left but dust for peels. I have never seen such a great juicer..ever. Clean up I’d a breeze as well. Check out the videos posted on this juicer. Very accurate and helpful.

  9. Ben barryBen barry

    Good solid juicer

    Excellent for general juicing of fruits and vegetables. Easy enough to assemble and clean, with most of the various pieces fitting in the dishwasher. I didn’t notice any leaking while juicing as I have with some other juicers. My only complaint is that the juicer would sometimes spit out little bits of fruit when I threw in small pieces of fruit, but it wasn’t anything too bad. Overall highly recommended.

  10. kaylyn infante

    Love it

     Very fast and efficient

  11. Amparo

    Practico y rapido y moderno

    Me encanta ahora puedo prepararme mis jugos de frutas y verduras facil ….

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  12. Marma’s mom

    Great juicer all around

    Never juiced before and just wanted a simple juicer with not all those attachments. This is great.. so easy to assemble, and very easy to clean. Took it out of the box and with in 10 minutes I had juice ( 3 medium oranges fit all at 1 time ) to make frozen icecream bars. Now I can add kale, spinach, beets etc. to my smoothies. The pulp from carrots, celery can be put in soup. It’s not that loud. Not big and clumsy, doesn’t take up a lot of room.This was a great find for me.Would recommend to anyone who wants a great little juicer at a great price.Give this 5 stars all around👍

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  13. Amar Mujadzic

    Nice item

    It works really well and seems much more powerful than the other one I had

  14. NellahTV

    Love it

    Easy to clean is my biggest thing! Love it.

  15. Second Choice

    100% Juice

    Prepared my first juice Immediately upon delivery. Now it is time to go to the supermarket and get all my fruits and vegetables. Most of the bottle juices are only 7 to 12 percent juice, But now I am getting 100% Juice without the artificial sweeteners.

  16. Reviewer

    Fantastic and best juicer!

    This juicer fulfills all my expectations and more – high quality materials, high yield on juicing and very easy to clean. I am juicing celery every day and the celery juice already started to improve all of my stomach and intestine issues.

  17. Brent Parmenter

    Best Juicer for any Price

    I have used the top of the line Breville Juicer which is excellent but this less expensive juicer is just as effective and makes excellent juice, great tasting with carrots and apples. Love, Love, Love,

  18. Amazon Customer

    If you’re tired of blending to juice??? This is for you.

    Best most inexpensive thing in my kitchen. I’ve had it for about 3 months and it works well I use it every other day to make juices for me and my spouse, as well as our two kids.

  19. Kim M.

    One powerful juicer!

    It’s a powerful juicer! This juicer gets all the juice out of the fruits and vegetables!

  20. Amit

    A powerful machine with superior parts and performance

    So far, it a great experience to use the juicer machine. The product delivery was two days earlier than scheduled. The waste content (pulp) is quite dried, which means more juice in a run. It isn’t difficult to clean and assemble the parts. 

  21. Christina Walker


    I had a Jack lalane juicer for years. Wore it out! This is just like it. Love it!

  22. K. Young

    Love it!!!

    I don’t have to many experiences with juicers. This is my first juicer purchase and I have no complaints whatsoever! My daughter and I would go to Whole Foods for Their juice bar but it recently closed. My daughter kept asking to make the juice so I knew I had to get one. This seemed to be the only juicer that had 5 stars so I figured I would try this one and I’m so happy that I did! It is very easy to assemble, use, and clean! And the juice tastes exactly how it did at Whole Foods. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and plan on purchasing other products from this company.

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  23. Cooley

    Thankful we bought it for canning tomato juice!

    It is amazing! First of all it looks way too fancy to be in our kitchen! But after juicing tomatoes for canning, we will never part with it!! It’s absolutely amazing! It’s very easy to put together and our 8 year old could run it.

  24. Jaclyn K. Stimach

    Great product to help get more out of your fruits and veggies

    This is a great product. Fairly easy to clean and assemble. But the best is enjoying the fruits and veggies in a variety of ways. Helping me to keep on track with my healthy lifestyle

  25. Frances Wohlenhaus Munday

    A quality Juicer.

    I made two batches of JUICE today and I’m thrilled. The JUICER arrived last night.

  26. Rogers Park Chicago

    It extracts a lot of juice from carrots and apples.

    On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being easy, I’d say it’s a 4 for cleaning and 3 for assembly. Definitely make as much as you can at a time. You don’t want to have to re-clean it back-to-back.

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    Love this juicer!

