Padded Outdoor Camping Chair Foldable Armchairs, Blue+Grey

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Foldable; Material: polyester & polyester blend; Product weight: 12 lbs; Weight capacity:400lbs; Product size : Folded: 48 x 7x 1 inch, Open: 24.0 x 19.6x 42.1inches; With side pocket and cup holder.


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72 reviews for Padded Outdoor Camping Chair Foldable Armchairs, Blue+Grey

  1. Marc

    Great chair

    I have used this chair a few times now and the comfort is astounding and durability seems to be top notch. I have used it for line waiting and just sitting in my backyard for an evening. Definitely recommend this chair.

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  2. Dave W. R.

    Big people chair

    Being a big guy (6’2″ @360lbs) most camping chairs just don’t do the job for me,this chair fills that need and it’s not to heavy to carry to the place you want to sit.

  3. Wizard

    Big Boi Approved.

    This chair is great so far. We needed a big chair for my boyfriend and it’s perfect. We even use the cooler to keep an extra beer/ soda cool.

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  4. Janice

    Great for 300+ people

    Will support larger folks . My 390 lb friend fits fine in this chair

  5. Jamie Welsh

    Super comfortable for extended sitting.

    We’ve only used them a few times but they’ve been extremely comfortable chairs. They certainly seem very well constructed.

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  6. Pam Stepps

    Nana’s Favorite Outdoor Chair

    I love this chair! I wanted a chair that had enough room in it plus be comfortable and sturdy! This chair is great! It packs up easy and not too bad to carry. I love to go watch my granddaughter play softball, but I don’t like the bleachers. My chair makes my attendance at her games very comfortable!

  7. BM

    Sturdy, wide, & comfy

    Bought it for my larger friend & so far definitely worth the price (although I wish it wasn’t so pricey so I can buy more). Love the sturdiness & wide seat. Easy for her to get out of. And really like all the pockets especially the insulated attached bag.

  8. Kathryn Kern

    Strong! Comfortable! Versatile.

    This is the best chair I have ever ordered. It’s on the larger side but it includes a built-in cooler in one arm rest and has a taller back for comfort. I am 5’10”, 240 lbs and it’s luxury for me compared to models that cost $30.

  9. Rhonda

    Awesome folding chair!

    I am a plus size woman and got so tired of being so uncomfortable in those “other” chairs. The ones that hurt your thighs because quite frankly I just did not fit. Sorry, manufacturers, one size does not fit all!This chair is comfortable, roomy, and sturdy enough for me and my granddaughter who likes to cuddle with grandma. It also sits a bit higher off of the ground for ease in getting up. It is perfect for my outings at the camper and easy to take to the ball park! Love this chair!

  10. Jeanine

    Awesome chair

    I got this for my son-in-law. He is 6’3″ and weighs over 300 pounds. He absolutely loves this chair! It is comfortable and sturdy and the pockets and cooler are a huge bonus!

  11. Mommarhonda

    My husband loves it!

    I was looking for a chair that he wouldn’t have trouble getting out of and this one fit the bill. He is not heavy but has trouble with the arms of chairs feeling solid enough to push against to push himself out of the chair. Also the chair is taller so he doesn’t sink down in it and it has a taller headrest that fits him more comfortably (he’s 6′). This is a super well made chair! The downside is only that it’s heavier than the normal ones for obvious reasons but not a deal breaker given all it’s benefits.

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  12. 💜Southern Green Eyes 💜


    Love finally having a GREAT BIG CHAIR for ALL MY SONS. THEY ARE ALL Over 6’2, one is 6’4, 350lbs. Trying to find chairs that are comfortable is a must. Really love the cooler on the side. Only wish the cup holder on the other side was larger. It fits a reg small cup. You would think if you’re Making a Great BIG CHAIR… it’s for a BIG PERSON.. they’d probably HANDLE GREAT BIG DRINKS… Ya KNOW? 😳

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  13. Lilia


    I absolutely, 100%, love this chair. Wide seat, padded back, the most comfortable folding chair EVER! Pouch for my phone, another one for my Kindle on the right, and an insolated little cooler on the left. I mean, you can put this baby in the living room ( Not that I would do that), it’s that comfortable. Best purchase so far.Oh yeah, it comes in a nice bag.

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  14. Vince

    Super sturdy chair

    Easy to fold and unfold fits the carrying bag very well. Must of all the chair is roomy and very sturdy.I used it at the beach for the first time and this chair was great. Highly recommend.

