Outdoor Double Hammock Beach Style

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Easy to carry, great tolerance, safe and comfortable. Stretch for your full body length. Easy to hang and assemble. Durable and comfortable material makes it provide a relaxing experience for you. Eco-friendly and portable. Durable and firm, very comfortable.
Lightweight and convenient to carry or store.



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1. Material: 85% Polyester & 15% Cotton
2. Color: Blue & Green Strip
3. Dimensions: (78.74 x 31.5)” / (200 x 80)cm (L x W)
4. Weight: 29.07 oz / 824 g
5. Weight Capacity: 150lb / 80kg

Package Includes:
1 x Hammock

47 reviews for Outdoor Double Hammock Beach Style

  1. T. Cox

    So easy to hang

    Wow, we may need to purchase a couple more of these. It was so easy to hang up and the kids have basically been working out a “next turn in the hammock” line. We have only had it a few days so I can’t say how well it will hold up outside yet, but the material feels really nice. Yes, it does fit two people, but I think it is more comfortable with one.

  2. CP

    Really good buy

    Looks great and goes well with the other outdoor furniture.

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  3. Jelly

    Very Sturdy!

    I used this RIGHT AWAY I was so thrilled. It showed up on a Sunday and looks perfect in my zen corner. Its way softer than the tent material kind, less sweaty, and really not that heavy! Won’t take it backpacking, but wouldn’t mind it in a picnic/lightweight hike bag.

  4. Brenda Vaughn


    Received very quickly. Cannot rate on features because I bought this as a Christmas gift. It looks very nice. Thanks for the quick shipping.

  5. Amber

    … hammock for about three months now and we absolutely love it! It is sturdy and comfortable and has …

    We have used this hammock for about three months now and we absolutely love it! It is sturdy and comfortable and has held myself and my four children all at one time! Definitely would recommend!

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  6. John / Houston, TX.

    Love then

    Love these , compliments the backyard well

  7. SEA57

    Wonderful hammock

    This hammock is wonderful! It’s sturdy, wide, and colorful. It can hold up under a lot of weight. The straps for each end are very strong and adjustable. I love it!

  8. Samantha Welter


    Great gift!

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  9. Luke Walker

    Snug and as expected.

    Comfy, little small for 2 person but that might be a Pro.

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  10. Bunny

    Well worth it

    Big Strong and Absolutely beautiful

  11. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Five Stars


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  12. Essie

    Wonderful hammocks!

    I replace my hammocks every year as they stay up year round here in Puerto Rico. I always buy these hammocks- they are sturdy and well made. They are comfortable and while eventually, they do fade and wear out from humidity and frequent use, I’ve been really happy with how they hold up. Love them!

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  13. Robert D Adams

    Five Stars

    Great product, especially considering the price.

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  14. sandy ponce

    Great product no complaints

    Great product no complaints

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  15. Mahanis Yusof

    Good Quality

    Durable nice looking

  16. nikki lorel

    Well worth the money

    I’ll be darned if the tiny spread bar doesn’t make a big difference. Ultra comfortable and it really does fold up and fit back in its bag.

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  17. Mavis MaldonadoMavis Maldonado

    Just what I needed

    This hammock is great. Not difficult to hop in to, very comfortable and pretty. I only wish they had more styles to choose from.

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  18. Christina

    Comfort and style without the Expensive price!!

    It’s held up being outside 24/7 so far. I’ve had it a few weeks. My children love it. It’s comfy and durable so far.

  19. Lynda S. Johnston

    Nice hammock!

    My youngest granddaughter loves this hammock. She wraps herself up in it to chill out!

  20. Zhengli Ding

    Good product for the money

    Bought it for the summer. Material feels strong. Hold me 150lbs and my daughter 50 lbs at the same time with no problem. Sometimes it needs to be resorted as hanging outside could mess it up. Easy to put back in the bag it came with. Overall very happy purchase

  21. Teddy Pena

    Worth it.

    Bought this for my young daughters and they love it. The only thing I would ask for manufacturers to put instructions to set up hammock. It was my first hammock and it took a while for me to figure it out. Once I learned how to set up via YouTube it’s very simple. I would buy this product again.

