Surfwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

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When comes to inflatable paddle board performance, the pointed nose is super responsive in turning and tracking and easier to stay on track in a couple of strokes.  The paddleboard has a single removable fin, reducing water resistance yet increasing stability and tracking while tackling whitewater at the beach or paddling in bobbly swell with minimal effort. The 18lb lightweight Inflatable SUP board with no reduction in rigidity, stability, or quality, is compact and easy to place in a car or carry. The hand pump permits full inflation in 5 mins! A 5L water-proof bag protects your digitals, food, and clothing. The floatable aluminum paddle can be separated into 3 parts and the single large fin is fixed in only one push. Everything you need is included with this stand-up paddleboard!
SURFWAVE inflatable paddleboard is suitable for most conditions. A 6-point elasticated cargo system at the front can store gear for overnight camping trips without being long and heavy. 5 D-rings along the sides can be used to rig up bungees for fishing gear, waterproof bags, food, or set up a kayak seat, allowing more fun on the water. The inflatable paddleboard has a camera base at the front. You can adjust the angle for various kinds of shooting, such as exciting surfing moments, leisure paddling, relaxing yoga, fun fishing trip, and travel w/ your friend or pet. The camera base helps you record every moment on the water, just take a simple step to become a blogger with these paddle boards and share your lifestyle!! (camera can be protected in the 5L waterproof bag that comes with the package).
Internally, SURFWAVE stand-up paddleboards are constructed with a dense drop stitch pattern which adds rigidity when inflated optimally. The outside material is PVC with reinforced sidewalls treated with an anti-UV coating. The 33in width provides a stable platform to stand and paddle with confidence. The 330lb max bearing allows extra companions or travel gear. The anti-slip deck helps balance & control swiftly, soft and comfortable to kneel, stand or sit.


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14 reviews for Surfwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

  1. changbellechangbelle

    The product is exactly match the online description

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     I always want to buy a paddleboard for summer water fun for myself and my family. This one exactly matches what the description is. It has a very shining and beautiful blue color, the design of the board itself looks with fashion sense. I really like the color of the board. It was easy to inflate. It took me about 10 minutes to manually bump the air into the paddle to make it full. I can easily carry this paddle after air bumping to the waterfront.  I tried it by myself, also I brought my friend with me, so we two people total about 300 pounds and can ride on this paddle board together, I feel very stable and not shaking in the water. We spent about one hour in the water and really enjoyed it.

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  2. Mom of 3

    Best paddle board on Amazon

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     Right when I got my paddleboard it was the easiest thing to set up it had easy to read instructions and a pump to do it on the go


    Inflation Tube did not fit, but the customer service department prompltly sent a new one

    Inflation Tube did not fit, but the customer service department prompltly sent a new one that worked.

  4. Benballer

    Convenient and lightweight

    The paddle board was convenient to carry anywhere. It came with a hand pump and the whole set can be carry in a big backpack provided from the package. The exterior of this inflatable board was tough. The board was surprisingly stable on the water. What I really like about this paddle board set is the ability to carry it everywhere so easily. Everything is in a backpack, including a hand pump. The weight was about 15-20 pounds total, which was not bad. I do a lot of hiking to the lakes near Lake Tahoe, and this definitely makes my experiences a lot more fun and affordable.

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  5. Dansen Hang

    Massive Paddle Board

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     The paddle board is stupendous! its a big bright blue board which is great if you were ever to be stranded some where. The product comes with numerous accessories and a carry on backpack to be hauled around easily. the pump and paddle feel very durable. i cant wait to take this bad boy out to the lake.

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  6. Bonnie C. Davis

    Great paddleboard for the amazing price

    Great paddleboard! Super durable . def recommend!

  7. Irene

    Very nice paddle board

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     This is easy to use. There are extra d rings in the middle that can be used to attach seats for the paddle board. This is a plus!You can also attach camera at the top of the paddle board. It’s sturdy after inflated. I pumped it to 5 psi because the sun is strong and I don’t want to put too much pressure. It’s strong with 5 psi too! Highly recommend. Great value for my money.

  8. Taylor

    Great product. Would recommend

    This surface paddle board was very easy to use and sturdy even for a beginner like me. All the tools came in the package and it was easy to assemble. I loved the color and the length. It was easy to inflate and very enjoyable to use in the water. A great way to get some exercise outside.

  9. JoyJoy

    Easy to use

    My kids has so much fun with this product. We used it as a stand up paddle board. It was easy to use and easy to carry. And it works just as fine as the paddle board.

  10. Stanley S.

    very good product.

    I was very surprised at the quality of this paddle board. I did have a relatively minor problem in that the fin did not fit properly. I did sand it a bit but when I notified the seller they shipped me a new fin as well.Thanks for an outstanding board and accessories!As a follow up: I will use the board for the first time today. It has been inflated for 5 days now and has retained the pressure!

  11. mike brown

    Quick and easy fun on the water

    Easy set up. good customer service when needed help with twist connector for inflation valve. Ready to use, stable, cool color. No high/low pressure setting on pump. Approx 7 min to inflate.

  12. Amazon Customer

    Ease on the Water

    My wife bought me this board for Father’s Day, and I am so glad she did. Although, she did say its nicer and better than her Body Glove board that cost twice as much. Very steady on the water, and I like the speaker attachment up front!


    Beautiful paddle board

    This paddle board looks amazing, sturdy and easy to use. Is going to be a great summer.

  14. Ryley

    Excellent !

    This was very easy to inflate, love the design on it and the weight was perfect for carrying to the beach 🌊 good quality for the price!

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