  15. petey

    Very sturdy chairs

    It sits high which is good for the elderly or those who find it hard to get out of low sitting chairs. I am only 5 foot 6 inches tall and it catches behind my knees which is a little uncomfortable for me there but my husband is 8 inches taller than me and it fits him fine. It is very roomy with a large seat, a medium high back, and I think the storage area looks like it would be nice to keep cold drinks in as it looks insulated or it could be a storage area for cell phones and car keys. We go to a lot of ball games since we have 3 grandsons now and these will come handy for football, baseball, soccer games and car shows.

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  16. Not Mark Twain

    Here is my oversized camp chair review

    I like ’em. They fit my tushy very well and I recommend them highly. I am writing this because I’ve bought five kinds of heavy duty chair and I love them all. My family loves them all. The guys who work for me loves them all. They sit well and have all the room in the world. They are easy to get in and out of and you should buy these rather than the $25 kind.That’s all I have to say about that.

  17. Kevin Lares

    A big man needs a big chair

    This is a great chair for big framed bodies or someone that wants a wide open seat with a comfortable back rest. I like the zippered pouch and solid framing, making this a great price for a solid chair. Sturdy weather resistant fabric.

  18. Jeff Kierns

    With this chair big people can sit around the bonfire without being afraid of hitting the ground.

    I’m 6’4″ 430Lbs. I have been afraid to sit down at outdoor events for several years. The chairs are all tiny and flimsy, especially the white plastic deck chairs that your”friends” always offer you at the bonfire on the unlevel ground. Either they’re stupid or they want to laugh when you shatter the chair. They all say “don’t worry, it will hold you” I call BS. Well now you can take comfort and confidence everywhere you go thanks to the sturdiness of this chair that was designed with larger folks in mind. It has the support I need and it’s comfortable. It doesn’t pinch my hips and legs and there is less pressure on the back of my knees. I’m confident when I get up because the armrest supports are sturdy enough to assist me. Put this chair in your vehicle so you’ll always be prepared.

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  19. Sharon Frashuer

    Very comfortable and definitely sturdy!

    Bought this chair for my husband to sit outside on our porch. It is very comfortable but more importantly it is sturdy. Would definitely buy again.

  20. Kayla

    Outdoor chair

    I am a big boy 410 lbs this is the chair I have been looking for, it’s wide enough and strong enough for my size. This seems like it will hold up for a long time!

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  21. Amazon Customer

    Very pleased

    Much easier to fold than the last one we bought. My husband uses it for fishing and the beach. He loves the insulated pocket

  22. Laura


    Bought for my husband who wanted a sturdy outside camping chair. He only weighs 165, and it is roomy, but he really likes the comfort of the padding.

  23. JD

    Very Well Made

    Nice sturdy chair. Supports large weights. Love the cup holder and side pockets.

  24. Mary A. R.

    Perfect fit oversized chair

    This is the perfect find for my other half. He has a hard time finding chairs that will last and support him. It is sturdy and allows him to be able to get up out of it without tipping over.

  25. Sandie

    The Chair That Holds Up.

    I love this chair because it is comfortable. It is high enough that I have no trouble standing up. It is strong enough to hold my 244 lbs. I am very satisfied with my new chair.

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  26. JayB

    Great camping chair / Very Sturdy

    It folds and expands in one second. It’s heavy duty, great quality, and extremely comfortable. It simply a GREAT chair.

  27. Edward Raines

    Holds Up Well

    The chair’s pretty large and pretty wide. The legs feel tough, and so far the material feels strong with the fabric not looking too easily vulnerable to any rips or tears, but only time will tell. This is undoubtedly a chair suited for bigger guys (weighing under 450lbs, that is).

  28. tracyk

    Solid, sturdy and comfortable.

    I bought this chair for my “big” brother who was coming to visit. He said the chair was comfortable and wanted to take it home.

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  29. Richard Mcknight

    Super Big

    Nicest camping chair I own!I purchased two and will be ordering two more soon.Love the orange pinstripe as I am a huge OSU fan. I am 6’2″ and weight 305lbs. This chair is perfect and has deep pockets to keep beverages or food cold. Was a great transaction.

  30. Mescalero89

    Oh my God it’s so good

    I’ve gone through so many cheap $20 chairs that when I pick this one up I was thinking it was going to last three or four months however it’s lasted over a year with still no rips in the chair itself. However this sleeve that it came with has started ripping around the handle part but you can easily sew that back which I did

  31. Julie

    Heavy duty and comfortable!

    It folds out easy and folds up nice. Very comfortable!

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  32. Pagw4a

    Great purchase for heavy duty needs

    We are larger people and these chairs fit us with room to spare. Very easy to transport and string for regular use.

