Rustic Style Farmhouse Sliding Barn Door TV Stand for TV up to 65 Inch

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Built Sturdy. Accommodates most 65 55 50 inch Flat Curved Screen TV. Supports up to 75 lbs. Dimensions: 53.9” W x 31.9” H x 15.5” D. Additional groove design on the top of the back, which not only leaves enough space for the power cord but also ensures that the TV cabinet can fit the wall well. Basic long cable holes designed in the back help you keep your space clutter-free. This TV cabinet with an adjustable shelf can provide large storage capacity space. Use this console in any room as a TV stand and a beautiful place to store audio or video components, games, or books. Made from high-grade certified MDF for long-lasting construction. Features barn door-inspired cabinet fronts for a country feel. Easy to Assemble & Clean .  Each screw and pin has its own code to let you easily understand the assembly progress. In addition, its smooth surface is waterproof and easy to keep clean with a damp cloth.


Estimated delivery date 2023/10/06

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Product TypeGeneral Item
Product NameFarmhouse Sliding Barn Door TV Stand for TV up to 65 Inch Flat Screen Media Console Table Storage Cabinet Wood Entertainment Center Sturdy Ranch
Main ColorWhite
Main MaterialMDF
Product Dimensions
Assembled Length (in.) 53.90
Assembled Width (in.) 15.50
Assembled Height (in.) 31.90
Weight (lbs) 97.00
Package Size
Length (in.) 58.27
Width (in.) 19.29
Height (in.) 7.10
Weight (lbs) 99.23
Package Includes:
Manual + installation accessories

69 reviews for Rustic Style Farmhouse Sliding Barn Door TV Stand for TV up to 65 Inch

  1. fc719fc719


    Instructions made it Easy to assemble. Sturdier than I expected and great value for the money. I needed something short enough to fit under my fireplace mount with some storage and this looks great and was just what I needed

  2. ACH

    Can’t complain better then I expected

    Better then I was expecting.

  3. Nicholas LeoneNicholas Leone

    Great value and perfect.

    Easy to assemble. Attaches to wall securely.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Modern look

    Sturdy & Easy to assemble modern look . Is very low profile looks great when a tv is on it . But if you want it for storage or jus aesthetics it may be too low for you maybe consider buying different legs or furniture risers to get to you’re preferred height .

  5. yurayki

    Good 👍 product

    Easy to assemble using the bock

  6. Leona Flinn

    Exactly what I purchased and assembly was easy

    Product was worth the money.

  7. Ben K

    Very cheap materials

    Very poor materials. Requires hammering in plastic anchors which either strip out the hole or punch through the cheap board. The doors have fairly decent hinges but can hardly get tight enough without stripping the “wood”. The rear particle board panel sits in a slot an inch in from the rear so the dimensions of the shelf spaces are much smaller than advertised.

  8. Ethan cook

    Simple and functional

    It was quick to assemble, came quickly, and regardless of the crappy state of the box ( most likely due to shipping) all pieces (especially the glass) came without a scuff crack or even a chip. All in all a good product for the price, clear consice visual instructions, and holds a considerable amount of weight as contrary to its appearance.

  9. Adam Greemann

    As advertised!

    Product was a great price, easy to assemble, and perfect for what I needed. Hides wires and looks great.

  10. Traumadoc2002

    Looks great, but bad engineering

    First of all, this cabinet looks great when fully assembled; a great addition to a game room or play room. However, the engineering leaves much to be desired. The CAM bolt assemblies are simply too long, meaning when the joints are attached, any pressure will result in a gap of 3/4″, leading to a very unstable construction. Keep in mind that this is ALL joints, including vertical supports, the table top, and even the drawer. This can be partially fixed using corner braces, however it would have been very easy for the manufacturer to simply include the proper sized CAM bolts. Also, although this is $30-$40 less expensive than the competing products, to make it usable you will be spending at least $25 in hardware from Lowes…thereby making it not quite the savings expected. Now that I’ve spent the additional time and money, it is fairly stable and looks great. Finally, even with my additional work and parts, the cabinet the drawer sits in, cannot be reinforced due to the tight spaces; I fear lifting straight up might cause this area to loosen, allowing the glass shelves to fall out…

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  11. dabootsta

    Looks good, easy to assemble, just one problem.