    I love that I can make fresh beet juice with Ginger and apples and any other vegetables that I have. The machine is super easy to put together and to clean. Love love love it!!! If you can find fresh juice, it costs around $9 a bottle. Oh I figured that this machine will pay for itself within a few months.

  28. Queenie

    Powerful Juicer

    This is an amazing juicer. I brought the juicer to replace my Jack Lelane juicer. This is a better and stronger juicer. The pulp is almost completely dried as a result I’m getting more juice. It is also so much easier to transfer the juice to a glass jar with the little pitcher. I’m loving my new juicer!

  29. NoemiDR76

    Very good machine.

    This machine I use every day. My husband and I decided to start eating healthier and we is use it to make green juice. The only thing I don’t like about this is I have to spend time cleaning after I use it because comes with many pieces but it’s worth it. I would buy again the same machine.

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  30. Frank C.

    Easy to use all around

    My family and I are starting to make juices to live a better and healthier lifestyle. This juicer makes it so easy to do just that! Super easy to assemble. They literally have directions placed all over the box, a paper manual, a sticker in the juicer for cleaning and a QR code for a paperless manual! The main whole is big enough to fit a smaller apple. You may still want to slice it in half! Overall great juicer!!

  31. Theresa

    I’m totally satisfied great machine, recommend it highly!!

    Easy clean, use , looks great too!!

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  32. aracely

    El mejor que he tenido

    Me encanta lo rápido y fácil que es hacer jugos saludables y además es súper potente .. me ha funcionado sin problemas

  33. s.c

    The best juicer for the $

    Amazing storng juicer, will juice your veggies and fruit to their full juice potential.Don’t look any further for a juicer, takes about 9 days to arrive but worth the wait.Highly recommend

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  34. Rho

    Fast and efficient juicer

    Large feeder tube. Can juice whole fruits without peeling usually. Amazing. Was originally concerned about the two minute use limit before a one minute rest period. But, this is so fast two minutes is more than enough to do a lot of fruit/veg juice. Then you need to get something else ready and/or handle the juice so it is not a problem.

  35. Dave&Becca

    Easy to clean

    Not only is it so easy to use but so easy to clean! All parts that you can disassemble are dishwasher safe.

  36. MJ lester

    Great buy!

    This is my first experience with a juicer and I’m very happy with it. I run the leftovers through again to get more juice. Clean up is easy enough. I have no complaints.

  37. Lori B

    Great product.

    Great product for the price. Easy to clean. Ran everything through the dishwasher and it came out undamaged. Nothing clogged even with thick pulp foods. Foods juiced well that there wasn’t mushy left overs. Juices were great!

  38. Khalid Shahin

    This is the best one I found and you should buy it like I did

    It works and I have no problems with it and it is great should really but

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  39. WilleighNilleighWilleighNilleigh

    My first Juicer

    This is my first juicer I have nothing else to compare it to. I can honestly say it’s a wonderful juicer. The waste picture was one huge bunch of celery, 3 small green apples, a cucumber, some ginger, and half a lemon. And it produced 32 ounces of juice. I would definitely recommend this juicer.

  40. CBro

    This Juicer gets right down to business!

    This Juicer is replacing our old standby Champion Juicer, that we somehow lost in our move. We’ve used this juicer about 20 times so far and it runs flawlessly and cleans up easily. We mostly use carrots, but it seems to chomp down most anything we push down its throat. Especially apples that we always have a lot of due to the orchard next to us. Highly recommended.

  41. Tianna Weathington

    Great product!

    Great juicer. My only tip is, don’t shove the fruits and vegetables down the shoot. Slowly advance them with slow movements and you’ll extract all the juice and the pulp really will be bled dry. You go faster, and you will have watery pulp. You can’t go wrong with this one unless you ignore what I said. Finesse it with that move and all will be well.

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  42. John RanieriJohn Ranieri

    Great juicer

    Looks good, easy to disassemble for cleaning, powerful motor

  43. AngieAngie

    100% Worth It

    You guys…. YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE! So happy with this purchase. I’ve had this juicer for almost a month now. I use it just about everyday. The cleanup is easy and the juice is yummy!!!

  44. Rain birds

    Great juicer

    This juice is by far the best juicer I have had. I love how easy it is to use and clean. It is quieter than another one I have used before. It produces so much juice. For the money you can’t get a better juicer.

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  45. Nicole

    Excellent juicer!!

    It is easy to assemble, easy to use & easy to clean. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. I love this product, so far, so good!!