  33. Kindle Customer

    marvelous chair

    I was looking for a sturdy large folding chair and got exactly what I asked for. This is a well-made camp chair with pockets and a comfortable back. I’m short-legged so the bars on the seat are a little uncomfortable but I expected that.

  34. DES

    Nothing flimsy about the chair.

    There’s nothing flimsy about this chair. Much more comfortable than many other chairs I’ve tried

  35. Dan


    I’m a big guy and the store bought chairs didn’t quite stand up very well.This one is perfect. It’s even big for me very sturdy, opens and closes easily.Worth the money.

  36. Barbara Weston

    Great purchase!!

    The chair is comfortable and supports weight quite well. It is easy to get in and out of and easy to pack and unpack. A great buy. Thinking of purchasing another one.

  37. Tyson Riechers

    Big time alpha

    It’s definitely the alpha of all chairs. It’s big and comfortable. I went to a few different stores and tried a ton of chairs but I found my legs were too wide but this chair is wide enough where I can sit comfortably without the pressure on my thighs! I’m 6’1” 210 lbs and it’s definitely suitable for people bigger than me as well.

  38. Joseph Hart

    Incredible chair

    This chair has become a staple for me, family, & friends. I am in quite a few craft shows a year, and this chair has been a part of my “Must Bring” list for all of them. The overall size is very friendly to any body type, and it extremely comfortable. The cooler in the arm is clutch, and so are the little storage compartments hanging off the right hand side of the chair. The only thing that could make it better is if it came with something to prop your feet up, but that’s asking for a little too much.

  39. marissa


    Very sturdy and durable. I bought it for camping and catfishing, it’s not too heavy to carry around yet sturdy when set up. I really love this chair. I will be buying more.

  40. Sir Loin

    A True Throne

    Supportive and comfortable. This is a chair with options, cooler, cupholder, and a pocket! Great chair.

  41. P. West

    great support

    bought this chair for my boyfriend and he loves it. Says it’s very sturdy and feels secure in it and he can even lay his head back. very happy guy

  42. Granny T

    Great Find for a Big Guy!

    Purchased these for my Son-In-Law to use at his fire pit, he is a Big Guy and loved them and said that they are very comfortable. He is about 6’2″ and weighs around 290 lbs.

  43. Jen B.

    Excellent for Bigger People

    I bought 2 of these for me and my hubby, we are both tall and a little fluffy. These are well made, very sturdy and were comfortable. We sat in them for 4 hours at an outdoor event. The only thing I missed was a foot rest so I ordered portable ones so now we’re ready for our next event.

  44. Grumpy Dude

    Sturdy Chair

    Great chair! Sturdy, comfortable, functional, and it looks nice too.

  45. Lindsay Halverson

    Every adult needs this

    LOVE this chair. Got it for my husband, kinda as a gag gift. When it arrived, the box said BIG BOY on it. LOL. I laughed so hard. But it’s an awesome chair! We’ve taken it to the park and the beach. We love it!! Serially, anyone over like 150lbs should get this chair. It’s a little heavy but that’s just because it’s so sturdy.

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  46. T Scheer

    Very sturdy chair

    We purchased 2 of these chairs to take camping, they ended up being so comfortable and sturdy that we purchased 2 more. We also like the built-in cup holder and cool pouch. Great chair!

  47. Susan D.

    Fabulous and then some!

    It’s sturdy, just as advertised.

  48. Spell

    Comfy, Cozy, and Convenient

    This chair is very sturdy as well as comfy! I used it during outdoor social distancing meet ups, camping, and outdoor sporting events for my kiddo. You can tell it is going to last a long time! It’s very spacious and I love all the storage compartments, especially the deep zippered insulated pocket that holds “cold ones” when you want to minimize the trips back to the cooler.

  49. Thomas Griffor

    Great chair – sturdy and comfortable

    Such a difference between this chair and the typical ones I’ve owned in the past. Yes, costs a bit more but well worth it! Feel like I am sitting up rather than sinking down and is so comfortable on my back. I bought two and they arrived on time and well packaged. Great product and great vendor.

  50. Sherry L. D’ambrosio

    Sturdy & so useful

    Wish this could have been taller as it is for a 6’4″ tall man with some mobility issues. A taller chair would make it easier for him to get up. Otherwise, it is a well made chair.

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  51. Mom

    Most comfortable chair

    I love this chair! I have arthritis, and I’ve been looking for a chair that doesn’t cause pain in my joints and is easy to get in and out of. This is it! I’m going to take this chair when I visit my daughter’s house because I cannot get up off her furniture without help. This is the answer!