    Didn’t like the wall mounting hardware that came with the TV Stand. Had the darndest time trying to get the wall mounting hardware to line up with my wall studs. After a couple of hours, I just gave up and forked over an additional $75.00 for a couple of heavy-duty L-shaped brackets to complete the job. I don’t necessarily recommend the brackets I bought, as they are quite expensive. You can probably get away with a cheaper version of brackets I purchased, but I wanted to be 100% certain I would have no more issues, so I probably overspent a bit. In the end however, I am thoroughly satisfied, so there’s that.

  12. JustinJustin

    Good very nice

    It took a few days to finally get it done, it feels good and I like it very much. It doesn’t take up much space. It also has its own led light, which is very convenient for me to use as a night light at night.

  13. IndianaIndiana


    It’s very nice once built but very tedious to build the instructions aren’t good I had to search up how to build it because it was too much of a puzzle also I was missing 3 pieces I had to improvise

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  14. Amazon Customer


    First, while most of it can be erected by one person, midway will require two sets of hands. Second, it looks nice when finished. Third, the wood is of decent quality.But….It is wobbly. This can be blamed on the screws and pegs which do not hold it tightly together. The pre-drilled peg holes are too deep and one has to be careful the wooden pegs don’t get pushed in while erecting the various parts. Importantly, The locking screws do not hold tightly and are too easily pulled out!Do yourself a favor. While erecting, liberally use wood glue on all pegs and upon joining the various wooden parts. Doing so will go a long way to having a piece of furniture that will be solid while standing and moving.Had I known the above, I would not have ordered it. And it’s too bulky and heavy to return. I should give it 2 stars but I giver it 3 for it’s good looks.

    2 people found this helpful

  15. Royden v.

    Color way off

    Nice size. Look but way off in color not brown or dart it’s tan lt brown

  16. lacuteshortylacuteshorty

    It needs to be setup right !

    To be honest I never review an item. But after looking at all the bad reviews on it I still decided to take a chance on it … first off yes the instructions are horrible.. the reason some of them are so flimsy is because you’re not tightening the white plugs with the screws sticking out ! I made the mistake and had it out together without tightening and it was so flimsy !!! I decided to screw it all the way down and it worked ! It’s super Sturdy now !!! Instructions are horrible but once you figure it out it’s a great piece!

    24 people found this helpful

  17. Desmond V. HarrisDesmond V. Harris

    Reading is fundamental 😂

    The media could not be loaded.

     Ok first of all 😂😭 for the 98% of the people saying this tv stand is bad quality, including myself?We DID NOT read the directions thoroughly, and this is coming from someone who thinks he knows it all 😂.Please refer to pictures, the MAIN issue I’ve noticed In the comments was the sturdiness, well that is because we didn’t tighten the screws that have the gray plastic cover on the screw.That is the MAJOR issue, now I honestly do think the tv stand is a tad bit high on the price range but, I’m satisfied (once I disassembled the entire unit to tighten all the screws 😂).

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  18. achavira

    It’s okay

    Used the video to assemble it directions sucked. Was it hoping it would be taller but my fault for not reading all the dimensions looked taller in the picture over it looks nice. Gave 4 stars for the look and the description. The L.E.D. strip is okay very hard to turn off with the remote have to be standing over it and pointing directly at it to turn off/on but not bad

  19. adolfo hernandez

    Muy bien

    Muy buena mesa

  20. 4057080802

    That It Works .

    It’s All Good .

  21. DaylinDaylin



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  22. mikemike

    Looks great!

    The whole thing is great, no scratched and was delivered relatively fast. Be aware however the drawers are deep but not very wide… I’d like to store electronics like a laptop or my oculus quest 2 on or in it but that isn’t possible. Even the middle glass compartment isn’t wide enough to store much beyond a PS4/PS5 on its belly… LEDs are cheap quality. I got them to work once, but I kind of expected that.

