Surfboard Blue 66.9″

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The main body of the surfboard is made of soft XPE, which allows for great shock absorption and has a high density that provides good buoyancy for beginners. The lightweight EPS foam core adds to the rigidity and strength of the whole surfboard. The slick bottom ensures you glide on the water smoothly. A set of three thruster fins made of sturdy plastic give the rider plenty of control on the wave; a high-quality ankle leash is included to connect you to the board so you do not lose it after a wipeout.

With this complete set, you are ready to ride the waves!


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Color: Blue

Material: XPE deck + PP bottom + EPS foam core

Dimensions: 66.9″ x 18.4″ x 3.1″ (L x W x T)

Maximum load capacity: Approximately 198.4 lbs

XPE deck thickness: 0.1″With traction padGreat beginner board for adults and children. Includes 1 leash and 3 removable, plastic fins.

21 reviews for Surfboard Blue 66.9″

  1. rulz

    great value

    great value ,great company ,great customer service

  2. Mac


    Very pretty designs and rides smooth

  3. Kelly

    It a great Lerner board

    This board is awsome it is very easy to ride and is very good for your first surf board

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  4. ryan brown

    Good board and very light.

    I bought this board for my 11 year old, and she loves it. The board is slippery, so you will also need to get some wax for it. We got it because it was very light. So she can start to carry it by herself.

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  5. Karen Richardson

    great deal

    Great purchase. Comes with extra fins.

  6. Parker

    Great value for the money !!!!!

    Really pleased with this surfboard . Granddaughter going to love it. ! Just what we wanted ….

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  7. Mickey BiancanielloMickey Biancaniello

    Sweet board for local surfing.

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     We live down near a surfing hotspot in Daytona Beach and this is a great option for catching some waves. It’s easily customizable with extra fins and it’s super lightweight. I can easily carry this across the beach without injuring myself. The safety attachment cord is soft on my leg and very strong. It has an awesome visual design and I can mount it quickly when the wave starts to curl. It’s a great deal, fun to share with friends, and shipped safely.

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  8. Kallieste

    Great softboard

    This is the best board to learn on! I absolutely love it!

  9. Team WavestormTeam Wavestorm

    So fun for all ages and skill levels!

    Arrived in perfect condition and was packaged nicely. This is an excellent board for beginners and even experts who want to get out and catch a ton of waves in any conditions. I have loved the single fin option that the board comes with and that has been a blast to ride. Couldn’t be any happier with my purchase and I will be back for more!!

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  10. boymom

    Weight of board

    Haven’t been able to use the surfboard yet since summer is over but it’s very light and my 8 year old will be able to carry it on the beach.

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  11. FAITH

    Pretty and Great board

    Good looking board and works great

  12. Jia

    Good for beginners.

    Bought this surfboard for my son, and for our first surfing experience on beach. He loved it and it worked great. It is a descent surfboard, and the price is acceptable for beginners.

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  13. cclatten

    Great starter board!

    My 10 year old daughter wanted to learn how to surf this Summer. Both of her brothers surf. We have tons of surfboards ranging from short boards to longboards. I knew that if she got frustrated her first time out, she would give up, that’s just her personality, so I knew it was important to get her a foam longboard. I didn’t want to spend the money on a new Odysea $500-$600 when she may or may not fall in love with surfing, so I decided to try this board. It turned out to be a great choice! She was able to catch a wave and stand up within the first hour. Also, she’s able to carry it above her head herself! Remember, the longer the board, the easier it is to stand up, don’t think short kids need short boards, it doesn’t work that way. Now I’m the proud Grom-mom to all 3 of my kids!!!

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  14. Christopher ReyesChristopher Reyes

    So Happy I bought this board!

    Best purchase ever!

  15. Brian

    Came early, in great shape, and the value is the best!

    Thing came earlier than expected and looked amazing right out of the box. You can’t beat the value for this set up. The fins, leash, etc.I immediately ordered another one after my first time taking it out. Best part too is that it will last for years.

  16. Sunshine MelSunshine Mel

    Easy for beginners

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     Usually a larger surfboard is easier for beginners, but this lightweight foam board is a shortboard that actually works well for beginners too. It even comes with fins, a leash and doesn’t need wax. I remember when foam boards first started gaining popularity and they were frowned upon as cheap annoying grom boards. Now most people are using them and catching wave after wave with minimal effort. Sure, you don’t get as much of a surfer bod having to lug around heavy boards and paddle paddle paddle til every muscle hurts, but you can pop up and ride that wave. Aloha!

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  17. mallory

    Great Beginner Board!

    I love this board! It is a great beginner board. The foam top and length really make learning to surf a lot easier. The color is beautiful!

  18. Kip Stolberg

    Great value beginner boards…

    We wanted an inexpensive surfboard for our youngest kids and these have been great. We have traveled all over SoCal and Mexico with them and they have held up well. Light enough for the kids to carry themselves but still fairly sturdy. It’s a great value board for learners.

  19. BurbeyBurbey

    Lightweight and easy to use.

    We really like this surf / paddle board. This week we used it for the first time on our favorite lake … we had so much fun on this fun board … it’s perfect for beginners! We have a matching paddle so it can be a surfboard or a paddle board. It has been assembled from the packaging … It is amazing! The board is very good, strong and stable! ! ! I really like the lightness of this board … It is very comfortable to carry around the lake. It’s also not too thick or too long, so it fits most vehicles. All my kids love it … We need to buy another board so they don’t fight over the board! So far we are very satisfied with the purchase of this surfboard. Super powerful and fun! you will like it! ! !

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  20. Mike K

    Good Beginners Board

    Seems to be a decently made board for the price. My kid likes it and is using it as her first learner’s board. The print of the design is clean and the board appears to be relatively sturdy.

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  21. damores

    Great buy!

    Excellent, works great!

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