  46. Linda

    Love My Juicer

    First of all there is no assembly. It’s ready right out of the box. Just wash the parts that will touch your food and you’re ready to juice. So far I’ve done carrots, apples, strawberries and pears with absolutely no problems. Clean up is a breeze if you do it as soon as you are done juicing. I rinse each part with hot water, lay parts out on a towel to dry and I’m done. The only negative I found was with the so called manual, seems they could have added a couple of recipes to get people going. Other than that small thing, it’s wonderful and well worth the investment.

  47. aaronJwill

    Solid juicer!

    I’ve only used it once so far, but really liked it! I think I need to use it a few more times before I use the “L” word (love), but I was very happy with the first use! It wasn’t insanely loud, it was easy to clean and I felt like I got a pretty good amount of juice. I juiced 2 spears of celery, a quarter of a cucumber, a handful of spinach and a tiny piece of ginger and got about 12-14 oz of juice. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a good juicer! (P.s. I’ve previously owned a Breville juicer and I think this one stacks up just as well!)

  48. Jose Castellanos

    The Perfect Juice Maker!

    This Juice Maker Is My Far The Best. My Previous Ones Always Left Crums In The Mix But Not This One And It Make Pure Liquid With No Crums In The Drink.

  49. nat

    Decent machine for price

    This is being used to help my husband lose weight and help with inflammation and digestive issues. We are using books written by Joe Cross, very helpful. The instruction manual doesn’t show what speeds are appropriate for which fruits and vegetables. That would be helpful.

  50. Patty

    Absolutely love my new juicer!!!

    This is the absolute best juicer I have ever had! Was so easy to put together, clean and use. Pulp comes out dry so lots of juice. High quality. Love it!

  51. Lucky to read reviews

    Great Juicer

    I really like using this juicer…very easy to clean and fantastic that the attachments can be run through the dishwasher. Much quieter than I had expected. Works great on carrots, however, oranges are a bit of a pain having to peel and seed them first. I bought this machine to extract water from potatoes to make a special Nova Scotia dish called Rappie Pie.

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  52. Anne McQuaid


    This juicer, for being as light as a feather, is one HECK of a juicer ~ your pulp will literally come out dry as dust! I always throw it in the yard for the birds, bunnies and then enjoy my INCREDIBLE juice. Make enough for 2 days to save on time! SO EASY to assemble/clean!

  53. Tiffany

    Great Juicer!!!

    I’ve spent days looking for an affordable, easy to clean, good review juicer. I came across this one, watched a few videos and was sold! 

  54. TealSpirit78

    Overall great purchase

    I spent a lot of time reading reviews for a juicer. Because I’m a beginner I chose a centrifugal machine. This unit is easy to setup and clean. Also, it’s not as loud as I expected. The motor makes noise like a mini jet but it’s not terribly obnoxious.

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  55. Julie

    Love it

    I purchase this juicer and it works perfect for me. It’s fast , easy to use and easy to clean . I juice every day from carrots, lemons, oranges, ginger, beats, celery, and will try other fruits and vegetables. Works wonderfully! Looks good on my kitchen counter.

  56. Matthew E. Boley

    Excelente hacedor de jugo !!!

    Ya llevo alrededor de un año con el, sigue en excelentes condiciones como cuando me llego por primera vez. Es fuerte, fácil de usar y me ayuda muchísimo con los vegetales. Funciona excelente y viene con instrucciones incluidas y un cepillo para el proceso de limpiarlo, el cual es muy fácil.Llego en excelentes condiciones, totalmente nuevo de paquete y rápido. 

  57. Diamond7780

    Great Juicer!

    Great juicer! I leave it out on my counter. The black and stainless steel matches my appliances. It juices veggies and fruits quickly. I highly recommend.

  58. CHGZZZ

    great juicer

    I am a new juicer and I love this product. It is easy to use, clean and store. The juicer separates the juice from the pulp. I just drop the pulp in a recipe or drop it into my compost bucket, using everything is important. I love that I no longer have any waste using up all my veggies and fruits. I highly recommend this juicer.

  59. Denise LindsayDenise Lindsay

    The best juicer ever, very simple to use and clean.

    So easy to dismantle and put together, easy to use and easy to clean. I love how quickly the fruits and vegetables extract. I use to just use an ordinary blender to make my green juice but I had to add water and it basically diluted the juice. Using this product I don’t need to add water and I get every juice extracted from my fruits and vegetables, giving a richer and tastier drink.