  23. Nikki

    Love! Will buy another for my room

    Will be buying another one for my room soon looks so good holds my 70inch tv just fine and still little extra space! Hard to assemble but worth the money sturdy let you no anything change thanks!

  24. madeline colón

    Se ve preciosa.

    Es para TV ps4 el Estilo y como se ve me encanta

  25. Michelle DeveauMichelle Deveau

    Sleek modern look

    This was our first time doing a floating tv stand and we love it! It was a little difficult to figure out how to center it with the tv, but my fiancé figured it out in the end. Takes a couple of hours to install. The lights inside aren’t very good quality and they wouldn’t turn off with the remote that we were given so we’re just going to install our own later like we have around our tv. Overall very pleased with it especially for the cost it is at.

  26. Kia G

    Its cute once assembled

    This item is very cute. I can’t complain its under $200 so I didn’t expect it to be that great lol. It looks nice but it is not sturdy no matter how much u screw it, Actually one of my screws broke once I put the shelf part in so my loss just randomly so the tools are not too great. Looking at it right now I can see little gaps in the build. I’m satisfied with the product because its a good price but it for sure is not something that will last in the long run. Remember you get what you pay for! Also you need a screwdriver or power drill and the instructions are not clear at all you really have to use your brain.

  27. Christopher WellsChristopher Wells

    Very satisfied

    After reading some of the critical reviews I was a little worried about buying this stand. However I gave it a try and was very impressed. It is a beautiful stand, sturdy and very easy to put together. For all the negative reviews either you are not tightening enough, too rough or just not putting the desk together the right way. The stand is a little short but as you can see in my photo I was creative and put my TV on a floating shelf while using the stand for all of my gaming devices.

  28. Gerardo Castillo

    Great 👍

    Great quality no issues

  29. Maria



  30. Unknown

    Nervous at first

    Sooo I was very skeptical in buying this tv stand after reading reviews but I really like it. Nothing came broke. Took about 3 hours to figure out how to put together because the instructions was horrible but once put together it came out very nice. The led lights on one side doesn’t work but they send me another strip to replace it. Overall I’m pleased.

  31. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for wide tv

    This stand is very sturdy and husband didn’t have a hard time putting together. It fits a large tv very well. The make is beautiful and looks well crafted with the tv. My husband had to adjust a shelf but overall very happy with the stand.

  32. jennifer carman

    Easy to assemble

    Easy to assemble, but does not come with lights like the picture leads you to believe.

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  33. Josue De Jesus-Ramos

    Product is okay for price nice tv stand


  34. Tonya

    Looks cool

    Not sturdy, wherever u put it make sure it stays there. It can’t be moved around because of the cheap particle board and cardboard they use

  35. RedRubies30RedRubies30

    Uh it’s okay…

    The media could not be loaded.

     First, I thought this would be gloss all around or at least the top and front. It’s not. It’s only the front frame. On top of that, the “gloss” is a very cheap laminate that was already peeling when I got it out of the box. Putting together will take time. The directions are good and it comes with a video but it’s a lot of pieces so take your time on it to get everything right. I popped in a movie and had some wine. I was done after a movie and a few YouTube videos. It’s sturdy enough. Some pieces came in dirty like they stepped on it or dropped it a few times idk. The drawers are nice and big but the side panels that go on the drawers to slide in and out were bent. So I have to really push them in there. This isn’t what I was expecting and not for the price. It’ll work but honestly to me it wasn’t worth almost $200 for it. The LED flicker when you change the brightness. Not sure what that’s about.

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  36. TreasureTreasure

    LED Light defective

    The media could not be loaded.

     The stand itself is great. Upon putting it together, I realized my LED light does not work at all. Is there a way to get a replacement light? That’s one of the main reasons why I chose this stand.

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  37. Josh Hall

    It’s just not too sturdy when put together.

    For the price in these times, it is what it is.

  38. ashlee

    Not worth the price

    The media could not be loaded.

     By the pictures I thought this would be an okay tv stand but it’s not and definitely not worth 150.00. It is short doesn’t have the storage drawers just small storage spaces and it is cheaply made so not very sturdy. This was honestly a waste of money and if it wasn’t put together and if I had the time I would send it back. Not a good value for the money at all

  39. Ty Richie

    It works for me


  40. susan t.susan t.