  22. Kandice Rumsey

    Great Product!

    Absolutely love it! It’s a great hammock for the outdoors!

  23. JackJack

    Great Purchase

    Purchased for a photoshoot and was very pleased by the quality and it hopefully will serve me well beyond this session.

  24. ChloeFrances

    I love this hammock

    I love this hammock! I would definitely say it is a one-person hammock though unless you are extremely skinny people, this would not comfortably hold two people. My cat and I swing in it all the time and its great. As a side note, I left it outside all summer and the colors faded a lot. So if you don’t want that to happen just fold it up and stash it away while you’re not using it. I wish it had a cup holder for my wine though.

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  25. NanaNana

    Very strong

    We love it!

  26. Will

    Great outdoor slumber.

    Great cotton feel – very relaxing.

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  27. Joseph M.

    Incredible comfort

    This is the perfect addition to any home that you will be spending any quality time at. There is no better way to relax

  28. Happyinmass

    Good buy

    How can something so simple give so much joy!? Wish I had bought this earlier in the summer. Fits 2 comfortably.

  29. Leah

    Worth it

    Very comfortable, excellent quality.

  30. melissa shearer


    Very good, love the material as I always dislike anything but cotton. And yes very sturdy

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  31. Amazon Customer

    Love this hammock

    Super comfy, sturdy construction. It had cords already attached to it so i was able to hang it up right out of the box. Laying in it as I write this review.

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  32. Tammy


    Looks amazing in my yard! And it is super comfortable and easy to set up!

  33. James K

    Fun Hammock

    This is a great fun hammock. Strong enough to hold 2 people. Easy to set up and use. Very satisfied.

  34. Pam Strickland


    My children love the hammock. It has been a great addition to our backyard. Love the colors and it was easy to install.

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  35. Kalamisea

    Zero regrets!

    Zero dislikes. This hammock is the bomb! I only leave it when my kid wakes up from his nap. It has been my relaxation zone since I got it.

  36. Goth Gone GreyGoth Gone Grey

    Swaying and relaxing, so lovely.

    Summers invite lazing in hammocks, reading or dozing or staring at the sky. This fun, bright and colorful one is a welcome addition to my yard and a great way to relax.It says it’s fit for two people, but two people in a hammock is never my thing – just due to gravity it’s two people wrestling for space with knobby bits poking everywhere. One person in a two person hammock, though? Plenty of room, peace, and bliss.The fabric is fun and cheery – awfully close to my golden standard of beauty, rainbows. I don’t fully trust the ropes attached to hold it and my American weight to anything, so I used hammock straps instead.

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  37. S. Pace



  38. Sarah B.

    Worked great very comfortable!

    Bought this hammock for a camping trip and it was great! Easy set up no problems at all! Even rolled up right back into the bag for the next trip! Did not have to worry about breakage or anything, easily held 280lbs and 40lbs! Not sure about 2 adults in it, but an adult and a kid fit just fine!

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  39. Tennesseejoe

    Beautiful and comfortable

    Excellent product. Beautiful. Easy to hang. Durable

  40. lisa

    Well made hammock

    Bought this for my son and after seeing it up at his house I ordered one for us. This hammock is quite sturdy. The material for the hammock itself is nice, dries out quickly, and well made. We are very pleased with the quality. Nice price too!

  41. Connie G.

    Great purchase. Recommend

    Love it, took it camping it was awesome! Seems sturdy, it held me just fine. Easy to get into, didn’t roll me up. Lol

  42. Amazon Customer

    Quality product

    Very comfy

  43. jessica lutz

    Cozy and wide.

    This hammock is fun! I hung it up in our back yard and it’s nice and open. There’s enough room to lay sideways and make a swing if we wanted. This is a very well made hammock and can hold me and 2 of my kids comfortably. It doesn’t close up when we sit on it either.

  44. Florida Rodriguez

    In love with this hammock 💜

    My kids love this so much. Mg 8 yr old and 6 yr old boys always would lay down in it whenever we are out in the deck. And the colors I love too!

  45. Mara

    Five Stars


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  46. Vickie

    Not for two people

    Not for two people. Fits one perfectly.

  47. JIP

    Great Products

    Very nice and quality

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