  60. Heather Kelly

    Great Item

    Great juicer, easy to use and easy to clean and assembele. great addition to my kitchen as I make immune boosting juices for me to have for breakfast each day with tumeric. love it

  61. Judy Bristow

    Couldn’t be happier with my Purchase!!

    I do wish there were written instructions included, but quickly realized it was easy, easy to figure out and then use.

  62. harry williams

    Best juicer ever

    Best juicer ever.

  63. DB

    Easy to use! Easy to clean! Plenty of juice!

    Wow! I used this this morning for the first time and was AMAZED at how easy that wasJuice flowing out in seconds and plenty of very dry pulp making me believe that all the juice was extractedSo easy to take apart and clean in the dishwasher I am so pleased with this product!

  64. MarQ

    Easy to use juicer – it’s a snap.

    I opened the package this morning and tried it for the first time. I like that it is pretty easy to clean. I also appreciate that the juice was really pure. What I mean by that is that there were no pulp whatsoever in the juice even though I put the whole orange and cucumber into the it. I saw a recipe for boosting the immune system on the Today Show last week and I decided that I wanted to start my days with a green juice. I am not a fan of green juice so I was anxious to see whether this new recipe was tolerable. I had never used a juicer and thought it was going to be not complicated but a lot of work for just a quick morning drink. Turned out I was wrong with this product and everything worked well. The instructions were easy to follow.

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  65. renee riffee

    Impressive! Well made ! Easy to clean !

    This is my second juicer so I had a better idea of what to look for this time. Extremely well made product with very fast juicing ability and easy to clean construction!

  66. Nhu

    Great quality

    Bought this for my mom for mother’s day and she loves it! It is very easy to use. At first it was kinda hard to assemble/dissemble but we got the hang of it. It is very easy to use and it’s good for the price.

  67. hamid ranjbar

    So far I love it.

    I have used this juice maker more than 3 times and I love it. The best juice maker ever. I recommend it. Very powerful.

  68. Scott57


    This is a product worthy of a review. My wife was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis we call (MSBS) in 2018. Long story in short we decided to start juicing. Orginally we set our goal at 10 days and we are now in day 23 with 7 days left. This juicer has made us 8, 12 oz. Of juice each day and has held up from carrots, parsnips, beets, whatever we have put in it it has more than handled the job. 5 stars, 2 thumbs up. We feel amazing.

  69. K. G

    Good juicer

    My old juicer died on me after few good years of use, Chose this one not expensive reasonably priced. Happy with my purchase this juicer is very good, the speed of juicing is very fast, and it is very convenient to use. I like it very much.

  70. Mr. T

    Very Easy To Clean

    I love this product

  71. Boogatron

    Powerful and well made!

    Excellent juicer. Really powerful and not that noisy. I get a decent amount of juice out of it.It’s a bit bulky but its power is a decent trade-off. I recommend it.

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  72. Erica

    More juice than other juicer

    We love this juicer. We get a LOT more juice out of this one than our Mueller juicer. The pulp is dry and there is less of it. Works fast and easy.

  73. Mariely lora


    Muy buen artículo,funciona perfecto.

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  74. Sean A FletcherSean A Fletcher

    Juicer Of Champions

    I cannot tell you all how much I love…this juicer! It’s like investing in your health. This is so easy to use, assembled and to clean. Oh and let’s not forget POWERFUL. I’m so happy that I made the decision to purchase it when I did…it came in really handy during the same at home with the pandemic. I would highly recommend you invest in this Juicer as well as you life. You wouldn’t be sorry!!!

  75. Sierra Hendrix-Williams

    Loved the juicer!

    Bought this for my girlfriend as a birthday gift. So far, we’ve had no issues. Yesterday was the first time she used it though. Very easy assembly & cleaning. It’s also super easy to use. Lots of parts! But it only took one time to get how it all fits together & works. The product was in good condition. The packaging was also good. She’s never used a juicer before & was overall happy with the experience.

  76. Crys

    I enjoy juicing now!

    Prior to purchasing this juicer, I often used a blender then upgraded to a different juicer. The amount of time that it took to clean the other juicer turned me away from juicing. However based on the reviews I purchased this juicer and I am not disappointed. Every morning I find myself juicing for me and the entire family which includes my husband and three children.

  77. park


    This is a great juicer. Fast, clean, and most important EASY AND FAST TO CLEAN UP!…..you should have no hesitation to order. Loads of power too. I am 100% happy.

  78. granny



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