    Look nice for a low price

    Nice looking but need better instructions it took 4 hours to put it together and I put the front on the back and had to take it apart. Only one side of the lights work. And when I moved it to the sittings spot the leg broke

  41. Valerie

    Worth the frustration

    I’ll admit, it was a nightmare to put together. It took about 2 hours but once everything was screwed in tight and pieces were assembled, it works really great. It’s sturdy, doesn’t wobble, and looks great with our new TV. If you’re up to the challenge, go for it, but next time I’ll either hire someone to assemble it for me, or buy from somewhere that offers assembly.

  42. KELLY S.

    Product is worth the $150.

    Stand is very study, if put together correctly. Highly recommend using a drill & making sure you are screwing the screw into the plastic piece to ensure it’s tight & doesn’t move around. Directions are easy to follow, if you have a bit of common sense.

  43. Kelsey smith

    Not Impressed/ Really Small

    I had someone build this for me and when I got home I did not realize this item was so small. The pictures are misleading because I have a 65 in tv and it shows the ends of the table going past that and I feel this is super tiny. It also has a super cheap plastic wrap around the wood for the drawers and it is already starting to peel the 3rd day of me having this. I hate I already built this item because I really don’t think it is worth the $150 I paid this item I would have been better off getting something from somewhere else for this price.

  44. mrsdirkmrsdirk

    What was I thinking?

    I honestly don’t remember if I read the reviews on this piece. I picked it out for my son’s bedroom bc let’s face it, it looks really cool! I was rethinking my life decisions as I was FINALLY putting this crap together. I unboxed it over 2 weeks ago and was so overwhelmed with all of the pieces, half of which weren’t labeled. And of course, when all you get is a diagram for instructions, it can be frustrating. When I began sorting the pieces I noticed tiny nail indents where I would have to screw actual screws in. This turned me off immediately bc it’s always a pain to get it started. So I pushed everything to the corner of the bedroom and here we are over 2 weeks later and I finally decide to put it together. As for the tiny screw holes, I used a small screw driver to make the holes a little more sturdy. The design of the hardware, I didn’t like. It took me about 2 hours to assemble which I guess isn’t bad considering how many pieces it comes in….but this thing isn’t sturdy at all. I tried tightening everything I could, it’s just a crappy manufactured product. Does it look cool?? Yes! My son loves it. But it will be staying exactly where I set it up bc I’m honestly scared that if I move it the whole thing will fall apart! I’ll be putting a hand-me-down tv on it bc I honestly don’t trust it. Time will tell.

    13 people found this helpful

  45. Tammy H.

    It was hard to put together and not good quality

    It was not easy to Assemble and it was poor quality I regret buying it but don’t want to take it apart to send it back

  46. Amanda Seckerson

    A lot of $extra for led lights

    The TV stand is great. I bought the other model with the led lights to give some illumination in the stand and I wasted the money. They’re cheap leds. I can buy better at Walmart with their brand. They broke almost instantly. The adhesion was horrible. Barely stuck. Fell off a day later. I wasted money on leds. Don’t make My mistake. Find the model that doesn’t include the leds I think it’s like 20 bucks cheaper.

    One person found this helpful

  47. QuaintB

    Not the best stand for a 70”’ TV

    We bought it for our 70 inch TV but it’s not sturdy enough for it so we had to mount it to the wall or it probably would of fallen apart. The lights are very cool(which mine didn’t work, but the seller was kind enough to reimburse me money to buy my own. The lights make it! But it’s better suited for smaller lighter TV’s! But it is pretty and the lights are nice for leaving on as the look cool and make a great night light too!

  48. T

    Great, would definitely buy again

    The stand is really cute and easy to put together. Very cute and classy. perfect for living room.

  49. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Easy to assemble. Good quality and Great Price. I love it.
  50. Precious BennettPrecious Bennett

    I’m in love

    I love this item , I had a mix up and the sellers were right in top of it ! They were amazing ! I definitely Will be buying from this company again . So amazing .