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  52. Elena

    Soooo Comfy

    Bought it as a gift for my husband. He said he really likes it and was so happy that I picked it up. I could have picked up a cheapy but he is 6ft 5 and I wanted to be sure it would provide comfort and support him. No problem! Highly recommended.

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  53. SoPrOfFesSiOnAl

    Great Buy

    Chairs where big, comfy and really worth it. They held up and are very sturdy.

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  54. Ronald Kuhn

    Very comfortable

    I’m a big guy, this holds me very well. Chair is easy to set up move around. It’s very comfortable to sit in. Can’t wait to go camping with it. Only downside is you do sit back down into the chair. It can be a little difficult getting your butt out. Other than that it’s a great chair very well built

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  55. Anthony A.


    Love i can put cold drinks in and it keeps them cold even in the hot sun. Very sturdy for an outdoor chair. Iv bought a ton of the cheap camping chairs over the years, they all end up the same with broken legs. This chair has been amazing for me. It is very comfortable to add another plus to it. Only negative i have about this chair is the price. you get what you pay for sometimes and this chair has been worth the money.

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  56. Brandan

    Awesome Quality

    This chair is excellent. I bought it to replace a cheap foldable chair, and boy did this do the trick. The chair itself is extremely sturdy, none of the materials feel cheap, and it’s very comfortable. The only thing that’s kind of a bother is trying to get it back in it’s case since the cooler bag and the side pocket get caught up, but I can look past that since everything else is great!

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  57. John Zawislan

    Very comfortable seat with its pockets and big enough for any body.

    Used for soccer games, outdoor auctions and other sporting events and it has been great for all occasions

  58. Marisa

    Amazing for big an tall

    My husband is 6’8 an 300 lbs an he loves it says it dosent dig in his back like the other chairs ! Says he fits well an theres a cooler in the arm rest which is super cool!

  59. JC

    Fat Friendly

    If you’re a big fat guy and need a chair you’ve found the right one.

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  60. Hannah and Sean

    Buy this chair.

    Very strong, durable and comfortable. If you need to push yourself up from the chair or ground, this chair can with stand the weight. It also has a mini cooler on the left side that keeps your drinks cold. Good place to hide your bear.

  61. darren coopoer

    Best in class

    Best camp chairs ever. A big man or small woman will feel the comfort and reliability.put this chair in a room of furniture and it will be the first seat filled..

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  62. Amazon Customer

    Awesome chair

    Became physically challenged recently and can not stand long. Got this chair . I’m 6’2 & 250lbs. I never feel safe in friends chairs like these styles .This is a very secure chair for me. I keep in my car and take everywhere . When I need a comfortable and sturdy chair I use my own, this chair 👍👍

  63. Debora W

    Holds heavy weight

    As an adult over 300 lbs. I like knowing this won’t collapse beneath me. It’s strong and sturdy.

  64. Tiffany B.

    Excellent camp chair made for larger people

    This is a sturdy, high-sitting chair for a bigger person. Excellent quality, the steel frame is well made and it’s comfortable and worth the price. Easy to get in and out of, as it sits up higher than most camp chairs. Chair seat also lays flat so it doesn’t hurt your hips. Really great product made with care.

  65. Sylvia Tosado

    Comfortable & wide enough

    Very comfortable & wide for our big guys.

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  66. Dawn S.

    This one is for him!

    My husband is 5’10” and this one fits him just right. As usual, what fits him doesn’t fit me quite right. So I’m glad we bought two different chairs. We are both quite pleased!

  67. LaurenLauren

    Awesome, sturdy, bang for your buck!

    I love this chair, it’s so sturdy and perfect. Cost more then a cheap normal chair, but this one won’t break. 

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  68. Dawn F. Stauffer

    Comfortable and durable

    Comfortable chair for watching the kids play sports or just relaxing out back by the fire pit. No pinching or folding and easy to get out of. Great size for full grown adults.

  69. CAM

    Great chair

    A great fishing chair. I would purchase again

  70. Buddy and Naca

    Great Chair!

    This chair is amazing. My husband is 6’7 and feels completely comfortable in this chair. The chair is also sturdy.

  71. Amazon Customer

    Awesome product

    Bought 2 chairs for,local,short,track racing, these chairs are great, easy to set up and put back in bag. Love the cooler features to,keep,my drinks cold. Chair,is sturdy and great for people with hip and back,issues.

  72. E

    Can’t wait to use it! Bought this one as a gift

    I thought the actual seat went down a bit lower than I thought it would have, but although I haven’t actually used it yet, it seems to be of good quality.

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