  51. Che

    It’s ok

    The alinement with studs on my wall doesn’t match so I couldn’t hang it strong. I had to buy new brackets. The lights too is hard to Aline since it has a box. Not too satisfied with the result

  52. Abigail Abigail

    Not stable and falling apart

    Product arrived on time, it was not hard to assemble.This would have been great if it was sturdy and firm after I put it together. After I tightened everything and tried to move it where I wanted it, it started to fall apart as I was lifting it. The drawer is not functional at all after putting together the drawer, I tried to open it and it was coming apart. It looks good until you try to move it. I had to re-secure the top and drawer multiple times I placed a binder in the drawer after and the bottom almost came apart

  53. NinaNina

    Love it

    Pretty.. I use the drawer part to sit my tv on to make my tv higher

  54. Jada CacchilliJada Cacchilli

    Great buy

    Easy to assemble! Serves the purpose and looks great!

  55. Carnis

    Spot on

    Easy to put together, instructions helped me put it together just like how it is in the photo. Unfortunately my 70 in tv’s legs are to wide to sit on it so I had to buy a tv mount stand to sit on it. Still give it 5 stars.

  56. Ciomariz Morillo

    Power drill highly recommended

    The media could not be loaded.

     I love…love this entertainment table! It’s was the perfect size for my apartment. It is easy to assemble however a power drill is highly recommended! I assembled mine with a screw driver. I don’t have a power drill so I had to make do with what I had, it took ample time to assemble it that way. Nevertheless I think it came out great! Thank you!

  57. TinaTina

    Nice looking tv console

    A few steps we had 2 disassemble in order 2 go on to the next step 4 easier assembly

  58. Amazon Customer: Gab

    It’s great for the price

    Haven’t found anything wrong with it yet. Looks like the photo and has some pretty Saturday wood

  59. Denia GonzalezDenia Gonzalez

    Not the best instructions comes with video for instructions

    It comes with instructions that are the clearest. Some things you kind of have to figure out on your own. It does come with a video for the instructions which does help. Even if they don’t even follow the instructions the way they are written. A little flimsy but I didn’t expect the best quality for that price. Overall we like it though.

  60. Dave

    go to IKEA instead

    if you can believe it, it’s quality and sturdiness is less than that of Ikea. there was some minor damage aesthetically to two corners, but it serves its purpose until I can find something better

  61. Miraj

    Beautiful but low

    It only took 3-4 hours to assemble but it is beautiful. It is a little low in height so if you are planning to buy it, make sure you read the measurements

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  62. christinechristine

    Good quality and cool。

    The actual TV stand is the same as the picture, the installation is also very simple, the quality is very good, there is no peculiar smell, the LED light is very beautiful when it is turned on, and the design of leaving the wire hole at the back of the cabinet is very convenient.

  63. SallyAnn


    Product is for a game room in my home. Keep in mind that this is not top shelf quality but services it’s purpose if using now and then. Not meant for heavy use since it is pressed wood material. Looks great so you would never know by looking at it.

    One person found this helpful

  64. KalikeKalike


    Easy to set up

  65. OG RoOG Ro

    It’s not tall. Read measurements. Plan to mount TV

    I really love it once put together. The instructions require common sense and sense of direction. The instruction video helps but it’s fast. I had to double tap back a couple times while watching it. I’m being a turd by not giving it 5 stars. I just didn’t read how short it was and that’s all I don’t like. LEDs may not stick for you so be prepared to use some of your own tape to keep them up. They’re out of sight so it won’t really matter in the end. I really didn’t like the instructions though. Plan to mount your TV if you want shelf space on the top.

  66. Karol

    Smaller than expected

    If you’re a gamer I would recommend this for a gaming room but for a living room it’s very small. Even though it is nice however if you have anything bigger than a 50” tv I wouldn’t recommend.

    17 people found this helpful

  67. Devan Hayn


    I love this. Cheap LED strip. You could easily add one to your current media stand instead of paying this price. However, I do love it.

  68. Alejandro

    Great Buy


  69. Cindy. Spencer

    I love the. Lights

    I love the size and the sturdiness

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